"Meet Siri" is the 13th webisode serial in the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena Fan-Film Serial series, in which will prelude to Anthony Marsh, Jr 's upcoming fan film sequel to it, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Wrath of Trakeena .

Due to the major title change, this and as well as the remainer of the webisodes will retain the former title The Rise of Trakeena (2010-2016), for the remainer of the fan-film serials. 


It is revealed that Siri is the new, but was mysterious, Pink Ranger. She must make a choice whatever if she should join the team or opt out.

Release DateEdit

  • September 30, 2016 (YouTube)
  • October 1, 2016 (Facebook)

Cast of Characters Edit

​Actor/character likenessesEdit

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Video Edit

Notes Edit

  • Siri debuts in this episode, first time unmorphed.
  • First time all 6 Galactazords fight individually before going into Megazord mode.
  • A monster from Power Rangers: Megaforce is reused in this episode (and the Marsh-Verse as a whole) but is remained unnamed.
  • When Tony says to Siri that - due to an early refusal - they're supposed to be together as The Power of Six, he foreshadows the name of the next episode.
  • First episode since Going Grim and Green to feature Trakeena (Marsh-Verse) in the webisode serials after a 3 episode hiatus.
  • First time in the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film Series since the original Rise of Trakeena fan film (2011), to include music from Namco's Soul Calibur series (and other video games in general). In this case, "Destiny Awaits No One" from Soul Calibur II.

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