LG Barbax
  was a menacing enforcer and slave driver, the right-hand man  and serves as the strongman on the small crew of the evil Captain Mutiny . He wields a powerful battle axe that can send energy charges through the ground. He is destroyed by Trakeena when she crushes Mutiny's palace.

Voice ActorEdit


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  • Barbarax is voiced by Richard Epcar, a prominent talent in the voiceover industry known for his roles in various dubbed anime series. He has also voiced characters in several other Power Rangers series, and in otherSaban produced shows including VR TroopersBig Bad Beetleborgs, andMasked Rider.
  • Like Captain Mutiny, when it came to the toys for the series, Bandai named Barbarax as "Space Andriod". (PRLGV3692162137_f89b3f6690_z.jpg )
  • It seems Barbarax and Deviot are friends when under Mutiny's plea.

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