When Marsh began making the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-film, regarding its overall concept, he was going a much futuristic take on its concept, tone, theme and story. 


By the time the reboot was announced, Marsh made much significant changes to the Lost Galaxy Rangers' costumes. The original Ranger suits featured in Gingaman and Lost Galaxy, for the fan-film, were originally going to be dropped (except for the helmets) by the time Marsh came up with a ream of sketches of their suits being concurrently "futuristic armor suit hybrids". The armor suit hybrids of the Galaxy Ranger costumes were created earlier before the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-film would commence production, dating far back from Fall 2012. The design would be used as an additional form for his Galaxy Rangers rather than using the Lights of Orion armor instead. Marsh stated that having both the armor suit hybrids and the Lights of Orion armor would be "too much for the characters to wear" while as morphed. 

For the Rangers' civilian forms, Marsh observed various clothing styles as usual. 


Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy is the first Power Rangers fan-film project of any of the seasons of the TV show to be remade in a "different" production medium rather instead than following most fan-films' primary production medium - using real-life people in costume as the characters. The characters in Anthony Marsh, Jr's Fan-Film of Lost Galaxy comprises paper-puppets as the film's characters.

The following materials he used to make them: 

  • Black & White Mounting Board (mainly Black Mount Board Sheets) - for the bodies of each character. 
  • Paper Fasteners - to jointly move each of the puppets' arms and legs.
  • and, the most more importantly, pictures - Marsh prints out off from the computer via' inkjet printer - of clothing, costumes and faces of famous celebrities he was inspired by to be "his" Power Rangers, Villains, and Allies. 

Additional Materials include: 

  • an exacto knife

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