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This is an article for the Episode Segment in a PRLG film, for the Lost Galaxy Episode of the same name, See: " Orion Rising ". 

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As the Lights of Orion have appeared, the Rangers must race against time to stop Furio from retrieving them to give its power to Metarex to revive Serpenterra. Magna Defender interferes with the Rangers as he (like in the show) prevents them from claiming the Lights. Once the Power Rangers finally obtain them, they put their newly enhanched power to use to finish Furio off once and for all.


  • January 30, 2014

Cast of CharactersEdit

Actor LikenessesEdit

  • Josh Cooke - Will James/Galaxy Blue
  • Don Cheadle - Browne Jones/Galaxy Green
  • Wes Bentley - Tony Marshall/Galaxy Red
  • Katie Cassidy - Gwen McQueen/Galaxy Pink
  • Rooney Mara - Miranda Campbell/Galaxy Yellow
  • Christian Bale - Magna Defender (VOICE)
  • Steven Blum - Furio (VOICE)
  • Charlie Adler - Treacheron (VOICE)

Trivial Production NotesEdit

  • Lord Metarex does not appear in this Episode Segment. 
  • The film replaced the monster Destruxo in favor of Furio in the Movie version here. This is due to Destruxo's costume being unavailable to be used for filming, though a few shots in the film for this when the Rangers are fighting Furio in between footage takes, several back shots of Destruxo while darken is shown. It is also due to Marsh not editing out parts of the body via Sentai footage propertly. 
  • Unlike in the TV series where it closes the Lights of Orion saga for the ending story of the arc, none of the female Rangers here go through a rift nor none of any of the Rangers have a Birthday coming up (like Damon's). 
  • Every scene in this Movie segment is primarily based on Lost Galaxy's 13th episode, " Orion Returns " rather than " Orion Rising ". 
  • This segment ends Magna Defender's obsession of trying to obtain the Lights of Orion to exact his revenge against Lord Metarex. 
  • Treacheron only has 1 scene in this segment. 
  • Impostra was suppose to appear in the film, but Marsh decided like while filming most scenes for the film, to not copy every scene shown on the show nor the Sentai. 
  • Treacheron's betrayal scene here in the film happens in the next segment rather than in like how it occured early in "Orion Returns" in the TV show. 
  • This segment marks Furio's final appearence in the film. 

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