was one of those among Scorpius' corp that looted Magna Defender's planet and witnessed his son's demise. She disguised herself as Treacheron to trick Destruxo and frame Treacheron. Impostra wanted to take the Lights in her urn but Magna Defender destroyed her urn. Magna Defender blasted Impostra, she claimed she would be back but she was never seen again.

Voice ActorEdit

  • Nancy Van Iderstine


  • A part of Impostra can be seen on Hexuba 's ultimate form in " Hexuba's Graveyard "
  • Impostra (Medoumedou) had a fight scene with Treacheron (Budou) in Gingaman but was not used in Power Rangers.
  • Impostra was one of the few monsters that was briefly seen during the flashback of Magna Defender's homeworld being under attack by Scorpius.

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