Deviot (whose name was based on the term 'devious') was a treacherous robotic alien who sought the power of Scorpius ' cocoon.

Soon after his appearance, he developed a strong hatred toward Maya , the Yellow Galaxy Ranger, and would often attack her first during battle. Deviot appeared on the scene with three Zords that he attacked The Galaxy Power Rangers  and Galactabeasts with in battle. However, these Zords turned to good, having once been Galactabeasts. After continuous failures, Deviot stole the legendary Galaxy Book, and used its power to mutate. He was defeated, and joined forces with Captain Mutiny .

After escaping The Lost Galaxy , Deviot was attacked by Trakeena , and both fell into The Cocoon . The being that emerged was an amalgam of Deviot's evil and Trakeena's power.

Voice ActorEdit

  • Bob Papenbrook - deceased

Memorable Qoutes Edit

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  • Deviot shared many characteristics with the Power Rangers in Space villain, Darkonda as both were treacherous and deceptive and clashed with a fellow villain possessing more honorable qualities.

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