The Budoh Majin Mob 
(ブドー魔人衆 Budō Majin Shū?) are marine creature-based Majin in feudal Japanese attire and masters of the Majin Arts. They begin activities after Sambash reveals the existence of the Galaxy Lights and their mission is to find them. After having been defeated by The Gingamen , the Budoh majin draw the Baruba-X and "pay their last service". Their Baruba-X container is a hyoutan, a gourd-like container and their symbol is a diamond-shaped image of a sunrise.

Budoh's MobEdit

1st WaveEdit

Majin Description


(虚無八 Komuhachi?, 2, 12-13, Gingaman vs. Megaranger) an octopus-like Komusō Majin who is master of the Majin art Phantom Dance. After being unable to represent his master when Sambash was picked instead of him, Komuhachi is sent by Budo to keep an eye on Sambash, during Sambash's final mission. After his master is selected to carry out Barban's mission, Komhachi use his shakuhachi to infect the trees with mold to force the Galaxy Lights out of them, putting Moak in danger, thus the Juugekibou weapons were revealed, when Moak used his power to infuse their power within five nuts, leading to their creation. He is killed by Gingaioh and again by Ginga Red in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Megaranger.


(札僧正 Fudasōshō?, 14) a squid-like priest Majin who Budo sends to destroy cameras in hopes of finding the Galaxy Lights by tossing explosive talismans that would latch onto their targets. While attacking the shooting of Misaki Hoshino, he puts a cursed seal on Saya's leg, at one point, making her unable to fight him. However, with Misaki's help, Saya catches Fudasoushou off guard to destroy his talismans. After drinking Barba-X, upon being hit with the Beast Attack Cannons, Fudosoushou is destroyed by Gingaioh's Galcon Bowgun.


 (煙ェ門 Kemuemon?, 15, Gingaman vs. Megaranger) is a goofy sea urchin-like, ninja bandit Majin sent by Budo, to find antiques and, with his pipe-like staff, smoke out the Galaxy Lights. He targets a 3,000 year old Barban bomb, which ended up being swallowed by Hikaru on accident. Kemuemon pursues Ryouma and Hikaru, believing they're hiding the artifact. Once the bomb is destroyed, by the waters of the Cancellation Falls, Kemuemon is defeated by Ginga Red and Ginga Yellow and then destroyed by Gingaioh. Revived, Kemuemon is killed once again by the Megarangers, in the movie.


(雨法師 Amehōshi?, 16) a catfish-like, shamisen playing Majin, who uses his instrument as a multi-purpose weapon, as he looks for the Galaxy Lights. By conducting a ceremony, in which he summoned cursed storm clouds to soak the ground with a rain that absorbs life, and once the rains stopped, Amehoshi attempted to summon the Galaxy Lights, with his shamisen, while causing the ground to melt. He battles the Gingamen, when they intervene, and is defeated by them, with the Juugekiha attack. Drinking Barba X, Amehoshi is killed by Gingaioh.


(傀儡太夫 Kugutsudayū?, 17) starfish-like, engineer Majin who wields a cog-like chakram. He is deployed by Budo to use his explosive android puppets to infiltrate skyscrapers and self destruct to destroy the buildings to force the Galaxy Lights out. When Yuta finds his base of operations, he leads Ryouma there while the others battle Budo as they intercept the dolls. After the machine that creates his dolls is destroyed while being mortally wounded by Ginga Red, Kugutsudayuu sics his creations on Ryouma as he staggers to Budo's side to beg for forgiveness before drinking Barba-X. He is killed by a combo attack by GingaVerick, Gingat, Gingarilla, and Gingalcon.


(壊力坊 Kairikibō?, 18, Gingaman vs. Megaranger) is a strong red and white Majin with coral-like growths all over his body, using a spear as a weapon and able to fire a beam from his mouth. He is deployed by Budo to find the most indestructible item that supposedly contains the Galaxy Lights, Kairikibou finds the "Oni Stone", an unbreakable artifact stone. Stealing the stone in midst of the Gingamen's fight with Bull Black, Kairikibou's attempt to smash the stone with a sledgehammer failed as he sends a challenge to the Gingamen meet him in Himokudari in hopes their Juugekibou can do the job. When he attempts to kill them for failing to meet his expectations, Bull Black arrives and enages the Majin in a duet that ended with the shattered Oni Stone empty. On the verge of death, Karikibou uses his last moments to drink the Barban-X to kill Bullblack, only to be stopped and destroyed by Gingaioh. He is killed again by the Megarangers in the movie after being revived.

Yamimaru and Onimaru

(鬼丸&闇丸 Yamimaru to Onimaru?, 24, Gingaman vs. Megaranger) are a green shark-like and a red hammerhead shark-like Majin ninja brothers. Onimaru is able to perform Majin Ninja Art Confusion Jutsu that has his victim see only enemies. Though Yamimaru and Oniimaru attempted to clear their master's name, they choose to follow their master in death by Super Armor Shine Gingaioh. The brothers are killed once again by Ginga Red in the crossover movie, after being revived by Gregory and the others.

Budoh Four ShogunsEdit

(19-23): After Bull Black's return, Budoh brings out his best Majin to help deal with him, and find the Galaxy Lights, which they do.

Shogun General  Description


(砂爆盗 Sunabakutō?, "Sand Explosion Thief") 19 is a scorpionfish-like Majin, utilizing "Explosive Sand" from his pouch onto objects. He is one of the Majin who played a role in the death of Krantz. Sunabakutou is deployed by Budo to destroy any sun-shaped statue that would hold the Galaxy Lights. While attacking the Museum of Modern Sculpture, Sunabakuto engages Bull Black with civilian casualties. When the statue fails to hold the Lights, he goes after another statue in the park. When Bull Black attacks, he holds the girl hostage to keep him and the Gingamen from attacking him. With the Gingamen managing to get the child from Sunabakuto, Bull Black defeats the Majin. After finding his target empty upon destroying it with his entire bag, Sunabakuto drinks Barban-X and overpowers Gingaioh. However, the sudden appearance of GouTaurus turns the tables as Sunabakuto is destroyed by Bull Taurus. 


 (氷度笠 Hyōdogasa?, 20) is a jellyfish-like Majin who is deployed by Budo to put humans to sleep by throwing his extra Kasa and releasing thousands of ice stingers down onto them in his "Dream Goal" ability in hopes that the Lights of Ginga manifest. Also attacks with his "Blade Cruel Cut". Though he placed the Gingamen under his spell, only Ryouma is unaffected due to his flame ability. Having until sunset to wake everyone up, Ryouma engages Hyoudogasa, who was duped by Illess's illusion, on horse-back before defeating him in a duel with unexpected help from Bull Black. After drinking Barban-X, Hyoudogasa battles Gingaleon and the Heavy-Knight before being destroyed by Bull Taurus.


(砲烈道 Hōretsudō?, 21)  a crab-like Majin who possesses a staff that allows him to use the "Majin Explosion" (Majin Sakuretsudan) attack with the machine gun end and the "Majin Intense Burst" attack with the cannon end. Houretsudou is deployed by Budou to target tomatoes, believing that one of them held the Galaxy Lights. Though he injured Ginga Green, Houretsudou is disarmed after Hayate overcame his tomato-phobia to fully heal. After being defeated by the Gingamen, Houretsudou drinks Barba-X before being destroyed by Gingaioh.


(怒涛武者 Dotōmusha?, 22-23) is the most powerful of Budoh's Majin, Dotoumusha is a red lobster-like samurai in indestructible armor whose trademark attack is Jashin Edge Beheading. As this was his master's final chance, Dotoumusha is deployed by Budoh to find a Holy Fountain under the city and siphon the light from it. However, casting the suffocating Wide Cast Force Field to keep the Gingamen and Bull Black from interfering, Dotomusha did not expect Hikaru and Saya's meddling as they find the barrier's weak point and destroy it. Could attack with his "Evil Edge Slash". Despite the setback, Dotomusha succeeded in obtaining the Lights of Ginga in an urn and making has way to Daitanix while fighting off Bull Black. However, Medoumedou, in the guise of Budo, tricks Dotoumusha into using the Lights of Ginga on himself to test the power on the Gingamen. With his new power, enough to cause a massive forest fire with his "Luminous Ball" and "Great Evil Flame Slash" attacks. Dotomusha overpowers the enraged Gingamen before Medoumedou makes her move, giving him a cursed bracelet that would absorb all of his powers. But Bullblack and cause the Light of Ginga to leave him and enter the Gingamen as they use their new Jusoukou forms to destroy Dotomusha before he can drink his Barba-X. 

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