This page highlights the differences between Hikaru and Miranda Campbell.



Hikaru Miranda Campbell
Human Male of Earth. Human Female from Earth, currently on Terra Venture .
One of five members of tribe who became a Gingaman Never was part of a tribe to be a Power Ranger, unlike her LG counterpart Maya , who has. 
Never had a Sister to be a Gingaman.  Has a brother who previously was the Yellow Ranger. 
Childish at times,hates being treated like a kid and is a prankster. Conservative, direct, earlier was shy and lonely. 
Is from the 22nd Super Sentai series, Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

Is from the longest running Fan-Fiction Series based on Saban's Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and has been in many versions of Anthony Marsh, Jr's Fan-Series incarnationally. 

Recently been re-introduced into the fan-series in the first PRLG fan-film at the last minute for it's climax. Character has been renewed for two sequels. 

Pilots GingaVerick, his fellow Starbeast.  Pilots the Wolf Galactabeast/zord. 
Was played by Nobuaki Takahashi . In Marsh's PR fan-series, ala character puppets, her celebrity likeness/inspiration was at first Rooney Mara (in a rough cut of the first PRLG Fan-Film), and now Bridget Regan (PRLG 1 Extended-onwards).
Live-Action character. Mount-board puppet character. 
Is part of the long-running Super Sentai continuity.  Is of an alternate parallel dimension/continuity devoid of connection to the original Lost Galaxy series of Power Rangers. Marsh's fan-series/films is half-fantasy, half-reality

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