This page highlights the differences between Captain Zahab and Lord Metarex.


Captain Zahab Lord Metarex
Was the main villain in Gingaman. Was the main villain in Anthony Marsh, Jr's first Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film.
Desired to awaken Daitanix in order to destroy the Earth and turn it into a jewel. Wanted to steal each power source the Rangers would later retrieve (Quasar Sabers, Lights of Orion, etc.) so he can revive Lord Zedd's Serpentera and rebuild it Serpentera can cause mass destruction upon Terra Venture and throughout many galaxies. 
Was sealed away for 3000 years by the past Gingaman Was engaged in a war between his Zeon Empire and Scorpius's army of insectiods in the Battle on Mirinoi 3,000 years ago. He was assumed to be defeated by Legendary Lost Galaxy Rangers during that time period. 
Was destroyed by the Black Knight and the Gingamen in an all-out battle. Was defeated by Magna Defender in the film's climax, later (offscreen) assassinated by Scorpius at the Terra Venture Clinic Asylum at the end of the film. 
Had four commanders on his crew; as well as working with Black Marketeer Biznella and Barreled Scholar Bucrates Had Villamax, Treacheron and Furio as his crew. 

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