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'''"A New Shade of Pink" encompasses as the 7th webisode  to Anthony Marsh, Jr 's upcoming Fan-Film remake of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena , the sequel to his first Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (Fan-Filmfrom 2014. The episode will likely to introduce the team's new Pink Ranger, Siri DeSade-McBride

" A New Shade of Pink"
Some attributes
First Release Date: February 6, 2016
Second Written by: Anthony Marsh, Jr

Miles Riba

Ivan Kopen

Third Directed by: Anthony Marsh, Jr
Other attributes
Fourth Previous Episode: Enter The Queen of Darkness
Fifth Next Episode: Bug Blues


Release DateEdit

  • February 6, 2016

Cast of Characters Edit


The Rise of Trakeena Fan Film Serials - Webisode 7 A New Shade of Pink25:57

The Rise of Trakeena Fan Film Serials - Webisode 7 A New Shade of Pink


  • This webisode is a small homage to episode 32 of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy: "Protect the Quasar Saber ". 
  • The title of this webisode is very similar to "A Different Shade of Pink" from Season 3 of Mighty Morphin. 
  • Trakeena, Villamax, and Kegler do not appear. Only Deviot.
    • A monster was suppose to appear in this but was cut from the final edit of the episode. 
  • This episode was filmed for 3 days: February 3, February 4 and February 5, with February 3rd being on actress Bridget Regan's 34th Birthday. 
  • First instance in the Marsh-Verse to show a Ranger having PTSD. 
  • First instance also in the Marsh-Verse that a Ranger is undergoing anxiety following an unfortunate event, as seen in 4 episodes ago. 
  • First instance of drugs and alcohol referrenced in these Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Fan-Films.
    • Coincidentally, the Power/Rangers short film (directed by Joseph Kahn, 2015), had referrences of drugs like coccaine. 
    • Coincidentally, it is common that Gwen was a drug addict throughout basis of her multiple actresses from past years. But not Katie Cassidy. Only Cassidy's character of Laurel Lance from Arrow (mostly predominantly Season 2) had underwent a alcohol addiction after losing her boyfriend from Season 1 in it's finale. 
  • Though shots of Terra Venture from the show weren't show in the previous 6 episodes, this is the first to include the shots and, for the first time in any of these Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-films, the first to have the stock shots of Terra Venture (for reuse for the Marsh-Verse adaptation) to be converted in High Definition. 

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