has the ability to emit a shrieking soundwave from the speakers on his shoulders. He had been spotted before and then was ordered by Trakeena to attack Terraventure. He shattered glass in the buildings and made towers rumble. Baxter, GSA's chief mechanic sent an energy beam from his ultrasonic transmitter into Decibat's back, bothering him, but he returned fire with his own sonic blasts. The dish began to overheat, but Decibat luckily was stopped. Following help from Damon, Baxter fired again and Decibat's speakers became shattered. He was destroyed by the Rangers in their Orion armor.

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  • Decibat's counterpart came from an earlier Gingaman episode.
  • Decibat is the final monster featured in Scorpius/Trakeena's army.
  • A Megazord battle featuring Decibat was going to be featured but was later scrapped in the show.

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