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This is an article about an episode in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy
"Keonta! Karova! Melanite! Hakova! A thousand nightmares will come true. Space and twist will rip into two. Reality Ends, Time has tossed, as Galaxies Found, become Galaxies LOST!"
--- Deviot , reading the Keonta spell aloud in the episode.


"Enter the Lost Galaxy" is the 35th and opening episode of the Lost Galaxy story arc of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, the final arc of the series. It introduces The Lost Galaxy, a universe Terra Venture ends up in after the Rangers' battle with Deviot, who read the keonta spell in order for the effect to happen.

Plot SummaryEdit

The Guardian arrives on Terra Venture, to get the Galaxy Book back. Deviot interferes, and the Guardian is killed, passing on the role of guardian to Kai. Deviot gets the book, and transports Terra Venture into the lost galaxy.

Airdate Edit

  • November 11, 1999

Memorable QoutesEdit

  • Leo: Where are we?
  • Kai (reqouting): "Reality ends, Time has tossed, as Galaxies found, become Galaxies lost." We're in the Lost Galaxy".

Alternate TitleEdit

"Steal This Book"


  • Trakeena does not appear in this episode, but she was mentioned by Maya (while the Rangers were in the darken power pad room), while she referred Kai's mystery friend who wants the Galaxy Book back. Trakeena still appeared in the opening credits for this episode but she was never seen at all.
  • Deviot's mutant costume came from Gingaman episode 47- "The Devil's Device" (
  • In Gingman #47, Hikaru is captured by Biznella and Babattsou.
  • Scene difference: In Gingaman, to make Biznella (Deviot) become a mutant, GingaYellow saber slashes him to make Biznella fall into a green ooze pit. In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, everyone knows that in order for Deviot to morph into a mutant version of himself, he uses the Galaxy Book to read the Keonta Spell out loud.
  • This episode is the first of the series' Lost Galaxy story arc, until "Escape the Lost Galaxy " (#43).
  • Paul Schrier, who is a cast reg. on Power Rangers, co-directed this episode but he is left uncredited.

Goof and BlunderEdit

The only episode goof and blunder about this episode was, when this episode aired on November 11, 1999, this remarked the only Power Rangers episode to have screwed up closed captioning capabilities. The captions were misleading and the words on the caption bars did not match the words the characters said on screen. Lines are different of course.

Story Arc DirectoryEdit

Episode Airdate Episode # Notes 
(see on article page) 36-37

Introduces Captain Mutiny , Barbarax , Titanisaur , Swabbies

Episode 37 marks the only full appearence of Grunchor

(see on article page) 38 clip show episode. 
(see on article page) 39 Intrduces Hexuba
(see on article page) 40 Final appearence of Hexuba.
(see on article page) 41 Final appearence of Titanisaur.
(see on article page) 42 Final appearence of Captain Mutiny, Barbarax and the Swabbies. 

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