Destruction King Battobas (破王バットバス, Haō Battobasu, 1-49, Gingaman vs. Megaranger):  the fourth, final, and strongest of the Balban Generals to face the Gingamen. A weapons and tactical specialist; Battobas is considered by Captain Zahab to be "his right arm", which suggests a longer relationship between them than the rest of the generals.  He also has a long relationship with Dark Merchant Biznella, whom he hired on to be his second-in-command after Captain Zahab seized Biznella's ship, as compensation for the loss of the Steel Starbeats Biznella had sold to them earlier.

Majin GangEdit

Referred to as the Battobas Majin Corps, Battobas' majin are all weapon and machine themed robots.  They conduct themselves in a much more organized manner than the other Balban, functioning as a cohesive and disciplined military unit.  Their Baluba-X container is an ale barrel.  


Assuming command after the traitorous Spectral Empress Iliess was sacrificed to reawaken Daitanix's heart, Battobas's goal was to gain enough energy to fully revive the Demon Beast.  Especially since he and Biznella had earlier discovered that Daitanix's long period of inactivity was causing his body to decay.

Battobas succeeded, but upon Daitanix's destruction, he is later sent to find the Earth Demon Beast to mature and empower it fully with Extreme Growth Extract. He later is sent to deal with the traitor Barreled Scholar Bucrates and Hyuuga, sealing Bucrates in a cave and engaging the Black Knight in battle before Hyuuga retreats. He later succeeds in maturing the Earth Demon Beast with the Extreme Growth Extract, though while fighting off the Gingamen and Black Knight, ends up being eaten alive along with the Extreme Growth Extract, by the monster.

He is revived and killed once again by the Gingaman in the Galaxy Lights armor in Gingaman vs. Megaranger.

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