This page highlights the differences between Gouki and Will James.


Gouki Will James
Was not second-in-command of the Gingamen. Will become second-in-command of the Marsh-Verse Galaxy Rangers come the upcoming Fan-Film sequel. 
Has appeared in all 50 episodes of Gingaman, including their teamups with the Megarangers and the GoGo-V. Has appeared in the first Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan Film (2014), while one of his brothers was the Blue Ranger in previous film attempts throughout the Marsh-Verse. Will never was in a teamup with a prior Ranger team because he and the other Marsh-Verse Galaxy Rangers are of a stand-alone alternate dimension. 
Returned in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai and teamed up with several Sentai rangers. Never was part of any reunion specials or tributes within Anthony Marsh, Jr's fan-series of PRLG, even within a Fan Film. He is one of the many characters in Marsh's universe of the Power Rangers franchise that is not associated with any existing Ranger in the franchise. 
Strong but shy and slightly nervous. Strong and brutful when in Ranger form, but unmorphed - his personality in the beginning show/ed that he was arrogant, stubborn and tough-as-nails. His personality later changed to make him show compassion and curiousity to the team. 
Pilots GingaRilla, his fellow Starbeast.  Pilots the Ape Galactabeast/Zord. 
Live-Action character Mount-board puppet character.
Is part of the long-running Super Sentai continuity s of an alternate parallel dimension/continuity devoid of connection to the original Lost Galaxy series of Power Rangers. Marsh's fan-series/films is half-fantasy, half-reality. 
Is from the 22nd Super Sentai series, Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Is from the longest running Fan-Fiction Series based on Saban's Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and has been in many versions of Anthony Marsh, Jr's Fan-Series incarnationally. 
Was played by Teruhide Takahashi In Marsh's PR fan-series, ala character puppets, he is voiced by Anthony Marsh, Jr  while his celebrity likeness/inspiration is actor Josh Cooke (2012-present).

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