(壊力坊 Kairikibō?, 18, Gingaman vs. Megaranger) is a strong red and white Majin with coral-like growths all over his body, using a spear as a weapon and able to fire a beam from his mouth. 

He is deployed by Budo to find the most indestructible item that supposedly contains the Galaxy Lights, Kairikibou finds the "Oni Stone", an unbreakable artifact stone. Stealing the stone in midst of the Gingamen's fight with Bull Black, Kairikibou's attempt to smash the stone with a sledgehammer failed as he sends a challenge to the Gingamen meet him in Himokudari in hopes their Juugekibou can do the job. When he attempts to kill them for failing to meet his expectations, Bull Black arrives and enages the Majin in a duet that ended with the shattered Oni Stone empty.

On the verge of death, Karikibou uses his last moments to drink the Barban-X to kill Bullblack, only to be stopped and destroyed by Gingaioh.

He is killed again by the Megarangers in the movie after being revived. 

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  • In the 18th Episode of this series, the fight between Kairikibou  and Bullblack was kept in the Power Rangers version, but not the Megazord/Mecha battle against him as the American version used a different monster to substitute him. 

See AlsoEdit

  • Samuron  - in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

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