This page highlights the differences between Hayate and Browne Jones


Hayate Browne Jones
Appeared in 50 episodes throughout the entire season, including the Gingamen's teamup with the GoGo-V in GoGo-V vs. Gingaman. Has appeared in multiple Fan Film attempts of PRLG. The first two main attempted films were canceled while 1 was completed. Browne, however, never was in a teamup with a prior Ranger team because he and the other Marsh-Verse Galaxy Rangers are of a stand-alone alternate dimension. 
Was second-in-command of the Gingamen. Is/was second-in-command of the Marsh-Verse Galaxy Rangers - in its various incarnations. In the upcoming fan film remake of The Rise of Trakeena, Browne will no longer be the team's second-in-command. His position of it will be given to Will James , fellow Blue Ranger. 
Was cool-headed and serious. Is serious and strategic.
Was an expert flute player. Like his original LG counterpart, is a mechanic for Terra Venture. 
Did not return in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger for tribute episode expect only in costume for the Legend War. Never was part of any reunion specials or tributes within Anthony Marsh, Jr's fan-series of PRLG, even within a Fan Film. He is one of the many characters in Marsh's universe of the Power Rangers franchise that is not associated with any existing Ranger in the franchise. 
Pilots GingaAlcon, his fellow Starbeast.  Pilots the Condor/Dragon Galactabeast/zord.
Is from the 22nd Super Sentai series, Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Is from the longest running Fan-Fiction Series based on Saban's Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and has been in many versions of Anthony Marsh, Jr's Fan-Series incarnationally. 
Is part of the long-running Super Sentai continuity Is of an alternate parallel dimension/continuity devoid of connection to the original Lost Galaxy series of Power Rangers. Marsh's fan-series/films is half-fantasy, half-reality. 
Live-Action character Mount-board puppet character.
Was played by Koji Sueyoshi .

In Marsh's PR fan-series, ala character puppets, he is voiced by Anthony Marsh, Jr  while his celebrity likeness/inspiration is actor  Don Cheadle (2012-present).

 In Marsh's original/initial PRLG Fan-Series, Browne was originally inspired in likeness of first Tony Terrell-Smith aka. Tone-Loc (2002-2009) and later Charlie Murphy (2010-2012), until the PRLG: GMPD series/Marsh-Verse was rebooted.

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