PRLG 2014 Fan-Film Title (FINAL) - Copy 2

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy - Reimagined

Arsenal in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (2014 Fan-Film)



  • Lights of Orion Armor - once the Lights of Orion are obtained by the Rangers, they will don golden armor, a gauntlet claw, and a Orionized Quasar Saber.



  • Jet Speeders - Exclusive to the Fan-Series/film. They are modeled after the Rangers' Jet Jammers from the TV series, modified and created after real-life Lambrogini cars.
  • Trans-Chrono Morphers - Exclusive to the Fan-Series/film. The morphers are remodified/repainted from the Chrono Morpher from Power Rangers: Time Force. This custom LG mod of the Time Force Chrono Morpher includes decal features from the actual Transmorphers worn by the Lost Galaxy Rangers. LG team 2.0 can morph by saying "Go, Galactic!" while the Chrono-Morphers are worn by the new Rangers, though they're still roughly the Chrono Morphers from Time Force, this time repainted in Black.