(怒涛武者 Dotōmusha?, 22-23) is the most powerful of Budoh's Majin.

Dotoumusha is a red lobster-like samurai in indestructible armor whose trademark attack is Jashin Edge Beheading.

As this was his master's final chance, Dotoumusha is deployed by Budoh to find a Holy Fountain under the city and siphon the light from it. However, casting the suffocating Wide Cast Force Field to keep The Gingamen and Bull Black from interfering, Dotomusha did not expect Hikaru and Saya 's meddling as they find the barrier's weak point and destroy it. He could attack with his "Evil Edge Slash".

Despite the setback, Dotomusha succeeded in obtaining the Lights of Ginga in an urn and making has way to Daitanix while fighting off Bull Black. However, Medoumedou , in the guise of Budou, tricks Dotoumusha into using the Lights of Ginga on himself to test the power on the Gingamen.

With his new power, enough to cause a massive forest fire with his "Luminous Ball" and "Great Evil Flame Slash" attacks. Dotomusha overpowers the enraged Gingamen before Medoumedou makes her move, giving him a cursed bracelet that would absorb all of his powers. But Bullblack and cause the Light of Ginga to leave him and enter the Gingamen as they use their new Jusoukou forms to destroy Dotomusha before he can drink his Barba-X. 

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