Wind Warrior Hayate 
(ハヤテ Hayate?) is a cool and quick-witted 22-year-old man who fights as Ginga Green (ギンガグリーン Ginga Gurīn?). He is also an expert flute player. A very qualified second-in-command, his only weakness is tomatoes (although he fixes this through the series) and honey.

Being engaged with a girl named Miharu, Hayate always carries the flute and amulet she gave him before leaving the Ginga Forest. He can perform the Earth Elemental Technique Fluttering of a Storm (嵐のはばたき Arashi no Habataki?) and the Starbeast Sword Techniques Hurricane Gust (疾風一陣 Shippū Ichijin?) and Two Swords Gust (with the Kiba Cutter). Because he is a Wind Warrior, whenever he plays his flute, he has the power to eliminate evil sounds. He is rivals with Sherinda after she destroys his flute and having a sword fight with her on the same day Hayate and Miharu would have been married. He makes a new flute with similar materials on Moon Mountain. He can also use his flute as a pea-shooter. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Hayate can become Super Armor Shine Ginga Green (超装光ギンガグリーン Chōsōkō Ginga Gurīn?). After the final battle Hayate is reunited with Miharu.


As A Gingaman Edit

Full Name: Hayate
Ranger Designation: Ginga Green
Weapons: Starbeast Sword, Machine Blade, Attack Rod
Gear: Ginga Brace, Green Wind, Ginga Cloth,, Lights of Ginga
Ginga Beast: Gingalcon


The Serious One of the group. 

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