This page highlights the differences between the two interpretations of Trakeena. The original by Amy Miller-Rolle from Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy , and the other in a re-imagining of the series by a Puppet of the character based on actress Maggie Siff by Anthony Marsh, Jr in the  Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (Fan-Film Series) .


Trakeena (Amy Miller-Rolle) Trakeena (Marsh-Verse)
Daughter of Scorpius in original canon. Wife of "Scorpius" in the Marsh-Verse.
Spoiled, vain, proud, selfish, cunning, manipulative Narcissistic, manipulative, alluring, cold, empty, heartless, seductive, sadistic, vain, calculating.
Personally hates the Red Ranger. Hates the Red Ranger, wishes he were to be dead in a battle. Has also had a long history with him years prior.
Was trained by Villamax on Onyx. Already was trained in battle on occasion and been evil earlier before the Marsh-Verse of Power Rangers fanon began.
Original actress married series' Green Ranger in real life.
First a princess, later a Queen and warrior bent on destruction. Never was a princess. She was Queen all around.
Had multiple forms, including her Mutant and Deviot forms. Remained in original form.
Wasted her army of Stingwingers in the series finale. Never wasted her army of Stingwingers in a final battle.
Killed Villamax in the series finale.
Has fought the former Astronema, Karone. Absolutely hates the Pink Ranger, if not, finds jealousy of her. Also, never fought a character who was previously a villain from prior or later series since the Marsh-Verse of Power Rangers is mostly devoted to Lost Galaxy and it alone.
Live-Action character Mount board character, with actress likeness.
Never had a real name
Was human for an episode. Personafies as "Ursula Hershman" in order to manipulate the Red Ranger and costing him his Ranger identity and his place in Terra Venture's society.
Boss villain Boss villain, sometimes.
Had plenty of monsters she hired to take down the Rangers when as head villain after Scorpius' death - including Cannonbrawl, Chameliac, Maronda, Loyax, Decibat, Rykon, and Kubak.
Never had a mother other than her father Scorpius as seen on the show.
Appears as age 18-24. Age 40 or 45. 
Nickname is often as Ruler of the Universe. Nickname is "The Insectile Queen of Darkness".
Refused to use her father's cocoon at an earlier point to become a mutant insect like him but later in the finale she had to when she became in bore of Deviot's personality and power. Uses Scorpius' cocoon as a restoration power grid for the Scorpion Stinger and on occasion to upgrade her costume appearence.
Was an ineffective character from start, later a more fierce reckoning of evil for Terra Venture and the Power Rangers. Terra Venture's Reckoning. Never was ineffective or powerless from the start.
Has accused Furio and Treacheron of plans to steal the Lights of Orion in early episodes of the TV series. Has accused the Red Ranger of stalking her when as "Ursula Hershman" in human disguise. Thus why she falsely accused him, filed a restraining order and pressed stalking charges against him when battles are engaged.
Mid-way through the series, she revived the Psycho Rangers to take down the Galaxy Rangers and Space Rangers.
Destroyed Captain Mutiny and his army of pirates following Terra Venture's return from being stuck in The Lost Galaxy in one episode.
Refused to take her crew/ship into The Lost Galaxy once the Rangers and Terra Venture were gone for a few episodes.
Was defeated by the Red Ranger with his Battlizer in the series finale.
Made a plea with "special reinforcements" from another galaxy from far away if the Rangers ever violated her treaty of protection from her.
Never destroyed any of the Rangers or their powers. Destroyed the Rangers' powers.
Destroyed two of the Rangers' Megazords in the series finale. Destroyed all of the Rangers' Megazords in a Fan Film, especially where in a battle she set an eclipse on the Galaxy Megazord that cause their Megazord to grow weakened in battle with one of her generals' evil Zords.
Has a prison cell onboard the Scorpion Stinger, seen in one episode. Has a prison dimension but not onboard the Scorpion Stinger.
Never sought redemption at the end of the series. She was far too evil to do so. Never sought redemption neither.
Played by Amy Rolle in PRLG. She initially was going to be in the Lightspeed Rescue teamup but declined due to not only how its script was, but contract issues. Thus why she was replaced with a stand-in actress. Based on actress Maggie Siff. Voice Actor unknown in The Wrath of Trakeena (Fan-Film) in the Marsh-Verse of Power Rangers Fanon. After for almost a whole decade (2010-2017) since the film has been in Development Hell, Trakeena will only be in 1 film of the Marsh-Verse series.
Assumed leadership after her father Scorpius passed away. Swore in allegeance to take over Scorpius' army once killed in battle by the Red Ranger and becomes his Widow.
Never took over Terra Venture and its inhabitants Took over Terra Venture and its inhabitants.
Spoke with a vain, but cunning, rebellious and much evil tone of voice. In early episodes she did come off in the tone of a powerless snobby and spoiled brat. Spoke with a seductive, calm, raspy, sexy, throaty tone when not in battle. But when in battle or about to set conquest and domination, she is very vain, violent, cold, intimidating, threatening, and angry.
Never had any further family members besides her father Scorpius. Villamax's partner Kegler in the Marsh-Verse is Trakeena's "Uncle" while Hexuba is her "Aunt". Parents are deceased. Unlike in original canon, Scorpius is not Trakeena's father in this version of the series.

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