Fire Warrior Hyuuga (ヒュウガ Hyūga?, 1, 2, 25-50, Gingaman vs. Megaranger, & GoGo Five vs. Gingaman) is Ryouma 's 27-year-old elder brother. He was chosen for the 133rd Ginga Red, but he falls into a crack in the ground caused by Zaihab. He is saved by Bull Black, who possesses the boy's body for a while before discarding him. Soon thereafter, Hyuuga is given the power to become the new Black Knight (黒騎士 Kuro Kishi?). He can perform the Earth Elemental Technique Mane of Fire (炎の鬣 Hono no Tategami?) and can perform the sword technique Black Chop (黒の一撃 Kuro no Ichigeki?).

When Gou Taurus is wounded during the battle against Evil Empress Iliess, it is captured by Pucrates who blackmails Hyuuga to come work for him so he could sever his connection to the Earth in order to wield the cursed Knight Axe, the only thing that can shatter Zahab's Star Soul Jewel. Hyuuga agrees to give up his Earth power in hopes of using the Knight Axe to kill Zahab. Hyuuga regains his Earth Power in the finale after the Knight Axe is destroyed, and fought as the Black Knight alongside the Gingaman to finally kill Zehab.

Hyuuga's element is fire, though he does not use it in special attacks like the other Gingamen very often. By taking in Gou Taurus' power, he can grow to giant size and become the Heavy Knight.


Personality Edit


As BullBlack 2Edit

Full Name: Hyuuga
Weapons: Bullriot
Ginga Beast: Heavy Starbeast Gotaurus

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