Captain Zahab
(ゼイハブ船長 Zeihabu-senchō?, [Note 1]) is the leader of The Space Pirates Barban . Cruel and violent but at the same time a great strategist and expert warrior who became immortal thanks to a Star Soul Jewel created by Daitanix , using the monster to gather a crew by offering them long life. Zahab's left hand is missing, as a result of the battle sustained with the first generation Ginga Red three thousand years earlier. He has replaced it with a cannon integrated hook. As a result, Zahab has a grudge against those who take the mantle of Ginga Red, including Ryouma . Hearing the death of an underling does not seem to affect him, but deep inside he suffers in private. Eventually, having known of Shelinda 's death, Zahab can not take it anymore and falls apart in grief. In the final battle he uses the castle to take control of the Earth Demon Beast, but Zahab is forced to flee from his castle when it is destroyed by Bull Taurus. After losing the Earth Beast, Zahab fights and beats the tar out of the Gingamen, until Ginga Red and Black Knight use their fire ability to destroy his Star Soul Jewel. He is then killed by the Black Knight's Black Chop, the Gingamens' Galaxy War Radiance, and finally by Ginga Red's sword and claw attack as the final blow. He is later resurrected by Gregory, only to be killed once again by the Gingamen in the Galaxy Lights armor in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Megaranger.

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