(傀儡太夫 Kugutsudayū?, 17) is a starfish-like, engineer Majin who wields a cog-like chakram.

He is deployed by Budo to use his explosive android puppets to infiltrate skyscrapers and self destruct to destroy the buildings to force the Galaxy Lights out. When Yuta finds his base of operations, he leads Ryouma there while the others battle Budo as they intercept the dolls. After the machine that creates his dolls is destroyed while being mortally wounded by Ginga Red, Kugutsudayuu sics his creations on Ryouma as he staggers to Budo's side to beg for forgiveness before drinking Barba-X.

He is killed by a combo attack by GingaVerick , Gingat , Gingarilla , and Gingalcon .

Voice ActorEdit


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