The Galaxy Megazord is the primary Megazord of the Galaxy Power Rangers. It is created when the five Galactabeasts become the Galactazords with the power of the Transdaggers , with the Gorilla Galactazord forming base as the legs, the Condor Galactazord creating the waistline, the Lion Galactazord making the torso and head, and the Wolf and Wildcat Galactazords becoming the arms. After the Rangers obtained the Lights of Orion, the Megazord was upgraded as well, gaining a chestplate in the form of a giant "V", as well as a new Galaxy Megazord Saber and ornate horns.

The normal weapons for the Galaxy Megazord was it's Galaxy Megazord Saber and the Condor Galactazord's body, used in the fashion of a crossbow. After it was upgraded with the Lights of Orion, it solely relied on its improved Galaxy Megazord Saber to fight.

Zord Formation Edit

  • Lion - Torso/head
  • Wildcat - Right arm
  • Wolf - Left arm
  • Condor - waistline 
  • Gorilla - legs

In Other MediaEdit

The Galaxy Megazord can also be used in Power Rangers: Super Legends.


  • The Galaxy Megazord still retains its sentience from when it was the Galactabeasts, making it the first sentient Megazord of the Power Rangers franchise.

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