This page highlights the differences between Saya and Gwen McQueen.


Saya Gwen McQueen
Was not killed off during the teamup with the Megarangers. Instead of being killed off in a teamup during any of the PRLG fan-films, she is being killed off in a accurring event before the new film of the fan-series. Gwen, however, never was in a teamup with a prior Ranger team because she and the other Marsh-Verse Galaxy Rangers are of a stand-alone alternate dimension. 
Was 17 years old when she joined the Gingamen but later turned 18 when she and the other Gingamen teamed up with the GoGo-V. In the following PRLG fan-film projects, including 2014, Gwen (in the first incarnation when likeness was inspired by Shannon "Daffney Unger" Spruill) was around her late 30s, early 40. In the 2012 Reversion (in the second incarnation when likeness was inspired by Rachel Dillinger/HarleyQuinnPsycho), she was reverted to her mid-30s. Recently, in the 2014 Fan Film reboot (now by Katie Cassidy ), she appears as a 27-28 year old. 
Appeared in 50 episodes throughout the entire season. Had appeared in 3 different PRLG Fan-Films: 2 canceled, 1 completed. She was suppose to be set to appear in the remake of The Rise of Trakeena, but eventually change of plans were made to have her character be replaced with a new female individual to be the new Pink Ranger. 
Live-Action character. Mount-board puppet character. 
Is part of the long-running Super Sentai continuity.  Is of an alternate parallel dimension/continuity devoid of connection to the original Lost Galaxy series of Power Rangers. Marsh's fan-series/films is half-fantasy, half-reality
Is from the 22nd Super Sentai series,Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. Is from the longest running Fan-Fiction Series based on Saban's Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and has been in many versions of Anthony Marsh, Jr's Fan-Series incarnationally. 
Pilots GingaGat, her fellow Starbeast.  Pilots the Wildcat Galactabeast. 
has a strong admiration for Hyuuga and sisterly affection for Ryouma  Has/had a major affection for Tony Marshall .
a strong but introverted girl,

a conservative, private, shallow young woman. 

  • In the previous incarnation(s), she was originally characterized as a goth girl, making her the first Goth-cult Pink Ranger in a PR fan-fic series. 
Has no other profession prior to joining the Gingamen (133rd generation likewise). 

A Psychiatrist. 

  • In the previous incarnation(s), her first career occupation before joining the Rangers was a Pro Wrestler for its Women Division. 
Was played by Juri Miyazawa

In Marsh's PR fan-series, ala character puppets, her celebrity likeness/inspiration is actress Katie Cassidy , in the 2014 Fan-Film, but her voice actress is unknown. 

  • Her previous actress likenesses were Rachel Dillinger/HarleyQuinnPsycho - until the Marsh-Verse was rebooted in late 2012 - and imfamously, Shannon "Daffney Unger" Spruill in the original Rise of Trakeena fan film production (2010-2012). 

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