Mike Corbett is the older brother of the Red Ranger, Leo Corbett . He is an excellent security person and very protective of his little brother.

Character BackgroundEdit

Mike was one of the security personnel assigned to the space station Terra Venture. During a training exercise, he encountered a girl named Maya, who had emerged through a spatial rift from the planet Mirinoi. Accompanying her, he and several others pulled the five Quasar Sabers from their stones. Furio, who was attempting to take the sabers, became enraged and began

0 (MD)

Mike as the second Magna Defender.

turning the planet into stone. As they attempted to escape, Mike fell into an abyss that Furio created. Mike was able to pass his saber to Leo before he fell. Inside the abyss, he encountered the Magna Defender, and his spirit merged with him.

Mike's spirit influenced the Magna Defender by causing him pain when he did something that was morally wrong. The Magna Defender later freed Mike by sacrificing himself. He later came back as a spirit and gave Mike a morpher that allowed him to become the new Magna Defender, telling him that it was his own destiny. Mike became a loyal ally to the Rangers. At the end of the show, Terra Venture attempted to escape the lost galaxy by entering through an open portal. The portal was closing and the station was not fast enough. Mike sacrificed his powers (and almost himself in the process) and held open the portal long enough to let the space station through. Mike is the 1st one of the team to reveal his powers to the ordinary citizens (the other Rangers reveal themselves in episode 45: " Journey's End , part 3).

Mike could turn into the Mega Defender, a human-like zord, to form a megazord.

Actor Edit

Note Edit

  • He didn't return in the two part teamup episode of Lightspeed Rescue, Trakeena's Revenge (although this is probably due to the fact that he had no Ranger powers).


  • The morpher Mike used as the Magna Defender is a repaint of the Aura Changer from Gosei Sentai Dairanger, the Super Sentai series that season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was based on. The morpher is also included in Bandai's toyline for Lost Galaxy
  • Mike didn't appear much as the Magna Defender in episodes following Trakeena's rise to power, but did occasionally appear in episodes when Terra Venture entered and escaped the Lost Galaxy. 

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