The characters in the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-film Series consists of puppets made of mounting board with electronically printed photos of mainly facial likenesses of the following actors featured as the characters. Anthony Marsh, Jr did most of the voice work on all of the characters except for the female characters. 


Actor Likeness/Inspiration Voiced by: First Appearence  Position
Tony Marshall Wes Bentley Anthony Marsh, Jr Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (Fan-Film) (2014) Core team/Leader
Browne Jones Don Cheadle Core team/Second-in-Command
Will James Josh Cooke Core team
Miranda Campbell

Rooney Mara (original footage for PRLG 1) 

Bridget Regan (PRLG 2014 Extended Version, confirmed for sequels)

Core team
Gwen McQueen  

Katie Cassidy (1)

???? - (PRLG 2014 Extended Edition)

Core team (original)
Siri McBride   Cristin Milioti , (confirmed) Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena (confirmed) Core team (replacement)
Jesse Marshall

Jake Gyllenhaal (1)

Brandon Routh(PRLG 2014 Extended, 2-3) - as confirmed

Anthony Marsh, Jr  Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

(Fan-Film) (2014)

Extra Hero


Actor Likeness/Inspiration Voiced by: 
Commander Chalmers Kevin Spacey
Devin Stewart Seth Green
Christopher Donner, Jr Chris Pine
Jasper Collins
Jennifer DeWolfe
 High Counsel Russell  Bruce Greenwood


Actor Likeness/Inspiration Voiced by
Lord Metarex Tony Todd / Ray Stevenson (voice impressions)
Scorpius (Marsh-Verse) n/a Anthony Marsh, Jr
Villamax (Marsh-Verse) Michael Fassbender (1
Treacheron (Marsh-Verse) n/a Charlie Adler
Furio (Marsh-Verse) n/a Steven Blum
Trakeena (Marsh-Verse) Maggie Siff (confirmed for 2

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