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This is an article about a fan-made Power Ranger character who is not-canon to and/or in the actual franchise that only exists in its comics and films and is a Ranger in Anthony Marsh, Jr's 
Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-fiction/reboot series. 

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Curtis Roland "Browne" Jones
 is the name of a fictional character in in Anthony Marsh, Jr 's fan-fiction universe of Power Rangers - now known as the "Marsh-verse" of PR, Power Rangers: Galactic Military Police Defenders, a long-running non-canon fan-fiction series unrelated to Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.  

Browne is the current Green Galaxy Ranger in the reboot series, replacing Damon Henderson .

Character HistoryEdit

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (2014 Fan-Film)

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Browne is one of Terra Venture Mark II's top mechanics. He is the most serious and optimistic member of the group when compared one of his fellow Ranger members. He is great friends with Will James , Jesse Marshall , Devin Stewart and Gwen McQueen . When Tony Marshall and Miranda Campbell joined, he, Will and Gwen were among the 5 chosen ones selected as destined to retreive the Legendary Quasar Sabers to become the new Galaxy Power Rangers. While part of the team, he is second-in-command.  After witnessing that Jesse fell into the crest of the planet, he became the Green Galaxy Ranger and possessing the ability of the Wind and Flight inherited from Condor Dragon Galactabeast. When part of the Galactic Military Police Defenders unit, led by Commander Chalmers , Browne's Ranger rank is part of the Heavy Weapons faction, in which he specializes in.

When the Zeon Empire, led by Lord Metarex , came to threaten Terra Venture, Browne became very proactive on strategies leading to before Metarex would face them. 

Actor LikenessEdit

  • Don Cheadle (2014-present)
  • Charlie Murphy (in prior fan-series) (2010-2012)
  • Tony Terrell-Smith (in prior fan-series) (2002-2009)

Ranger File CardEdit

Weapons Quasar Saber, Transdagger, Lights of Orion Armor
Zords Condor Galactabeast 
Vehicles  n/a
Misc. Arsenal


  • Browne is the only African-American Ranger of the group, as of the reboot film series.
    • In past variants of Marsh's Fanon series of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy in his disfunct long-running Lost Generation series (2002-2012) - a subjuncted series era of the Marsh-Verse, Browne was once paired with another male Ranger who was also of the same race as he is, and of that was A.J. Weems.
  • Unlike his Lost Galaxy Ranger counterpart from the actual TV series, Browne is not as wisecracking or laid back like Damon. 
  • Like his Lost Galaxy Ranger counterpart from the actual TV series, Browne is a mechanic for Terra Venture. 


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