screenshot from the episode.

The Rangers notice in a magazine that a famous actress named Carolyn, looks a lot like Kendrix; they go and investigate to see in real life if she does. Once near, a monster named Wise Wizrad attacks a camera, that Carolyn and her crew were using, in hopes of finding the Lights Of Orion. In the chaos, the monster attacks Kendrix's leg but she feels fine after a little while, whilst Carolyn fakes a leg injury, so her manager asks Kendrix to take over until her leg gets better, she agrees, but doesn't do a great job. After the pain from her leg comes back at the last scene, she is determined to finish it, and just as she does the Wise Wizard turns up again, destroying another one of their cameras. With the other Rangers help, they fight off the monster, but then he grows to an enormous size. With the Galactabeasts' help, they destroy the Wise Wizard.


  • March 20, 1999