The script for the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-film is written by Anthony Marsh, Jr , who is also the fan-film's director and producer. 

Character backgrounds Edit

New Galaxy Power RangersEdit

Ranger  Character Description Ranger Color Designation
Tony Marshall

Tony Marshall (like Leo) is the younger brother of Jesse Marshall (like Mike), an out-going, brave, adventurous, serious person who also has a positive friendly personality. His original background perfered him to be a social outcast. When he onboards Terra Venture Mark II, he does become friends with Will, Thorne, Gwen and Browne. 

Browne Jones Browne Jones (Unlike Damon) is the GMPD's heavy weapons designer and specialist who also, part-time, specializes in advanced aircraft. He is serious, confident, sometimes optimistic, and tough. 


Will James Will James (unlike Kai) is a professional skater, comedian, and a tech wiz. He also has a passion in video games and what technology is around today (like smartphones and tablet computers with wi-fi and other features you usualy find on your computer like the internet). He takes situations both humorously and seriously.  Unlike Kai, Will is caucasian, mixed with Amish decent. Will also has a crush on Gwen, but later realizes she is in a relationship with Tony. 


Thorne Campbell Thorne Campbell (unlike Maya, but as a Male) replaced AJ Weems and Thorne is a newcomer to the Galactic Military Police Defenders unit. He is 30 years old, shy and shallow. 
Gwen McQueen Gwen McQueen (unlike Kendrix, sans wearing glasses, but carries some personality traits from Karone) is a professional psychiatrist. When engaging in relationships with friends, she is very gentle, optimistic, and out-going. While is she works with the GMPD part time, she is the organization's top combat officers


Jesse Marshall Jesse is Tony's overprotective older brother. Jesse on the otherhand is one of the GMPD's top combat officers, behind Will. Tony's brother is also strict at times. When the Rangers pull the Quasar Sabers out of the stone, Jesse ended up being victim by falling into a chasm created by Villamax's sword strike into the ground.  n/a - until a second film. 

Villains Edit


The Quasar Story Thus Far....Edit

Scene Duration: narration credits scroll up with pictures and footage in the background to represent the backstory. 


15 years ago, in the year 1999, on the not so distant planet of Mirinoi, several legendary warriors have tried to pull the legendary 3,000+ year-old blades known as the Quasar Sabers out of the stone as they laid there for generations. Unfortunately, when the Quasar Forest was attacked by a general who once worked for the evil insectiod warlord Scorpius, the villagers were also attacked in fear as he wanted the mighty swords for himself and give them to his leader. 

But one day, when the 5 chosen ones pulled the Quasar Sabers out of the stone with their brute strength, they became the legendary galactic fighting force we all know today. With the elements of Fire, Air, Water, Thunder, and Nature, they became the Galaxy Power Rangers. Along the way, they have retained the legendary Galactabeasts - consisting a Lion, Condor Dragon, Ape, Wolf, and Wildcat - which later becomes a metallic sentinal fighting fleet known as zords to form the Galaxy Megazord. 

As their everlasting adventures across the galaxy progresses beyond time and beyond space, they have fought 4 different forces of evil that has crossed their line. In the end, when the five chosen ones returned to Mirinoi, which was previously presumed as "The New World", and returned the Quasar Sabers after a long journey across the galaxy fighting those such evil forces, the original beholders' journey was complete and was far from over and their powers dispersed into sparkling restoration to restore the planet from being covered in stone forever. 

Today, in the year 2014, 15 years has passed as a new generation of chosen individuals stand together to become this such galactic fighting force to fight their unique foes. 

And so, the annual tradition, enternally untold, continues....

Act 1 - Part 1Edit

In the near, but too distant future

The film begins with this new aforementioned menace, from the Dark Galaxy (not the Lost Galaxy, the home universe of deceased space pirate Captain Mutiny and his army of space pirates), on the planet Zeon, awakens his army that has been entombed in a underground asteriod field as his Zeonic Space Base rises from the ashes of the planet. They have been reanimated to start a chaotic reckoning upon the world.  Behind the Zeon Army flag banner unveils our new villain, Lord Metarex, an mutant android warlord. His army consists mainly alien robots, droid soldiers, and mutants. His foot soldiers are the Chromites (NOTE: Do not get confused with the monster "Chromite" or the Chromite minions from Power Rangers: Turbo's "Shadow Ranger" episode), they are lethal android soldiers who are also each armed with a combat rifle. )


The time has come for the universe to to parish, bow down before me and fall into ashes. The day of reckoning has begun. It is also time for the world to crumble. 

(A general of Metarex's, Shockwave - a darker almagam/character doppleganger of Zeltrax - appoints him of his plans and campaign of defeating the Power Rangers and making Mirinoi City and the entire world to crumble.)


Bow down before your leader!


If I can't rule the present, then I'll have to rule the FUTURE!


(mob cheer in unison)


Who's with me?!


(mob cheer in agreeing unison)


My World order for the universe BEGINS!


(mob cheer in agreeing unison)

On Earth, in the city of Silver Spring, college-bound Tony Marshall is an outcast. He struggles to find his way through society. While as an outcast, he is being treated like a complete nobody toward the townspeople as they push him around in places like the city mall, the park, at a fast-food restaurant, even in a subway. '

[Tony on skateboard skating on the sidewalk while a pedestrian knocks him off his board.]

CIVILIAN:Get lost loser!

 CIVILIAN #2:Watch it you punk! 

TONY: Hey! You first! 

Tony exits the small arguement.

One moment, he finds a passport to Terra Venture lying on the ground as he picks it up.  Speaking of the space colony itself, We scene jump to the main command center of the station as Captain Chalmers plans the colony's inhabitants to prepare themselves to start venturing through space to find a new world. 

[Jesse enters the Captain's post]

CHALMERS: Within a few days, this ship will begin venturing to find a new world. 

JESSE: Who knows what the future of the colony and this organization will hold for us.

CHALMERS:Taking a glimpse at the Earth through here is beautiful. Such magnificent beauty and art looking at it through the window. Take a good long last look at the planet. 

JESSE: I feel like crying right now, sir. It's wonderful. 

CHALMERS:We've spent years building this vessel. Now it's time we take it far beyond space.  

Near the GSA airport, Tony heads there so he can take a shuttle up to the space colony, but 2 antagonistic snooty security guards blocks, denies, and declines him from going. 

[Tony enters and shows the guards the Terra V. passport. Guards pushes him out.]

TONY: Hey! What gives?

GUARD 1: Get lost kid. No passport, no entering in.

TONY: No really, I really want to take this shuttle. I don't want to be left behind here on Earth. I want to see what's it like up in space. 

GUARD 1: Well, that's too bad. Beat it. Plus, that thing in your hand ain't no passport. It's a FLYER to get you into coming to Terra Venture. If you want to board the shuttle to get there, get a REAL passport ticket, kid. 

GUARD 2: You shouldn't come here without a passport. Go home. 

TONY:Alright, fine. I'll leave.

(exits the building)

Out of options, Tony leans to the concrete wall in frustration because the Guards don't want him board the ship without a passport. A moment later, he sees a helpless civilian man (a skateboarder) getting mugged by two thugs. 

THUG 1: Hey! You! Give me your money. 

CIVILIAN: I'm sorry. I don't have any. I'm broke. 

THUG 2:(sternly): ha. ha. ha. Yo' broke as a joke. Stop playin' with us dawg. 

The thugs engage the mugging and takes the pedestrian teen's skateboard and Tony makes the advantage to fight them. The 2 spot him, defending the helpless person. 

CIVILIAN:Get off of me man! 

THUG 1:Shut up punk! 

[Tony appears to the rescue]

THUG 2:Get the F#$* Outta here! 

TONY:Don't you realize stealing from people is wrong?

THUG 2:Says who? 

TONY:Says me.  

The thugs begin to attack Tony as Tony dodges every move and counterattack them one by one. Tony pumbles both of them with his martial arts moves tumbling the thugs by trash and junk. Tony punks them like as if they think he was going to do something to him next as the two thugs - considered "punks" themselves - run away in fear. 

TONY:That's right! You better run. Do it again to somebody else, I'm gonna call the cops on both of you again the next time I see you two ......Or not. 

The civilian, still in fear, has been saved as Tony gives him his skateboard back. 

TONY:You alright?

CIVILIAN:I'm fine, thanks. I heard you wanted to get onboard Terra Venture, is that true?

TONY:Yeah. You going? 

CIVILIAN:Nah, bro. Space travel ain't my thing man. Here's my ticket if you want it.

TONY: Thanks.  

As a parting gift to rescuing the pedestrian who was in danger, Tony heads to the shuttle station before a final group of people board the final shuttle. The last shuttle finally takes off to space. What Tony actually did, he "snuck" into the bottom carrier of the and head to any empty seats left. He sits by a near window next to a civilian (no dialogue needed for this extra). 

TONY:Excuse me, may I check out the window and take a look?  

Tony looks through the window and sees a closer glimpse of Terra Venture. The shuttles makes its way to the docking bay of the station. Tony heads outside to the airline facility as the GSA security guards do a lookout for him. Tony, now considered a "Stowaway", takes the advantage to make a run for his life as he evades getting caught by the guards. ''''' 

GSA GUARD (via intercom):Attention, all security personnel, please keep a lookout for a male suspect, age 33, height 5'6, with blue eyes, brown hair, wearing a brown jacket, red tanktop, and blue pants with a backpack on his back.  

With all that info detailing his description, Tony makes a run for it.  Evading from the pursuit, Tony continues to make a run from the security through the airport facility of the space colony until suddenly, he gets knocked out by a guard who swings his patrol baton at the back of his head stopping him from running away. Tony passes in a conscious state as we jump to a later scene where he is on a GSA subway train. Onboard the train, he wakes up - using his reknown reflex power (huh?) - and jumps ontop of the train car ceiling. The passengers notice. 

PASSENGER 1:What is he doing up there?

PASSENGER 2:Hey kid! Get yo ass down from there!

PASSENGER 3 (jokes and insults):What a freak show! (LOL!) 

[Passengers laugh with him]

TONY:How th-? How did I get up here?  


[Tony drops] 

THUG ON TRAIN: What kind of shit you pullin' on us? 


TRAIN #2:Well yo 'bout to get yo ass kicked n**ga! 

Tony grabs onto a pole and accidently breaks it and hits a few people on the train on purposely. GSA security guards were on the train and as they waited to see if the stowaway was going to be onboard the train in which was Tony, Tony escape the subway and runs up to the escelator and head to a nearby upper level and bumps into a girl who works for the GSA. This "girl" he accidently ran into on purpose was Gwen McQueen, the GSA's psychiatrist of the colony's A.D. PhD division. Aside with Gwen is Will James, who gives Tony his backpack back.  

TONY:I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. I didn't mean it. 

GWEN: It's alright. I almost broke my back. 

WILL:Here's your sack. Is this yours? 

TONY: Yeah. 

GWEN: Are you in a hurry or something? 

TONY: Uh........... (turns his head around) No. 

WILL: You're safe now. 

Outside the facility....

TONY: Who are those guys?

GWEN: Oh. That's just the security of the GSA.

TONY: The GSA? What's that? What does it mean?

GWEN: The GSA stands for the "Galactic Space Alliance". 

TONY: Galactic Space Alliance. Sounds pretty militaristic. 

GWEN: It is. 

TONY: Where are you guys from? What's your unit? 

WILL: Come. We'll show you.  

Gwen and Will take Tony, via heliship to the command tower of the GSA. After the flight, the two lead Tony to be introduced with Commander Chalmers and a Power Rangers-police taskforce unit, the Galactic Military Police Defenders.  

TONY:This elevator is huge. 

GWEN:You tell me. 

[Elevator goes up and enters the top floor.]

TONY(mouthing): Wow. (back speaking): Look at this place.

 [Capt. Chalmers arrive]

WILL: Commander Chalmers, sir! 

CHALMERS:Don't call me "Commander" anymore, Cadet James. It's "Captain Chalmers" now. 

WILL: Oh, Right..... I totally forgot dude. Sir. 

CHALMERS:Don't call me "Dude" neither. 

WILL:Whatever dude. 

[Gwen smacks Will at the back of his head.]


GWEN:Grow up. 

CHALMERS: Who's this?

GWEN:Capt. Chalmers, sir. I would like to introduce you to...

TONY (introduces Capt. Chalmers to himself) :Marshall. Tony Marshall. Nice to meet you, sir. [handshake]

CHALMERS: Yourself. I see you want to be part of this long voyage across space as we will, in 2 days, begin our expedition to find a new world. Once we head there, we will place Terra Venture as its newly profound landmark to expand its colony. 

TONY:Sounds nice. 

[Chalmers takes a small glimpse at Tony]

CHALMERS:You look like you've been ran over by a group of deadbeats. 

TONY:Something like that. Let's just say I was being mugged by uh...Bike messagers, perhaps? 

CHALMERS:Close enough. 

GWEN (to herself):Bike messagers? 

CHALMERS:Would you like to take a tour through our unit? 

TONY:No thanks. I'm good. I'll check it out some other time. 

GWEN:You sure? 

TONY:Yeah. I'm sure. 

CHALMERS:Check on us in 2 days from today when we do combat training before we take Terra Venture far beyond space to find a new world. Will you accept that order, rookie? 

TONY:I'll do it! I want to see what's it like up here before we head out far into space. I accept. 

CHALMERS:Good. You are dismissed. (exits

)TONY:This is going to be great. 

[Next scene location: Apartment Division]After a small introduction with Capt. Chalmers, Gwen and Will introduce themselves to Tony and introduces him to other portions of the Central Dome of Terra Venture [Mark II]. 

TONY: Although I forgot to know who you guys are, and you know who I am, who are you? 

GWEN:I'm Gwen and this is Will. 

TONY:Gwen. Will. Will. Gwen. So, is there anybody on this colony I would like to know about?

WILL:Not at the moment right now. You're probably not gonna be friends with alot of people who serve this unit. 

GWEN:I know, some of the officers here are jerks. 

WILL: Not to mention: "Douchebags".

TONY:I've just encountered people like that back on Earth. 

GWEN:I did too, when I was living in Pittsburgh. 

TONY:You're from Pittsburgh?


TONY:Steelers country. 

GWEN:Yep. But I'm not really a football fan.

WILL:I'm from the capital city of Philadelphia.

TONY: Are you guys gonna show me around the place? 

GWEN: Oh shoot. We forgot. Sorry about that, thanks to Will sidetracking our tour. 

WILL:Your fault. Not mine, dude. 

TONY:She's a girl. Shut up. 

GWEN:Yeah, what he said. 

WILL:Whatever. I'm outta here. (exits) (talking to himself under his throat): Girls. Who needs 'em. 

TONY:So, um....Is he like this much often. 

GWEN (nodding her head in response):Oh yeah. Will, is a pain in MY ass. Sooner or later he will be the death of me. 

TONY:Don't say that. 

GWEN:Acting like a high-roller and all that. Puh-leeze. Give me a break. Come on. Let me show you around. 

Tony follows Gwen through a small tour around the colony.  As the rest of the tour around the colony goes on... [Montage] ....And after the tour...

GWEN:So what do you think?

TONY:This place is like home. It's brilliant. Definitely. So where do I sleep?

GWEN:Each of the cadets in this unit have their own lounge and room. There's a vacant room reserved just for you since you're new in town. It's getting really late. Maybe you should rest up, because tomorrow we're going straight up to the moon for combat practice. After that, like what Captain Chalmers said, the ship will set course through across every portion of the galaxy to find a new world like he promised. 

TONY:What time is it?

GWEN:11:54 PM. Get some rest. Meet us on a heliship by morning. (exits)

TONY:See ya.  

Entering his GSA pad room, Tony drops his belongings and sit on the edge of the bed, pondering what would happen as the events foreshadow the next day when the GMPD head to the moon for combat practice. While asleep, he begins having a short brief nightmare about his father's untimely uncalled for death during a rescue mission which Tony keeps having visions of, after the nightmare, he gasps and wakes up from it, hypervenilates and goes straight to his restroom getting a cup of water - at 4:14 AM. The next morning, the following day, Tony wakes up, scene jumps to him (wearing his GSA sleepwear) heading to the men's dressing room post knocking on the door wondering if anyone is changing their uniform inside.

[sound FX: door knock, 4 times]


Will pops up into the scene, rudely walking past Tony while feeling a little tired. Will enters the room and shuts the door, reopens the door halfway and asks Tony:

WILL:Are you coming in? 

Not being stupid, Tony shuts the door back.  Later, he meets up with Gwen at the GMPD command hall. 

GWEN: Hi there, stranger. You look well-rested. 

TONY:Yeah thanks. (to himself): I needed that wake-up call. 



GWEN:Ready to go? 

TONY:Oh yeah. Absolutely. 

Gwen turns to Tony, wondering if anything is bothering him. 

GWEN:Are you alright?

TONY (confused):Huh?

GWEN:Are you alright? 

TONY:What did you say that?

GWEN:'Cause it looks like you woke up from a bad nightmare. 

TONY:For real? No. Course not. 

WILL:Well, well. Seems like our "stowaway" finally woke up from the depts of hell last night. 

GWEN:Will! (quietly telling Will): Don't use that word. I don't want anyone to know Tony snuck onboard without the security knowing.  

WILL:(scoffs, now getting ticked):Why are you defending him so much? It's been only 2 days since we began to know him.  


WILL:What are you? His girlfriend?  

G'wen and Tony awkwardly look at each other in suspicion, despite what Will said to her, wondering if the two are with each other. 


GWEN: Don't even go there dumbass. You don't know that, so screw off. 

WILL: Fine. I'LL screw off as you please. I'll see you on the moon. (exits the conversation)

GWEN: Let's go.  

Gwen leads Tony to the GSA heliship they will be taking to start combat practice before Terra Venture will begin to take off on its journey through time and space. Capt. Chalmers advises the unit about their mission. 

CHALMERS: Alright, here's the situation, each of you will encounter what is said to be "The Combat Zone of Death". You will probably not make it out alive. This is only for practice similation reasons and as a demo course. Your objective is to attack any alien lifeforms on the moon before they attack you. Whatever you do, I advise you during this mission is to be safe, make it back to the force alive and remember, never leave a team member behind. Is that understood? 

 [GSA Soldiers agree.]

On the moon, the soldiers begin their combat training firing bullet blanks at prototype drones. Within moments the soldiers are spreading out and flanking all over the lunar surface, which is littered with live explosives. Tony and Gwen end up together, and sparks fly as he gets Gwen moving upon seeing an explosive right near them. There's a huge fireball and they barely make it out without getting their uniforms smudged. Will rushes over to see if she's all right, as Tony takes off his helmet.

WILL:You two alright?

GWEN: Who asked you? Yes! We're fine. Are you happy?

[Will then pushes Tony down to the moon sand in anger.] 

WILL: You! You're the stowaway! 

[Tony gets back up.]

TONY: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! That was back at the -- Oh forget it. 

[Jesse arrives.]

[Sound FX: storming explosions asunder]

JESSE: Hey! Is everyone okay? 

Jesse then sees Tony, the younger brother of the Marshall family. 

JESSE: Tony? What are you doing up here? You should've just stayed back home. 

TONY: No. I don't want to go back. I want to see what's it like being up in space and my decision is final. There's no one home knowing Mom and Dad are dead. 

GWEN:Are you two......Brothers? 


[Jesse turns back to Tony, explain to him for what is for his own good.] 

JESSE: Look, what we are doing here and in this unit isn't fun and games. 

TONY: Who the hell says it is? When I say I want to be part of this, I tend to. So you don't tell me what I can't do! You're not my father! 

[Jesse smacks Tony down to the ground.]

WILL: Damn. I guess I spoken too soon. 

GWEN:Shut up. 

JESSE:You're not worth it to be up here little brother. 

GWEN: Jesse, stop. Give him a chance. I think you're being a bit too hard on him. You two are supposed to be brothers, you two have to work together and be with each other. It's a value and blessing of family. 

JESSE: Look, I'm only doing this for his own safety. 

GWEN (begging):Please, Jesse. Let him be part of it. Why be so stingy? 

From above is a heliship heading to the moon but is being attacked by a Zeon gunship shooting the fleet down and falling from the sky is unformentioned GMPD rookie, Thorne Campbell. Thorne regroups with the team as he begins to be introduced to Tony.  Thorne is also an alien human xibrian. 


THORNE (getting up):I'm fine, just banged up. 

WILL: Whoa bro. Was that your heliship?

THORNE: Yeah. my squad and I was just coming back from a mystical forest and we've detected a threat there. This menace wants these....."legendary swords" known as the Quasar Sabers so he can take them to his leader. 

GWEN: Who? 

THORNE: I forgot his name. 

JESSE: Get your head together rookie! We'll head to this forest and see for ourselves. Will, you keep an eye on Tony. Make sure he doesn't leave you out of your sight. Come on guys let's go. 

TONY: That's so unfair. Gwen and Thorne follows Jesse through the vortex that's about to close soon. 

TONY: How come they get to go and I can't? This blows. 

WILL:Let's go, dude. 

Unfortunately, on his part, Tony disregards his older brother's wishes and heads through the vortex behind Will's back.  '''''Meanwhile, above in space, the Zeon Fortress awakes as it rises from the underwater pit of hell. Following this, on the planet Mirinoi, a old wise sage tells the tale of the legendary Quasar Sabers as warriors from years past tried to remove them from the stone for generations but all have failed. 


3,000 years ago, the earth on the horizon of darkness was attacked by the most evil force ever conceived, the Zeon Empire, an intergalactic evil force bent on ruling the entire galaxy. They were, in the past, confronted by 5 soon-to-be "Chosen Ones" wielding these legendary blades, based on their respective element and the 5 legendary animals from across the galaxy known as the Galactabeasts. With the 2 forces combined, their mighty powers sealed the Zeon Empire away for good.  

The Zeon Empire Fortress continues to reemerge in reanimation as its castle demon beast reawakes after years of suspended animation. The wrinkles of the demon beast crumbles and then rises into up in deep sea. Following reanimation, Lord Metarex commences his army to begin their battle for the first time in years. 

LORD METAREX: Finally, after 3,000 years of imprisonment, today is the day we rise. You don't need to fight amongst yourselves, go out and show those humans mercy on what they have done to us in the past!  

[Metarex's army cheers in valiant agreement.] 

Back at the forest, a massive group of Chromite footsoldiers attack the village as Villamax tends to make his way to grab the Quasar Sabers but the attempt blocks him from pulling them out of the stone, whilist unknowing that the swords are intended to be pulled by whoever will be the next generation to be the new 5 chosen ones. 

VILLAMAX: How is this possible?! I need the Quasar Sabers now! (angry grunt) I don't believe this! 

SAGE:It's because you weren't chosen. 

VILLAMAX:Shut up old man! Who asked you ?! 

Villamax attacks the wise sage as he dies and the Mirinoians continue to cower in fear. 

VILLAMAX:If I can't have the Quasar Sabers, then no one will! 

Meanwhile, back on the moon, the GSA return to their respective heliships as Jesse, Gwen and Thorne go after the menace who is about to steal the Quasar Sabers while attack the forest.  

GWEN: I didn't know you and Tony are brothers.

JESSE:Yeah. I told you that back on the moon. 

GWEN:Maybe you shouldn't be so hard on him. Give him a chance. He's your younger brother. You and him at least have each other even though your parents are gone. He just wants to see what it's like to be with us. You've been a long-serving veteran with the GMPD since 2002 and I think you should let Tony be part of something he may enjoy helping and insisting us in. 

JESSE:I guess. Thorne, where are those swords?

THORNE:They're around here in the forest somewhere. I know where they are. We have to get them before someone does. 

JESSE:Let's move.  

Back at the city nearby GMPD HQ, Will runs to Capt. Chalmers' office and asks him if he would like to borrow a heliship for a brief short mission. Chalmers gives him the go-ahead as Will also runs into Devin Stewart, who is a crazed but passionate Power Ranger fan and serves as the GMPD's tech specialist and communication operator. He is also busy repairing Alpha 6 of course. 

DEVIN: Hey Will, whatcha doin'?

WILL: I need to take this ship up to space.

DEVIN: For real? What reason?

WILL: My friends went through some sort of vortex to stop someone from trying to steal the Quasar Sabers. 

DEVIN:I  think I've heard of them. 

WILL:You did? How? 

DEVIN: Well legend has it that the Quasar Sabers have been stuck in a stone for more than 3,000 years. Several warriors as generations go by has tried to release them but all have failed.  

WILL (sternly):I don't want to be part of it. 

['''''Browne appears.]

BROWNE: This ship isn't ready for flight just yet. 

WILL (rudely): Excuse me? 

BROWNE:The Night Raven. I have to fix a few jet engines before taking flight.


BROWNE:What's the rush? 

WILL: Look, my friends are out there on a distant dimension to find the Quasar Sabers before someone else puts their hands on them. I don't think you get what I'm saying.

BROWNE: I do. Still, the only person who's in charge of this thing is me. The controls are only intended to be touched by me. So, hands off. 

WILL: (sigh) Fine. (and walks away)

[Browne heads toward the control panel]

BROWNE: So where is this dimension we're headed to? 

WILL:Once you take off, there should be a vortex headed in the north intersection of the galaxy, and it's green.

BROWNE: Time to take this boy for a spin. Hang on tight. 

Browne initates the Night Raven's take off. A crowd of people watch it fly into space (like seeing a usual space shuttle go up into space) and heads straight into the said vortex Will mentioned and enters through it.  Meanwhile, in the forest, Tony arms his combat rifle toward a squad of Chromite Vipers to indicate where they are headed. He takes the initiative, but before you know it, he gets spotted within the tall grass field. 

TONY: 5 against one. I can handle this. No problem.  

The Vipers hear him as they were close to attack him but just in time, Jesse comes in the scene to rescue little bro from getting pumbled. 

TONY:Jesse? What are you doing here?

JESSE (rudely):Saving your ass.

That's what. 


JESSE:Let's get outta here. I don't have time for these clowns.  

The Vipers chase after the Marshall brothers. Almost tried to get the Quasar Sabers out of the stone, Villamax continues to attack the Mirinoi village. He later gets subdued by the soon-to-be chosen ones (outcounting Tony). 

VILLAMAX:(angry grunt) This is an outrage! I need the Quasar Sabers so I can take them to my leader so he can revive his machine. 

[Tony, Jesse, Gwen and Thorne appear.]

TONY: You're not getting them! You weren't chosen. You want the sabers, you got to go through us. 

VILLAMAX: I would like to see you try to challenge me. 

[Browne and Will appear.]

WILL:Oh no! Not without us. Make that 6 of us!

VILLAMAX:You dare to defy me? Attack!  

Chromites attack, and it's your standard fight scene. The humans hold their ground, some, but are outnumbered by the horde of bugboys. Jesse is taking on the loyal swashbuckler himself, hand to sword, but when he's tossed against the Quasar Rock, he hesitantly pulls out the center Saber! Using it to block Villamax's attack, everyone in the village is aghast at the sight of one who is worthy. Jesse is surprised himself at the Saber's incredible power, and soon his friends press their luck by attempting to pull out Quasar Sabers on their own. Each one does, and with corresponding Ranger color coursing through them, they gain the Sabers. Tony pauses from his Stingwing tango to watch his comrades bask in their choiceness. Villamax is furious and decides not to play fair. If he can't have the Sabers, no one will. He smashes his sword into the ground releasing a wave of gray, turning everything it encounters, from person to dirt, into stone. Our heroes makes a dash for it, but most of the villagers aren't as lucky. The group sprints ahead of the rockwave, taking their Sabers with them. As they appear to be making some distance, Villamax teleport ahead of them, and with sword a-charged, he smashes against the ground again. This time, his power causes the ground to open up, with the Venture crew barely getting out of it's way. All but Jesse, who is swallowed up by the chasm. Tony beats off a squad of Chromites and runs to his brother. Tony reaches for his brother, but Jesse is too far down but is close to fall (for his doom. Just kidding). Climbing is futile, and Jesse begins to give up hope.  

TONY:Jesse! Give me your hand! 

JESSE:I can't! TONY:Yes you can! Give me your hand! 

JESSE:Take this Quasar Saber! This is your last hope! 

TONY:I don't want the saber! I want you! 


[Tony grabs the sword]

TONY:Got it! Ok. I need you to climb up. 

JESSE:Don't worry about me. The saber isn't meant for me. You can carry on my legacy. I never really thought you would be interested into adventure, now I do. Take over for me. I always cared for you little brother. Just let me go.

[Jesse lets go of Tony's grip and falls]

TONY: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The ground chasm closes and Jesse is forever gone. Gwen, Will, Thorne, and Browne scream in shock at Jesse's apparent demise, and Tony weeps but for a brief moment in mourning of his sibling. 

[Sound FX: Thunder and rain]

TONY:[screaming in anger] 

Tony's apparent violent scream in anger caused a storm of fire streak down toward a squad of Chromites and knocks Villamax back. The team reunites Tony to return to the ship.  

WILL: Tony. Let's go. He's gone. 

GWEN: You will pay for this! 

VILLAMAX: I'll get you runts the next time I see you. 

Act 1 - Part 2Edit

The team evades the attack and heads back to the space colony. the Megaship takes off from Mirinoi. Villamax sends his troops back to the Zeon Fortress, not ready to accept defeat by not letting himself believe the battle quite over. Tony watches in depression as the green planet quickly turns to a lifeless ball of rock as he watches from the viewing screen. More pressing matters are at hand, as the portal between Galaxies begins to close! Browne tells everyone to hold on, and it's time for a Hyper Rush in the nick of time. Barely making it through, the team breathes a sigh of relief. Jesse's possible death tends to taunt Tony continues. The team begins reconsiling while Gwen opens up to Tony about his brother's death.  

GWEN: I'm very sorry about your brother, Tony. He only sacrificed himself for you.

TONY:This sword. But....I didn't pull this out of the stone. He did. You guys followed and did the same. I only witnessed you guys pull the Quasar Sabers out of the stone with your brute strength. I'm nothing but a weakling and a imbicle. 

GWEN: No you're not. That's not true. Don't beat yourself up over guilt, something you didn't do wrong. 

TONY: Whoever that guy was that made my brother fall into the bottomless pit, he will pay.

GWEN:I doubt that. (walks away) 

In envy, Tony begins plotting his vengeance in honor as a tribute to his brother as his finds a way to stop Villamax by brainstorming his revenge. Later that night in the Central City of Terra Venture, a mugging between a M.U.G. viper and a innocent civilian takes place. The viper interrigates the innocent pedestrian for money but the ped says he doesn't have any. Tony pops into scene and pursues the viper.  

TONY: In the name of the Galactic Military Police Defenders, I place you under arrest.M.U.G. Viper:Beat it kid! Get lost! Mind your own business!

TONY (pointing at the criminal):Then you leave me no choice. 

Tony attacks him until a group of incoming Chromites come in and fight back. 

CHROMITE VIPER:Get him! Don't let him get away!  

Tony makes a run for it, evading the Vipers. He leaps from one building to the other as the Vipers head straight his way in a total rush. Vipers shoot their blanks with their combat rifles at Tony, making him stop but suddently dodges the shots. After evading them, Tony falls all the way downwards to a rooftop of a closed storage lot and lands on a mattress. 'Tony recovers from the fall. '[ MONTAGE - P.N.K.N, in sequence ]:'Combat practice

  1. Tony making Ranger uniforms
  2. Tony developing the Trans-Chrono morphers
  3. More combat practice
  4. Tony tumbles upside-down on an edge of the rooftop, falls unincidently and grapples to a long flagpole to a building and lands safely to the diner tables. 
  5. Tony syncronizes and transfers the Galaxy powers to the Trans-Chrono morphers. 
  6. Tony practices his attack moves with the Quasar Saber.
  7. Tony finishes the new Ranger forms as he transfers and syncronizes the suits to the morphers so that way the others can wear the morphers, initiate the morph call and don their Ranger forms. 
  8. Tony tests his Chrono zip-grappler and swings through the city. 
  9. Tony now appears as the Red Ranger, but is was only for a test simulation. 

[ end of montage ]

[Tony's phone rings]

TONY: Hello? Yeah. It's me. Out scaling the heights. That's all.  

Back at the Power pad lobby - The team then develop a plan on how are they going to take down Villamax by brainstorming. Before they would, Tony enters the pad and introduces them to their newly-found Ranger powers. 

GWEN: Hey Tony, where have you been? I haven't seen you in 5 days. 

THORNE: Yeah T-dog. What were you up to?

TONY:I've been pretty busy. 

GWEN:Doing what?

TONY:I'll show you.  

Tony introduces his friends to the new Trans-Chrononizers (they are repainted versions of the Time Force Rangers' Chrono morphers - in black - with the color dials from the Lost Galaxy Rangers' original transmorphers). 

TONY: These are the Galaxy morphers, modified with the galactic legendary powers from the Quasar Sabers as I transfered the same technology embedded into these morphers. Use these to become Power Rangers. 

GWEN: Power Rangers? No way. 

TONY:Yes way.

THORNE (clutching his chest, hyperventilating):I think I need to sit down. I'm about to pass out. I must be dreaming. 

WILL (grabbing Thorne):Dude. 

BROWNE:This seems legit. Do they even work? What do we do with these?

TONY: Simple. Once you even prepare to morph, all you have to do is call out "Go, Galactic!" and then you are transformed. 

GWEN:This is a repaint of the Time Force Chrono-morphers. 

TONY:I'm sorry. What did you say?

GWEN:It's looks the same as the Chrono morphers. Why are they black?

TONY:What can I say? Out with the old, in with the new. 

WILL:Uh....Where are those swords that we found back on that...?

TONY:The Quasar Sabers? They're right here. 

GWEN (suspiciously):And you mean to tell me that you repainted the blade-part of the sabers too? They're just fine just the way they were when we pulled them from the stone. 

TONY: You can say that.

BROWNE: Since we got these, seems like we got a score to settle with that guy with the long sword. 

TONY: This is the reason why I made these so we can transform into the world's most galactic fighting force ever known to stop this brute evil force from conquering the universe, heck even the entire galaxy. The legend has been fulfilled. If we pulled the Quasar Sabers out of the stone, then we ARE the next generation chosen ones. 

GWEN: Unbelievable. 

TONY:Let this be our destiny. As a team. 

GWEN:I can live with that.

In the Forest Dome of the space colony, Villamax and a group of Chromite Vipers storm the jungle looking for the up-and-coming Rangers.

VILLAMAX:Come out where ever you are. You may have escaped from me that easily, but not today. 

[Tony and the team appear]

TONY:We're over here. You looking for us?

VILLAMAX: Absolutely. Time for round 2 of our battle back on Mirinoi. I tend not to lose by the unhonorable and despicable likes of the 5 of you. Prepare to die. Once you do, the Quasar Sabers will be mine for the taking.

GWEN:Not a chance in the world. The Sabers belong to us. 

TONY:We'll all see about that! Let's do this for Jesse. 

The 5 initate their morph stances and transform into the new next-generation of the Galaxy Power Rangers. With the call-out of "Go, Galactic!", the 5 adults transform. After the morph-shots, they are fully morphed into the Power Rangers. The Morphing Sequence resembles the big budgeted one from the Turbo Movie (with Helmets forming over their faces, etc) and with their Galactasymbol behind them. With each of the five morphed and powered up, the new team of Power Rangers face Villamax, whom if he had a jaw it would be dropping! They can't believe the power they possess, or quite grasp what's going on, but Ranger instinct sets in, and they rush into battle with the Chromite Vipers. 

VILLAMAX:What in the name of the world you call this? 


!BROWNE:This is awesome.

WILL:Very realistic too. 

TONY:Let's do it. 

VILLAMAX:A group of grown-ups in silly superhero costumes don't stand a chance against me. 

TONY:Don't be so sure about it! You will pay for what you did to my brother!  

Pink Ranger attacks first, slashing with her Quasar Saber at the first squad of incoming chromites. Red Ranger takes on Villamax, giving the loyal swordmaster the first run for his money in his village trampling life! Leaping back and forth on trees, rolling with punches, Tony quickly gains control of the Powers, even if he can't take Villamax down so easily. Blue Ranger throws some power punches at the Stingwingers and Green Ranger demonstrates a flying attack move in which he jumps into the air and glides down, slashing all the way.  Yellow on the otherhand, takes to the trees like only he knows how, and he does some sweeping kicks, taking plenty of Stingers down for the count.  

TONY:haven't you gave up yet!

VILLAMAX:Don't be so lucky, you cur! 

TONY:Damn. That was rough. 

VILLAMAX:It's over, Red Ranger. You cannot defeat me. Your attack don't a chance. 

TONY:Yeah right! Quasar Saber! Energize!  

Red Ranger won't give up against Villamax, and when the Furster fires some explosive charges from his hand, Tony returns in kind with a Quasar Saber Energize Slash!  The blow sends the loyal swashbuckling warrior into damaging sparks, taking him down for only the moment. Will is loving this, but once he spots the Rockwave spreading their way, he and the other Rangers begin to regroup and the villains retreat the battle field.

VILLAMAX :I'll get you Rangers next time! You won't be so lucky until I get those Sabers of yours!

[Villamax and the Chromites retreat and exit the scene, by teleportation]

TONY: You will be the sorry one with no luck left, the next time I see you. 

GWEN:We'll get him next time. 

THORNE:I never felt so great. Being a Ranger is awesome!

TONY:Yeah, but being a Power Ranger is not about fun and games. It takes devotion, dedication and responsibility. We must use our powers wisely and, more importantly, hide our identities as Rangers from the general public. 

GWEN: Don't worry, we'll keep our secret to the GMPD and Captain Chalmers. He already knows who we are. 

WILL:No sweat bro. We got your back. BROWNE:Once a Ranger, always a Ranger. That's what count. 


The Rangers raise their Quasar Sabers up in the air as a truce to the legend of what their destinies have been fulfilled for. 

Act 2, Part 1Edit

he Astro Megaship comes in for a docking landing on Terra Venture (with no mention how they explain swiping it in the first place) and soon Gwen and Will slip into Captain Chalmers as he addresses the crew of Terra V. and the GMPD, as they are about to embark on the quest for a new world. Thrusters powered up, the massive space colony departs Earth's orbit, leaving many questions behind. Oh, well, toodles, Earth! See ya on the flipside of the Galaxy! Meanwhile, not far away, the Zeon Empire Fortress  treks through the Dark Galaxy. Lord Metarex becomes farily disappointed with Villamax's failed attempt to steal the Rangers' Quasar Sabers.  

LORD METAREX (turns around):So, have you made any progress on bringing the Quasar Sabers to me....Yet?

VILLAMAX: I tried. But those blasted Power Rangers were too fast for me and my crew. I'll get them next time. 

LORD METAREX: No! I demand you to get me the Quasar Sabers now so that way I can rule the universe and ressurect my machine. Once you obtain the sabers, destroy the Power Rangers and make them fall to their misery. 

VILLAMAX:It will be done. You have my word, master. I'll do as you please. (exits)

LORD METAREX: Do not fail me again, or you will be destroyed forever. Fail again, otherwise, you will end up like the rest of my other generals I've had in the past who have failed me over their meddling. 

Inside Terra Venture, alarms sound as the alien ship approaches. Citizens make a panicked run for it, obviously still scared from the last time they dealt with aliens. People run around screaming and falling over boxes, the Zeon Fortress spouts out two beams of energy, which reform near that into Radster. Rad loves the roominess of TerraV, but is in the mood to zap something so he shoots off some stock footage of buildings blowing up from "Countdown To Destruction." Amid the rioting and debris, GSA Troopers arrive on the scene, led by once Commander Stanton. Tons of them surround the monsters and fire with their laser rifles. This does no good, so the Troopers fall back and more buildings blow up. 

the Troopers try a direct approach, ganging up on Radster and attempting to fight him, but it doesn't help, and they get stomped on. Suddenly, five streaks of multicolored light bounce around the skies, before settling atop a nearby overpass. It's the Power Rangers. Villamax makes his exit, telling Rad to get the Sabers no matter what. The Rangers rush him, fight a little, trying to protect the Troopers while they're at it. Leo ends up with Radster, off alone in Gingaman stock footage land. They fight, Radster wants the Sabers and they throw each other around the street. Tony shoots fire from his hands, which only makes the crabby baddie even more crabby! Red Ranger finally gives the monster what he wants, pulling out the Quasar Saber and charging it up. With one quick flame stroke, Radster explodes and falls down. The other Rangers unite with him, but Radster is up and ready to play for keeps. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a huge bottle of green kool-aid. He chugs it down, and grows to building size, impersonating Elvis all the way. Too big to fight, as proven when Tony leaps up to try and gets smacked down, the Rangers can do nothing but get stepped on. That is, until the mighty Galactabeasts appear across the road, knocking over Radster.  

The Rangers are happy they saved them now. The Galactabeasts howl, growl, crush pavement, and toss dirt all over the once clean city. Radster recovers from the beasts dramatic entrance, and is ready to die. The Lion takes forever walking closer to Radster, and when he finally gets there, with the beast to help beat old crab face. 

TONY: What does he want?

GWEN: He wants you to combine powers. Since you're the Red Ranger, you and Lion have a connection.

TONY:You want me? Okay. Here goes nothing.  

Red Ranger reluctantly hops atop the Lion's head, and suddenly, fire ignites.  Neither, they're powers are combining (and combusting) as the Rangers cheer their unofficial leader on. Finally getting used to thing, Tony & The Lion fire things up, just as Radster shoots off a laser with his little gun. Lion fires off a trail of fire from his mouth. The flame goes against Rad's own laserbeam, and finally overpowers it, turning back on Radster and torching the monster like charcoal on a Sunday.  'Not a really good idea to be blowing up monsters inside a frail space colony like that, but the Rangers are excited, as are the other Galactabeasts. This is the start of a powerful friendship, and the Rangers cheer some more, as the beasts stand around looking like guys in costumes. 

Magna Defender's Revamped Backstory Edit

The second half of the film begins with a non-Power Ranger warrior, known as the Magna Defender as he appears - in a black and white flashback - confronting Villamax (we took this idea from the Gingaman version since Saban was too stubborn to replace him for Treacheron in our TV version). After the unsuccessful battle, Villamax sword slashes the Magna Defender, causing him to fall into the dark pit of the Earth's crest. The Defender tries to get back up, but then the next day - her still in uncut flashback land - Tony's brother Jesse falls into the pit and the Defender throws his sword toward the falling body of a [living] person as it clings to Jesse, while passed out. Magna Defender reaches for Jesse's body as Magna himself merges the last of his dying soul with Jesse's and is finally free from dying miserably in the bottom of the Earth's crest. 

Magna Defender is now on Terra Venture. It's late at night, and as he stares out to the stars illuminating in the cityscape, he thinks back 3000 years. He vows he'll never forgive Lord Metarex for what he did to Zika, and their home planet (sorry Scorpius, you're no longer involved). 

We see his world from years ago, under attack by a gang of monsters. Explosions rained about, many of his people seem to have been destroyed (including one seemingly dying under a ton of rubble). The group of Metarex's' monsters begin looting gems & jewels amid the fire and destruction (monsters include Radster, Motor Mantis (from a later PRLG ep), Impostra (also from a later PRLG ep) and an unnamed Blue Beetle Monster (related to Gasser in Gingaman, slightly officially named "Sledge" in PRLG).  Magna Defender stumbles forward, telling them to drop the items, they won't need them where they're going. He's weak from the constant attacks, but when the monsters taunt him, he calls for backup. His mighty Torozord stomps in from behind him, ready to make manure out of evil. Suddenly, Magna Defender notices Lord Metarex and several Chromite Vipers approaching. He tells the Defender he has something he wants, and there stands the monster Fish Face, holding a little Magna Defender child named Zika! 

Magna Defender then is shocked to see his own son is being held captive by his enemies, and has no choice but to call Torozord off. The gang of creatures take advantage of his disillusioned state, striking in unison (notice Captain Mutiny standing & laughing in the shot). Zika yells for his father, as the monsters overtake him, and Metarex spouts out massive electricity, frying Daddy Defender. 

Magna falls to the ground, and begs Metarex to let his son go, which he has Fish Face do. Zika's thrown down, but he grabs onto his Defender Dart, pointing it at Fishy & Magna, before making a run toward the slimy mastermind with it. Lord Metarex then fires off another deadly bolt of power, striking Zika fatally. The monsters leave, successful in mentally crippling one of the only forces preventing them from total control of the universe. Magna Defender crawls over to his dead son's body, cradling it in light of the fires bathing his destroyed planet. Magna finishes his flashback on TerraV, grasping his son's dart, vowing revenge upon Metarex and his undead andriod army. 

Act 2 - Part 1Edit

Back at the GMPD lobby-


I didn't really think, those animals....Are a connection....To our Ranger powers. 


They are. Why do you think they're the Galactabeasts and why their faces are on the coin slots on our Quasar Sabers?


Huh. I dunno. Just wondering. 



TONY (hesitantly):



Now, I want to know, where did our powers come from in the first place?


We don't know. We got the Quasar Sabers. We have the Galactabeasts on our side. It's seems to be some sort of a big secret.


Well, someone had it that Zordon would be the key to the Lost Galaxy Rangers' powers and/or have used the last bit of his energy wave from "Countdown to Destruction" to create the Galaxy powers and link them to the Quasar Sabers.  


How is that possible?


Where did you get the info about it? A cereal box? (laughs)


That's not funny. Those cereal box jokes are so not funny. 


Shut up. You don't KNOW funny when you see it. 


How about you shut up?


Guys, can we stick with the subject? 


Sorry. I just hate it when Will has to be such a distraction. 




For your information, I looked it up on the Wikipedia article for Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.


Yeah right. 


No. It's true. 


Yeah, but is Wikipedia a person?


It's a website dumbass. 


Shut up. 


Gosh. Why do you have to be so stupid?


I never really thought the Quasar Sabers would be linked to the last of energy Zordon had to sacrificed for himself to create these powers. 


I think it was either 1.) Before the events of "Countdown to Destruction", 2.) Before the Ultimate Alliance of Evil captured Zordon and/or 3.)After his death. 


Good point. These powers are so mysterious, yet legendary. Do you know where the Galactabeasts came from?


I do.


If so, where? 


Distant portions of the Milky Way galaxy, each of the Galactabeasts came from different portions of the universe. The Galactabeasts you guys have are the only ones still alive to this day. The other Galactabeasts, far as known, are dead or remained lost forever. The Lion is from a Fire starplanet, the Condor is from a Wind starplanet, the Wolf is from a Thunder starplanet, the Wildcat is from a Nature starplanet and the Gorilla is from a aquarian Water starplanet. Although you all have the sabers and the Galactabeasts, all you need now is to find the legendary blades known as the Transdaggers. They are linked to your Ranger powers and your respective Galactabeast. 




I have a picture of the Transdaggers in this spare empty file folder I found. 


Can we see? 

[Devin gives Gwen, Tony and Will the photos of the Transdaggers.]


Seems legit. 


Not really. 


What are the Daggers' respective formations?


Each Ranger's Transdagger is based on a certain formation. The Red Ranger uses the Magna Talon, the Pink Ranger uses the Beta-Bow, the Green Ranger uses the Transblaster, the Yellow Ranger uses the Delta Daggers and the Blue Ranger uses the Cosma-Claw. You can also use the Transdaggers in a star formation to finish off an enemy. 


I dunno. A star formation with these seem tacky to me, but it's worth it. 


It would've been a lot better if we had a larger gun or bazooka or something. Why daggers? 

Horn, a insectious monster sent by Villamax, appears on Terra Venture with a group of Chromite Vipers to find the Rangers' Quasar Sabers. 


I must get the Quasar Sabers so that way Lord metarex can rule the universe. Find the sabers! 

Their hunt for them ensue until the Rangers themselves make an appearence right at the nick of time and tackle the Chromites one-by-one. On to stock footage fight land, Horn confronts the Rangers at the harbor, waiting to get the chance to steal the Quasar Sabers from them once, in his case, defeats them in one blow. 


Get off this colony! 


I will, as soon as you give me those sabers! 


Don't be so sure! 

The LGs pull their Quasar Sabers out, with Horn's attention already drawn to them, and try to manage to fight him. Horn of course flashes his right side of his coat, revealing the predecesors of the Quasar Sabers, the Transdaggers themselves. 


Those are the Transdaggers Devin was telling us about. 


We have to get them from him while we have the chance! 


Not for long! 

Horn blasts the Rangers. While they're down, Horn attempts to steal only the 4 sabers from Rangers Blue to Pink, except for Tony, who is still standing wielding his saber in his hands. 


4 down, 1 to go. 


You sure hell ain't putting your hands on mine! You'll never get it! 


Don't be so sure about that! 

Horn grapples to Tony, reeling him in to his coat as a prisoner. The other Rangers cry out for their loss of their leader as Horn takes off and disappear through smoke. 


Damn it! He got away. (angry grunt, while smashing his fists together in frustration.)

At the Industrial Dome's factory facility, Horn arrives with the Rangers' Quasar Sabers as Villamax plans on disposing them to revive Metarex's machine of destruction. 

HORN: Here's the sabers you promised, Master. 

VILLAMAX: Why give them to me if I can just throw them into the cremation pit? Never mind that. Give me the sabers so I can throw them into the pit to please Metarex on the revival of his beast machine. 

HORN (nervously): Yes. Yes. Of course. 

VILLAMAX: Along with them, I'm gonna need those Transdaggers in your side pocket and toss them into the pit too. 

HORN: What?! That wasn't part of our deal! 

VILLAMAX: Sorry. I lied. It was Lord Metarex's idea. he instructed me to send you to attack the Rangers, steal their Quasar Sabers and you come back and give them to me and dispose them. If Metarex wants Serpenterra revived, I'll give it to him. 

TONY (to himself/while still hiding from the villains): Serpenterra? 

HORN: Please! Let me go! Spare me if you must, I'll do as you may. 

VILLAMAX: Forget it. 

Villamax finally initates in his instruction of disposing the Quasar Sabers into the molten lava pit of the cremator. 

VILLAMAX: Now, with the mighty power of the Quasar Sabers, Serpenterra will be revived once again. Now, mighty powers, arise!


VILLAMAX: What? Something should happen by now. (Turns to Horn): You! You lied to me! You said the Quasar Sabers would power up an energy surge to revive Serpenterra! Now I know Lord Metarex will be pissed, because of you! These Quasar Sabers are FAKE! 

HORN: Fake?! Uh-oh. 

VILLAMAX: "Uh-oh" nothing! You promised they would power up Serpenterra. These are fake. Where are the REAL Quasar Sabers?!

HORN: I dunno. It must be some sort of mistake! Really! 

VILLAMAX (drawing his sword to Horn's face): Then you what? As punishment for giving me the fake sabers, you will die in unforgiving vain. 

Horn is shocked, he wants those finely crafted weapons, and struggles with Furio until he grabs one of the Sabers. Horn learns the hard way why Metarex wanted them destroyed, they can't be controlled by anyone but the Rangers! Hornsmith swings around, lashing out all over with the Saber. Is there level of sentience to the Sabers, as hinted at when Villamax fires a blast bolt at it, and it ricochets off, freeing Tony of his chains. I'll mention that again later, right now, Red Ranger leaps from his confines and grabs the bundle of Sabers, dodging Stingwingers and making a break for it. Losing the badguys along the corridors of Terra Venture's power station, he comes to a halt safely, tying the Quasar Sabers up in a chain, trying to figure out a way to keep them out of Villamax's hands. The other Rangers are closing in on his location with the help of scanners. 

Tony reunites with his friends, with the real Quasar Sabers in his hands. 

WILL: Tony! There you are.

GWEN: You got the real sabers?

TONY: Yep. And guess what I brought back? 

BROWNE: The Transdaggers. These should be useful.

TONY: Quasar Sabers and Transdaggers. Not a bad equivalency. Let's use them. 

 Horn is not happy one bit as Villamax rips out the daggers from his coat, and just as he's about to throw them to their fiery doom, streaks of Rangerfied color swirl about Furio, causing a distraction long enough for the Rangers to teleport nearby, holding the Transdaggers in their hands! Villamax gloats at the destruction of the Quasar Sabers, but what's that in their belt holsters? Quasar Sabers?! It turns out, they had time to make fakes, switch them with the real ones, and trick them into melting them. Thank you, Instant Express Bandai! 

Now how did the Rangers even know what the Transdaggers were? We can only guess that much like with the Sabers, they're somehow connected to the Galaxy Powers lying within. Or, they read the script for this episode of Gingaman. Either way, they've got two toys to hurt them with now, and it's party time on TerraV! The Rangers each show off what their Transdaggers can do, tearing into the Stingwingers with the Magna Talon, Trans Blaster, Cosma Claw, Delta Daggers and Beta Bow. Furio leaves Hornsmith to do the dirty work in getting those weapons back and takes off. The Rangers use their Transdaggers again on Horny, showing him that he should have been using these puppies, not that little pop gun he fires with. Red Ranger cuts off Hornsmith's extenda arm with the Magna Talon, and fires up the Quasar Saber for a flame slash. Keeping the ball rolling, the Rangers bring the Transdaggers together for a star formation attack! The fruit of this labor doesn't kill Horn, but instead drives him to drink a bottle of Slimer's Hi-C EctoCooler! It's obviously spiked with Evilagra, as he grows to a big boy in no time. Leo calls forth his new pal, the Lion Galactabeast, to help take out Horny. Lion tears out of the ground (knocking out cable for many on TerraV), comes over and Red Ranger hops atop his head. Galactic Firepower charges up, as Horn begins rushing at the Galactabeast, swords drawn. He hardly makes it across the street when the firepower is released, and the flamebreath of the Lion launches Horn back where he came from, and into a goodness gracious great dead ball of fire.

Metarex sends the next two monsters, Gasser and Blue Beetle, to terrorize the colony with their intoxicating gas. The Rangers arrive from their fight with Horn as they first spot Gasser. 

GWEN: Hold it right there! 

GASSER: Power Rangers! I'm glad you decided to come and take me down. 

WILL: What are you doing intoxicating the colony's atmosphere with your gas fumes?

TONY: Time we take out his gas fumes! 

Gasser spouts the red gas from his horns toward the Rangers. The Rangers then  pull out their sabers but before you know it, Gasser captures them into the gas cloud, albeknowit that our heroes can't breathe in this deadly air.

TONY: Man! You stink! Take a bath! (coughs)

GASSER: (evil cackle) Catch me if you can! 

The next spot we see them attack a group of Chromite Vipers, as they tackle them back-to-back, punch after punch, kick after kick. Red Ranger does his trademark fire power blast (which he has inherited from his Galactabeast predecessor) at Gasser, causing him to be tossed 10 feet away from Team Lost Galaxy at a far distant zoom out and we get a close up shot of Gasser, before fleeing away, warning them:

GASSER: You maybe lucky, but I will come back stronger than ever! 

Gasser exits the battle with the Rangers at the harbor as Devin communicates them about a way to catch up after Villamax. The Rangers come to a halt when Devin appears on their morpher communication system. 

DEVIN: Guys, I've found Villamax's next attack spot. He's headed toward the Circuit City Dome and I have just the vehicles to stop them with. 

TONY: Don't worry. We'll be there in a minute. 

The Rangers return to the GMPD HQ in time for Devin to introduce them to the Jet Speeders. The Jet Speeders are automobile versions of the Jet Jammers, which are not present here in the reboot series, but are based on real-life Lambogini cars. Each of them are colored-coded as the Rangers themselves. 

WILL: Devin! We made it as fast we could. What are those?

DEVIN:I would to introduce you to the Jet Speeders. 

THORNE: They're cars. 

DEVIN: Not just any ordinary car, they're completely based on the Jet Jammer technology that I untilized and modeled after to create these. 

BROWNE: Not bad. Let's take them for a spin. 

TONY: Kick into high gear. Thrusters, on. Engine, on. 

[ Hangar bay door opens ]

The Rangers take off in their new Jet Speeders to take on the Chromite Vipers in their Chromemobiles. The Rangers each take them out one-by-one off the streets knocking them off the edge of each intersection of the highways. 

CHROMITE: The Rangers! 

TONY: Let's show them what we're made of! 

'The others agree. The Chromites attack the Rangers as our heroes shred the streets with the Speeders. (Thanks for my use of custom Need for Speed Most Wanted PS2 gameplay footage!) Here for this, I spliced some gameplay footage of NFSMW 2005 with some Burnout Paradise PS3 footage to make this exciting. Kids will love see cars blow up! I garrintee you that. Think of this like watching NASCAR, except you're racing on city streets and once you knock your opponent out of the race, they're blown up and fucked.  After minutes of tearing the chrome-dummies, the Rangers reach to Villamax's location late, realizing that he left the colony for something direly personal (but what?)  'The Rangers head back to the main city area of Terra Venture whereas Gasser continues to terrorize the colony with his gas attacks. Tony swings in to try and pumble Gasser but - as the team hurry in to regroup - gets intoxicated with his gas, albeknowing that they can't inhale the poisonous stench. The Galactabeasts suddenly swing in scene also to try and blow the gas away with their syphoning blowblasts. After the blow, the Galactabeasts become [what appears to be] stone statues. The Rangers get up, after recovering from Gasser's gas and quickly run to see what happened to their beast friends. 

TONY: Oh no! We're too late. 

Villamax appears, along with Gasser's brother Bluestagg and a group of Swabbies. 

VILLAMAX: You got that right. 

TONY: Villamax! 

VILLAMAX: Surprise to see me again I see? Prepare to fall. 

Gasser charges after the Rangers as our heroes leap into action tackling the Swabbies in a effort to keep the villains away from the Galactabeasts. Gwen uses her Beta-Bow to fire at a Swabbie group. Will smashes two Swabbie's head to one another and wallops other incoming ones. Thorne dagger stabs a group. Browne shoots a group of Swabbies with his Transblaster while leaping in the air. Bluestag shoots the stone Galactabeasts with his cannon head as he tries to destroy them. We see a shot of the stone Lion crack. Before the Lion deteriorate, Tony fireblasts Bluestag and runs up to his G-Beast with his Transdagger and tries to release him from being destroyed. The other Rangers do the same. The Beetle bros. are outraged by what they are seeing. 

GASSER: That's impossible! The Galactabeasts must be destroyed! 

Before the two stop the Rangers, Villamax halts them. 

VILLAMAX: Don't even bother. 

GASSER: But Villamax, we need to stop the Rangers from reviving the Galactabeasts!

VILLAMAX: Never mind that. With them ontop of the Galactabeasts, the power the Rangers will posess to revive them, would help us revive Serpenterra so that way Lord Metarex will be happy in full pleasure to take over and rule the universe. 

Tony prepares his team to raise their Transdaggers into the air to connect its power with the Galactabeasts' starplanet power. 

TONY: With our Ranger powers, the Transdaggers, and the Galactabeasts, we have more power than we will ever imagine. 

The team initiates the reviving process. The starplanet powers of the Galactabeasts  connects to the Transdaggers without harming the Rangers. 

TONY: It's working!

The light of their power engulfs as the Power Rangers and the Galactabeasts disappear out of sight. Gasser and co. get back up. 

GASSER: How is this possible? The Rangers are gone! Now we can't have the same kind of power to resurrect Serpenterra. 

BLUGSTAGG: Yeah. The boss is going to be pissed. 

GASSER: We will have revenge!

The Rangers and the Galactabeasts return to the scene, alive and in okay condition. 

TONY: Now we have more power. 

VILLAMAX: Stop them! 

GASSER: Yes, master! 

The Beetle bros. drink some sort of potion to make them grow in full size to match the size of the Galactabeasts. Of course, we are finally entering our first "untold" Galaxy Megazord battle. Bluestagg cannon blasts the Galactabeasts and look here, their still standing! Tony initate the galactabeasts' transformation from beast mode to zord mode.

TONY: Galactazords! Transform now!

Thanks to the power of the Transdaggers, Lion Galactabeast goes from organic, to metallic in a wave of power. All of the beasts follow suit, becoming Galactazords! Tony teleports into the Galactazord cockpit and his Transdagger suddenly teleports to the gearpod to initate the control. Wait, there's more! They all then run together, and the new Megazord combination initiation sequence begins.

TONY: Galaxy Megazord! Transform!

The Galactazords, as they run through the same background as where the Gingaman title is usually and begin forming the Megazord. Lion goes first as it forms the torso and head. Gorilla goes second forming the legs. Condor guy is next as the back support and wings. The Lion's horns appear and lastly, the Wildcat and Wolf become the arms and fists of the Zord. The G-Zords all come and form together to become the Galaxy Megazord! 

TONY: This is incredible!

DEVIN: Yeah! I know they can do it! 

TONY: Let's give the bugs a taste of their own medicine! 

The Galaxy Megazord begins the battle with its saber ready. 

GASSER: Bring it on! We're not afraid of you!

TONY: Don't be so sure about that! We'll take you both out once and for all! 

BLUESTAGG: Not if we stop you first!

Gasser goes first after the Megazord. The Rangers initate the Galaxy Megazord saber and slices Gasser with the saber, as Gasser ignites and is out of gas.

BLUESTAGG: You will pay for that Rangers! Beetle cannon blast!

As Bluestagg shoots, the Megazord valiantly walks (with robo-confidence) to confront the monster through the asunder explosions. 

TONY: Condor Galactazord! Missile Mode!

Although this fight bit didn't make it in Saban's version, due to the amount of time each Power Ranger episode has to run approximately (30 min.), we have it here in the movie. Anyway, the Megazord saber becomes the Condor G-zord in its missile form. The Megazord takes a second to aim the missile at the right time and targets the monster. Condor missile head is released, fires, and BAM! The beetle is gone! Galaxy Megazord turns around as the monster blows up behind it. First Victory for the Galaxy Megazord. 

​Villamax, disappointed by his consecutive failure to stop the Rangers, turns to Lord Metarex to find the Lights of Orion, which will make it his last opportunity to revive Serpenterra. If this last opportunity of his fails Metarex, Metarex would likely have the pleasure to destroy him and have someone else fill in for Villamax to try and get the Lights before the Rangers do. 

LORD METAREX: It seems you continue to fail me. 

VILLAMAX: I'm sorry. It's just that the Rangers - (gets cut off)

LORD METAREX: That is no excuse. Since the Rangers used the power of the Transdaggers to revive the Galactabeasts, We have nothing. I've detected a new power source that may be a new way to revive Serpenterra. 

VILLAMAX: What power source?

LORD METAREX: The Lights of Orion. 

VILLAMAX: You're kidding? No way in the world I'm ever going to find it. The Lights of Orion are indeedly the most impossible source of power to find known to mankind. 

LORD METAREX: You take your footsoldiers to find the Lights. Don't disappoint me again, otherwise, you will be destroyed forever. 

VILLAMAX: You have my word. (exits)

In the distant dark background, Treacheron appears, along with one of his monsters, Teska behind him. 

TREACHERON: It appears Villamax has started his final preparation. Once he fails, I will get the opportunity to retrieve the Lights of Orion. Then I'll show Lord Metarex no mercy. Follow Villamax's every move, don't lose sight of him. 

TESKA (bowing in honesty): Yes, Lord Treacheron. (exits)

After Teska leaves, Treacheron turns around, pulls his Samurai sword, and slashes a flower in anger, then returns his sword back into its sheath. At the valley fall area in the Mountain Dome of Terra Venture, Villamax finds an imprisoned cave where the Lights of Orion may have been placed. On scene, a key is shown to open the entrance. 

VILLAMAX: If I fail Lord Metarex one last time, he will spare me. I tend not to fail him again, and I will get rid of those Power Rangers for good. The Lights of Orion must be in this exact cave. I know it. 

[Villamax pulls his gun out to shoot the cave door, but nothing happened.]

VILLAMAX: Damn it. It didn't work! There must be a way to break the cave entrance open. I must retrieve the Lights while I still have time. 

Villamax, while on his motorcycle riding by, drags what appears to be a casket with the Lights of Orion's insignia on it, then the Power Rangers show up to pursue him. 

VILLAMAX: Come out Rangers! 

[Rangers appears}

TONY: Stop right there Villamax! 

[Villamax stops his motorcycle, facing the Red Ranger.]

VILLAMAX: Nice for you to drag by. 

TONY: We have some unfinished business! 

VILLAMAX: I'm sure of that, but not for long. You see, I'm here to find the Lights of Orion. As a parting gift to you Rangers, I have something or someone to show you. 

Villamax shoots the chains off the casket door as the Rangers stand together in shock. 

BROWNE: You got to be kidding me?!

WILL: What the-?

VILLAMAX: It's the Red Ranger's brother, remember? 

TONY: Jesse. What did you do to him? 

VILLAMAX: So, the brothers reunited? How touching. But it's not. 

TONY: You will pay for this! 

VILLAMAX: You don't seem to get it. After your little mourning of his loss from 7 days prior, I've found him in a concious slumber after that dasterous fall underground in which I caused to break you Rangers away from each other. I've should have swallowed you all into the earthquake if I wanted to, but no. Poor Jesse here became the fallen victim. 

TONY: What have you done to my brother?

VILLAMAX: You don't remember? 

{Flashbacking to what happened to Jesse earlier after the Rangers, sans Tony, pulled the Quasar Sabers into the stone. The dialogue for the falshback is shorten, as recapped.


Jesse! Give me your hand! 


I can't! 


Yes you can! Give me your hand! 



[Tony grabs the sword]


Don't worry about me. The saber isn't meant for me. You can carry on my legacy. I never really thought you would be interested into adventure, now I do. Take over for me. I always cared for you little brother. Just let me go.

[Jesse lets go of Tony's grip and falls]



The ground chasm closes. ]

VILLAMAX: Seems like the reunion has begun so early. You thought he was gone? No he hasn't. It's all in your head Red Ranger. Your brother is indeed still alive, but he is suspended from reanimation. 

Villamax closes the casket, Tony charges after Villamax in anger. 


The Swabbies show up unexpected to block the Rangers from getting Jesse back. The Rangers initate a fight with the Swabbies. 

VILLAMAX: If you want him back Red Ranger, come to the Mountain Dome and find the Cave of Orion. 

TONY: Hold it right there! 

Ignoring what Tony said, Villamax anyway takes off on his Villacycle and rides off away from the Rangers. 

TONY: Get back here!

BROWNE: Where do you think he's taking him?

THORNE: From what I can recall, he said something about getting him back at the Cave of Orion. 

TONY: Then let's head there. 

At the forest, the villains make a campsite so they can catch the Rangers on guard. The Rangers hide in order to not get spotted. 

TONY: Ok, here's the plan, with Villamax's back turn, I will go over there and save Jesse. To do so, I need someone to be the decoy. 

GWEN: Thorne, this would be your opportunity to distract them. 

THORNE: But, will it cause us to get spotted? 

WILL: You got to do it dude. Trust me. You're a pro at this. 

THORNE: I'll try. 

BROWNE: What's a better option is to sneak on the Chromites without getting caught. Thorne's distractions will get us in loud trouble. 

GWEN: Sneak attacks might work. But we don't want to alert Villamax. 

TONY: That's just it. He has Jesse on guard, wrapped in those chains to a tree. 

GWEN: Thorne's got an invisiblity cloak device to stay low from getting caught. 

THORNE (being curious): Now why is everyone depending on me again?

GWEN (encouraging): Oh come on THorne. You're an expert at this. Do like you practiced back at Combat Practice. Just go out there and do your stuff. 

BROWNE: I'll do it. 

WILL: Browne. Wait. (sighs) He's so going get it for sure. 

GWEN (telling Will): Shut up. 

WILL (to himself, but not directly to Gwen): I rest my case. 

VILLAMAX: The Rangers should be here by now. If they want him, they can have him. 

A distraction has begun, one of the Rangers throw a grenade to get the Swordsmaster's attention. Villamax wonders where did it come from and it appears to him that he realized the Rangers did. 

VILLAMAX: What the?

THORNE: Round 2 for you punk!

VILLAMAX: So it was you that threw a bomb at me? You want your friend, come get him! 

BROWNE: You hurt him, we'll hurt you. 

The Rangers morph following Villamax's gun blast. The LGs charge up to him at near ease but before you it, the Chromites come in and counterattack them. While the team deals with the chrome-men, Tony takes the advantage to save Jesse. Jesse then wakes up and sees Tony. 

TONY: Jesse. Jesse it's me. 

[Jesse wakes up/groans]

JESSE: Tony? What are you doing here? 

TONY: I'm here to rescue you. I'm gonna get you out of here come on! 

Tony gets Jesse to safety and runs off and evades away from the villains. The Marshall Brothers head to the location where the Cave of Orion is. The Chromites follow but luckily the brothers have found a hiding spot near the bush trees.

TONY: That was close. What is it that they want from that cave? 

JESSE: It's the Lights of Orion. 

TONY: The Lights of Orion? 

JESSE: Yes. 3,000 years ago, a legendary power source known as the Lights of Orion came from a far distant milky way galaxy with exordinary powers. The Lights of Orion can alter one's appearence by upgrading them to full extent power, something anyone can hardly imagine. Word has it that Lord Metarex wants the Lights for himself. 

TONY: I know, but we got to stop Villamax from getting to the cave. 

JESSE: No. I can't. I'm injured. I can't come with you to the cave to get the Lights. 

TONY: You're coming with me. 

JESSE: No, Tony. You can go to the cave and retrieve the box that has the Lights of Orion. I'll hold them off. 

TONY: What if it's a trick? 

JESSE: It's not. 

TONY (being curious): Okay. If you say so. 

Tony runs off to get to the cave. The Rangers still busy fighting both footsoldier groups with Browne fighting Villamax. 

VILLAMAX (pulling his handgun): Take this, Green Ranger!

Tony finally finds the cave which has the Lights of Orion's symbol imprinted on it. 

TONY: There it is. The Cave of Orion. The Lights of Orion must be here. 

The cave door explodes in a unexpected moment and the entrance crumbles, allow Tony to proceed entering the cave. The entrance is filled no light but there's darkness. The center location of the cave has light in the middle as Tony heads and enters the cage to retrieve the box the Lights of Orion are incased in. Tony uses his Quasar Saber to cut the lock on the cage door off, enters the cage and grabs the box with the Lights in it. 

TONY: Got it. The Lights of Orion. It's all in here. 

Tony was about to leave but a sudden sword strike in the back hits him severely as he falls to the ground in pain. It appears to be known that that wasn't the real Jesse Marshall. The Jesse Tony rescued is a fake. The Jesse pretender smiles grimancly watching Tony ache in agonizing pain. Tony himself comes to realization that that Jesse isn't really him, abound by it in shock. 

TONY (in pain): Jesse....Why? Why are you doing this? (groans)

JESSE: None of your concerns. That's what you get for leaving me behind. (walks off)

TONY: Jesse! JESSE! 

Outside, the battle between the 4 Power Rangers and Villamax continue, until Jesse comes out to tell Villamax he has the Lights. 

JESSE: Villamax! I got my hands on the Lights of Orion! It's ALL HERE!

The Rangers come in shock. 

GWEN: What?!

THORNE: Holy crap!

VILLAMAX: (evil chuckle) I knew you didn't let me down. You're outnumbered Rangers. The Lights of Orion is now mine for the taking. That isn't really your friend. You all have been tricked! 

THORNE: You Asshole! 

GWEN: So you mean to tell us that Jesse is a fake this whole time? 

JESSE: That's right Pink Ranger. You all fell into our trap. The real Jesse Marshall is a FAKE!!

The fake Jesse transforms into one of Villamax's monsters, Spikata. 

SPIKATA: (evil laugh) 

GWEN: Where's Tony?

SPIKATA: He's about to join his brother in his grave. That's what!

VILLAMAX: Spiketa, give me the box so I can return it to Lord Metarex. 

SPIKETA: Yes, your majesty!

Before the monster would give the box to Villamax, Tony, now morphed, melees the monster.  Villamax sees the box out of the monster's hand, Thorne leaps into the air to get the box. 

VILLAMAX: Give me the Lights of Orion! 

THORNE: Sorry bro. The box belongs to us now.

Tony and Spikata fight. Tony uses his fireblast at Spikata knocking him to the ground. 

SPIKATA: Your firepower is no match for me!

Tony was about to saber slash Spikata but dodges away.

TONY: Come back here and face me you freak!

Spikata suddenly appears from the ground (behind Tony's back) by surprise as he grabs him by his legs and tilts Tony over. Spikata then stomps Tony to the ground with Red Ranger aching in pain. 

SPIKATA: Prepare to be destroyed Red Ranger!

While Spikata continues to stomp Tony in the back, Tony continues to reflect from the same flashback of his brother falling into the Earth chasm, with Jesse from the flashback's dialogue encouraging him to become strong. Spikata was close into stomping the Ranger one more time but Tony finally comes to his senses (via' his brother's words) as he strikes Spikata with his Quasar Saber. Spikata falls, and turns around facing the Red Ranger. 

SPIKATA: You dare hit me?! I should be hurting YOU!

TONY: I will never lose. As Power Ranger, my duty to fight against evil. 

SPIKATA: Cut the chase and fight me!

Villamax on the otherhand continues to fight the other Rangers alone by shooting them with his gun. After all 5 of them fall in defeat, Villamax finally grabs the Orion box. 

VILLAMAX: Finally! The Lights of Orion is mine at last! This is as far as you can go Power Rangers. Thanks to your everlasting failures, I've finally have my hands on the Lights of Orion. Soon, once I return this power to Lord Metarex, Serpenterra will be reanimated and ready to destroy the universe and this god-forsaken space colony of yours truly. 

SPIKATA:  Haha. You Rangers fell for our little trick, but now it's time to tear you all apart! So much for brotherly love of the Red Ranger. 

Tony turns around in anger, balls his fist. Villamax and Spikata both fire at our heroes at ease. The team drops and the villains laugh at the hands of their defeat. 

THORNE: You may have tricked us, but we'll never give up!

GWEN: You may have used Jesse's appearence to set us up, but we stand together as a team!

TONY: You two will both regret this!


The Rangers bring together their Transdaggers in star formation and blasts Villamax and Spikata. The box with the Lights slip and drop out of Villamax's hands. Villamax, again gets the box.

GWEN: No one brought it on but upon yourself. 

Spikata grows in mega-monster size. Tony calls the Galactabeasts to arise. They come as requested. Tony initiates the Megazord transformation. Zords form away as quick as possible. Tony gave the others the Megazord to handle against the monster while Tony goes one-on-one with Villamax.

VILLAMAX: You'll never get the Lights! 

TONY: Too bad! You will never get the Lights of Orion! It doesn't work with anyone as evil as you are!


Red Ranger and Villamax finally engage in what should be their final battle. The Galaxy Megazord proceeds to go into the initiate to attack Spikata. The battles begin. After multiple shots, Tony falls to the ground in mere defeat by Villamax. Tony grabs to the dirt in agony in a way of getting back on his feet and try to defeat Villamax at hand by ending his reign of evil once and for all. 

VILLAMAX: You dare to get back on your feet and defy me? How are you harnessing such power?!

TONY: I do it in honor of my brother at the hands of his defeat. You will pay for what you have done to him!

Tony then initates the energizing finisher of his Quasar Saber. The finisher succeeded on the backstabbing swashbuckler, as the box yet again slips out of Villamax's hands. To think he was down so easily, Villamax manages to blast Tony again. The Orion box drops. Villamax and Red Ranger face each other again, but both of them are worn out as both colapse to the ground.  The Megazord strikes Spikata with its saber, then initiates Condor Galactazord Missile mode to finish him off at last. The Megazord launches the Condor missile and fires at the monster and Spikata is defeated. 

Red Ranger and Villamax both get up and resurface.

VILLAMAX: You may have defeated me Red Ranger, but not for long.  I will put my hands on the Lights of Orion!

TONY (straining): Don't you dare! 

Villamax uses the key that comes with the box to open the Lights of Orion. Little do he know, he comes to realization that the box that was supposed to have the Lights of Orion was empty! Little do he know once he opened the box, he realized the box with the Lights of Orion was, the whole time, empty.

VILLAMAX: WHAT?! I swore The Lights of Orion was in this box! It's empty! You Rangers will pay for this! 

TONY: Told you! 

VILLAMAX: I was responsible for hiding the Lights in plain sight, now I realized I didn't really think someone else would find them before I would! But, damn it! The Lights are now gone forever! The search for the Lights is far from over!

TONY (getting back up and saying to himself): Man.....Never really thought of that.

Villamax suddenly sparkles in fiery defeat randomly. 

VILLAMAX: I did this all for Lord Metarex, but thanks to you Red Ranger, I have failed. I even hid the Lights of Orion from him 3,000 years ago. 

THORNE: Say what?!

VILLAMAX: Thanks to you, I've lost everything!

Villamax hops on to his Villacycle and charges near the Red Ranger. Tony then makes the move to finally defeat him by pulling out both his Quasar Saber and his Magna Talon formed Transdagger and charges near Villamax. Mano-Y-Mano, both run into each other facing each other in vengeance. Coming from the smoke, Tony then finishes Villamax off by leaping into the air to counterattack him with his Saber and Talon and Villamax has finally been struck by the Red Ranger.  It appears his real death (as observed in the climax of Gingaman episode 12 in the original Sentai episode) shows that Villamax, while still on his motorcycle flies off the peak of the mountain cliffpike and commits aerial suicide. There goes our first death toll. (RIP Villamax, you'll be missed.... again).  'The Rangers regroup with Tony by the waterfall as they all have a moment of silence for the fallen Villamax. 'By the waterfall pike, at sunset, the Rangers resimince over Villamax's suicide, while still pondering about Jesse. 

TONY: I can't believe we've been taken for fools to believe Jesse was back. But he's gone. 

GWEN: I just thought about your brother the other day. I actually thought he was dead when he fell into the crevase of the earth's crest. But then suddenly today, when Villamax had him in that casket, I thought he would be alive. Turns out it wasn't the real Jesse. (then starts crying).

Tony begins having some tears coming out of his eyes. 

TONY: This is all my fault. I let my own brother down. 

WILL: It's not your fault. 

BROWNE: We'll find him. 

TONY: I don't think I deserve to be the Red Ranger. Jesse pulled the Quasar Saber from the stone, not me. 

BROWNE: Don't feel bad for yourself. He sacrificed himself just to save your life. That's what matters most. 

TONY: That was....

Then Tony suddenly hears Jesse's voice in his head. 

TONY (wondering): What was that voice? 


TONY: That voice. It sounded like Jesse was telling me something. I can feel his presence.   After hearing his voice, Tony runs off to find clus to where Jesse may be. In the Cave of Orion, a monster (again which never was in battle with the Rangers in Saban's version, as observed in Gingaman episode 17) by the name of Starcog sets a bomb ready in place to destruct in 12 minutes.  STARCOG:Soon, the Lights of Orion will be found. A Chromite Viper gets tossed, as Starcog spots the Red Ranger. STARCOG:What the -?!TONY:That's far enough Starcog! I'm turning you in!STARCOG:Get out of here! Don't you see I'm busy tracking down the Lights of Orion?TONY:You're not getting the Lights!STARCOG:Don't be so cocky. Treacheron is now in pursuit to find the Lights since Villamax failed.  The two take the fight outside in the Mountain Dome. Red Ranger and Starcog sword clash, but then sooner as known, Starcog discovers that someone has entered the cave to destroy his machine. His device explodes inside and puts the blame on the Red Ranger.  STARCOG:What?! My machine! You'll regret this![Starcog smacks Tony away]STARCOG:I need to find track down the Lights while I still have time to spare!TONY:Stop!Tony leaps in the air to block Starcog from tracking down the Lights of Orion. TONY:Sorry to see you toy blow up. STARCOG:Get out of my way!  Starcog throws his Gearwheel at Tony as he falls in defeat behind asundering explosions. Starcog tries to slash the Red Ranger with his wheel but Red catches Cog's toy with his legs and kicks the monster in the face knocking him back. Tony then proceeds into energizing his Quasar Saber to finish Starcog off once and for all. After the finisher, Starcog is nearly defeated, slips back and far off the cliff of the mountain. Tony returns to the cave to stop a Chromite Viper from finding the Lights of Orion on Starcog's tracker. While they fight, more of the Vipers show up to take down the Red Ranger.  In a mere minute, the bomb will begin to commence in self-destruct.  Too late, the bomb explodes as the cave consequently explodes with massive explosions.  'The Rangers try to regroup with Tony but is interrupted when Starcog grows. The Galactabeasts arrive in time to help the Rangers take down the monster.  Starcog charges toward the G-Beasts, starting with the Wolf charging toward Starcog with its Thunder Shock attack. The Wildcat spouts flower bullets from its ears toward Starcog. Gorilla comes in to tumble and tackle Starcog at ease, throwing him to the ground. Lastly, the Condor does its devistating tornado blast at the monster. After all 4 finishers from the 4 remaining Galactabeasts, Starcog is defeated.  TREACHERON:Blast! Starcog has failed me. Wait until next time when I send another monster to find the Lights of Orion. So much for his loss. By the cave entrance, the Rangers look for Tony. In the center darkness of the cave, they see a mysterious black knight carrying Tony, who concious from the explosion, on his shoulder. The Rangers come in shock when they see who the mysterious Knight is that saved Tony and it appears to be, aforementioned, The Magna Defender! The team follows him outside the cave as they regroup with the down and injured Tony Marshall. Magna Defender safely puts him down in front of the team.  THORNE:Tony! Tony! T-dog! Hang in there. You'll be alright. GWEN:Oh my god. Please don't be dead.  [Magna Defender walks away, but then stops when Gwen asks him who he is.] GWEN:Thank you, whoever you are. Who are you? Who's side are you on?MAGNA DEFENDER:I am the Magna Defender. I'm on nobody's side.  The Defender leaps to ontop of a tall mountain, pondering.  MAGNA DEFENDER:Soon, I will have my revenge.  Back at Tony's apartment, the Rangers asks Devin about the Magna Defender as Devin wonders who is he but it's a brief mystery behind him. BROWNE:That guy. The guy who saved Tony back at the cave. Who was he? THORNE:Devin, do you know exactly who the Magna Defender is?DEVIN:It's beyond me. GWEN (being suspicious):Who ever he was, I thanked him for rescuing Tony. But it seemed to me, he had something personal to take care of. Maybe the way how he acted sounded like he is out for revenge against someone or something.DEVIN:We'll never know. [Tony groaning in pain]GWEN:Tony. You're awake. [Tony getting up, but still in pain.]TONY:When he saved me, it was like as if it was Jesse who rescued me.GWEN:Jesse? It can't be. Your brother is dead. TONY:Yeah....But....GWEN:But what?TONY (changing his mind):Never mind it. (walks away)GWEN:Where are you going? You're wounded. TONY:I don't care. Whoever that guy was with the black armor, I'm gonna find him. (exits)DEVIN:Man, Tony can be excruiating. GWEN:Not really. WILL:Bah! What did I just tell you? Why are you like defe-?GWEN:Shut up. WILL:Again. I rest my case. (to himself): Girls.  A group of GMPD Patrol officers take a case that has the Orion Rock inside and head it to the command tower for the scientists of Terra V.'s Science Division to take a look at it. The patrol driveby on the bridge but is interrupted by the Magna Defender, who senses that the Lights of Orion maybe located bystanding them. [GMPD Patrol truck stops]GMPD PATROL OFFICER 1:What in the world? GMPD PATROL OFFICER 2:Who is that? GMPD PATROL OFFICER 1:I have no idea. MAGNA DEFENDER:I believe you have something that I want in that case. Hand it over to me. Magna Defender opens the back door of the patrol truck and sees the luggage.  MAGNA DEFENDER:Give it to me. I'm not here to fight. I must have that luggage. The rock inside it contains the Lights of Orion. GMPD PATROL OFFICER 1 (being dumbfounded):The Lights of Orion? GMPD PATROL OFFICER 2:Look buddy, I don't know what this is about but your so-called Lights of Orion is no way in the world in this box. Get lost!MAGNA DEFENDER:Don't make me have to hurt you!GMPD PATROL OFFICER 2:I said "GET LOST!" Magna Defender grabs the GMPD officer by his neck, threatning him to hand over the luggage. The officer refuses, so it leaves the Defender the opportunity to sword slash him in the back. The Rangers, already morphed, catch up to what the Magna Defender is doing.  THORNE:What in the world is this dude doing? TONY:Hey! What are you doing with that box?!MAGNA DEFENDER:It's none of your business. THORNE:Time we straighten this guy out.  The Rangers prepare to fight the Magna Defender, preventing him from not getting away with the Orion Rock. Will leaps onto the offensive, heads into the truck but gets thrown out by the Magna Defender. The team regroups. Magna Defender steps out of the truck and swearing to the Rangers.  MAGNA DEFENDER:Once when I get the Lights of Orion, I will have my revenge. [Rangers pull out their sabers, getting ready to attack the Magna Defender]TONY:Revenge on who? That's what we want to know. MAGNA DEFENDER:My revenge has nothing to do with you. Get out of my way! While the Rangers and Magna Defender face off on the bridge, one of Treacheron's monsters, Samuron, spies in the background, beginning to watch every move the Magna Defender will make.  SAMURON:It's all true. The Magna Defender has come back to get the Lights of Orion. I must get them before he or the Rangers do!  Before the Rangers ease on Magna, the GMPD patrol gets attacked by Samuron. SAMURON:Hand over the Lights of Orion you puny silkworms!  Back to the Team LG-Magna Defender fight, after saber slashing the Yellow Ranger, Magna Defender spots Samuron, who also wants the rock with the Lights of Orion encased in it. The Rangers witness it also.  SAMURON:Finally! The Lights of Orion are all in here! I must have it! WILL:Hands off the box Samuron!  Samuron spouts firepower from his mouth toward the Rangers, backing them off at ease.  SAMURON:Sorry! I must take the box. You're too late!  Magna Defender shrugs Tony by his saber and grabbing his neck.  TONY:What do you want?! What is it that you want from the Lig-?! Magna Defender kicks Tony in his stomach and tosses him over. MAGNA DEFENDER:There's a lot of things you don't know about me! Magna takes off as Gwen regroups with Tony. Under the bridge, Samuron tries to break the Orion stone, which he tried many times but led him to no success. He uses his hammer 2 times to try and break the rock open but nothing happened. SAMURON:Come out Lights of Orion! Give me all of your power! Samuron whacks his hammer one more time with a mighty slam but his hammer suddenly breaks apart, leading Samuron in fierce frustration. SAMURON (in anger):Ugh!!! It's no use! If I can't open this damn rock, Treacheron will have the plessure to destroy me despite my failures!  Back at the Power Pad, Devin informs the Rangers about the rock that may or may not contain the Lights of Orion. DEVIN:Now the stone the Zeon Empire is after, in which you guys are talking about, was stolen but later has been missing for years. Heck, even eons for that matter back in their time. Now the reason Metarex and his army want it is because it maybe a connection to the Lights of Orion. If the Lights are in the rock, and if they break it, there's going be a major problem. If the Lights are not in the rock, then the Lights are safe. BROWNE:So you mean to tell us that, IF the Lights are in that rock and if they destroy it with them in it, what kind of problem? Would they be lost forever if any of the monsters destroy an object that may have the Lights in them? DEVIN:Exactly. GWEN:I don't get it. For some reason, Magna Defender wants the Lights of Orion only for revenge, but upon of whom? TONY:From what I heard, it had to do with a conflict between him and the Zeon Empire from 3,000 years ago. GWEN:That's impossible. TONY:No. It's possible, in his case. BROWNE:I want to know who is guy and what is he about. THORNE:That Magna Defender dude SERIOUSLY got issues. TONY:Don't you mean he HAS issues?THORNE:Yeah bro. TONY:We got to stop him from getting the Lights of Orion before things gets out of hand.  Samuron waits for the Power Rangers to appear at the Rock Quarry in the Mountain Dome as their all-out brawl for the Lights of Orion continues. The Rangers appear driving by in their Jet Speeders and catch Samuron by surprise. SAMURON:It was about time the 5 of you showed up!  The Rangers pose-off as they square off on Samuron and a group of Chromites, which also allows Tony to try and Samuron as ease with his saber. Samuron spouts laser discs from his mouth knocking Tony back. The team regroups.SAMURON:I warned you, you are not getting the Lights from me! TONY:We will get that rock from you no matter what! Tony gets back up and raises the Quasar Launchers in full bazooka mode to get ready to fire. The Rangers bazooka blasts Samuron with their Quasar Launchers but it seems to backfire when Samuron pulls the Orion Rock and raises it to make the QL blast break the rock open. The blast knocks the Rangers back. Thanks to the Power Rangers, Samuron looks and finds the Orion Rock open but this puts him in total shock - The Lights of Orion was nowhere in the rock the whole time!  SAMURON:What?! That's Impossible! The rock has nothing in it! TONY:Told ya. SAMURON:I cannot believe you Rangers tricked me!  Samuron charges at the Rangers like mad by walloping them one-by-one with his staff, knocking each of them down around him at once. Samuron does his evil laugh as he gets closer to the Red Ranger and puts his foot on the side of his helmet. SAMURON (chuckles):You'll be the first to go. BROWNE:Tony!SAMURON:Now, prepare to be destroyed!  Unfortunately on Samuron's part, a sudden dagger strikes the molten samurai monster out of nowhere, letting the Red Ranger go and within the distant background, blurr to clear, we see the Magna Defender, coming straight for him. The Rangers continue to ponder about the mysterious black knight.  WILL:It's him again. BROWNE:Oh boy. THORNE:Dude! GWEN:I can't believe it. Defender continues to come as Tony recovers. SAMURON:So, you threw this? Are you with them or the Zeon Empire?MAGNA DEFENDER:I believe you have something that I want. Give me the rock or I will spare you your life. The rock you had contains the Lights of Orion. Hand it over. SAMURON:Well guess what? The Lights were nowhere in it!  Samuron summons the Swabbies to come out as Magna Defender pulls his Defender saber to wallop each and every one of the peanut-circus pirates.  TONY:I didn't really think he can fight like that. He must be another Power Ranger. But he reminds me so much of Jesse, if he could fight.  Magna Defender leaps into the air with his Defender Blaster and blasts the Swabbies out of his way, then lands to the ground safely. SAMURON:Come on Mr. Bigshot Hero, show me what you got! Now tell me, why do you want the Lights?MAGNA DEFENDER:You and the Zeon Empire are responsible for hiding the Lights of Orion for 3,000 years. Now, it's time I find them. SAMURON:Guess what, you will never find them!TONY:The Zeon Empire was responsible for hiding the Lights 3,000 years ago? GWEN:Sounds kinda....Crazy. MAGNA DEFENDER:I'm not gonna tell you again, give me the rock!  Samuron readies his staff to strike the Magna Defender. As the sun goes down, the two square off, face-to-face. SAMURON:I've been waiting for this moment, for a long...Long time. Like a epic western showdown, Magna Defender stands with a vengeance as his cape blows into the wind between his legs motionless.  SAMURON:Begin! Samuron runs to the Defender with his staff, Magna Defender still stand waiting for the right time to strike. Magna Defender commences to pull his sword out and strike Samuron back and then, here's the epic finishing move of his, he leaps up into the air and sword chops the monster. The rock falls out of Samuron's hands, the Rangers witnesses Samuron's defeat, Magna Defender puts his sword back into his sheath, and Samuron falls and explodes behind the Magan Defender's back. Score 1 for the Magna Defender. Samuron, not down so easily, gets back up and grows in large scale. The Rangers call the Galactabeasts, they arrive, Tony hops onto top of the Lion's head, transforms the beasts into Zord mode, quickly begins the Megazord formation, and after forming away the Galaxy Megazord is formed. Samuron attempts to strike Magna Defender, in regular size, but luckily the Galaxy Megazord blocks Samuron's attack. Megazord and Samuron fight, walloping him until Samuron attempts to strike the Megazord. The Megazord successfully grabs Samuron's staff, stabs the monster in his stomach, and tosses him aside. The Megazord readies the Condor Galactazord Missile mode and shoots it at Samuron and Samuron is successfully defeated. Another victory for the Galaxy Megazord.  By near nightfall, the Magna Defender stands by the lake, reminincing about his past, as the Rangers head to him for answers to why he is out for revenge against the Zeon Empire.  MAGNA DEFENDER:I didn't really think the 5 of you can fight that well. (beginning to walk away)GWEN:Hold it! We can work something out. Why hold back? Now, back at the Quarry, was it true that the Zeon Empire hid the Lights of Orion 3,000 years ago? Is it true you have also fought in battle 3,000 years ago? If so, tell us. We want to know. MAGNA DEFENDER:It's true. I have. 3,000 years ago, after constant fighting the Zeon Empire, I released the Lights of Orion, when the time is right to use it, so that way they won't be able to find for centuries to come. Then, one moment, Villamax showed up to subdue me about the Lights' location as he attacked me and I fell down into the Earth's crevase. 3,000 years later, soon after my fall, I found a way to revive myself.GWEN:Then who are you? We want to know who you really are underneath? Are you....Human?MAGNA DEFENDER:I decline to answer that. Now, since I have returned, once I get my hands on the Lights of Orion, I will destroy the Zeon Empire once and for all, after what they they to my home world and make Lord Metarex pay for what he did to my son. GWEN:You have a child? And you're a father? THORNE:Where are you from?  Magna Defender walks away from the Rangers, getting ready to find a way to exact his revenge against Lord Metarex and the Zeon Empire. Finally, the mystery behind him begins to question the Power Rangers as they begin surfacing information about him.  Back on the Zeon Fortress, Lord Metarex requests Treacheron to find the Lights of Orion, picking up where Villamax left off in which he failed to please Metarex for. LORD METAREX:So it seems the Magna Defender has made his long-awaited return after 3,000 years of imprisonment. TREACHERON:Word has it that the Magna Defender wants to find the Lights of Orion. It’s been eons since he let the Lights free 3,000 years ago. LORD METAREX:Really? Well, if that’s the case, I commence you to send one of your monsters to stop the Magna Defender from finding the Lights of Orion. This should knock those do-gooding Power Rangers off the face on the map of my plan. TREACHERON (bowing):It will be DONE! As you wish.  Late at night, on Terra Venture, Magna Defender continues to remininces about his long past from what happened to his home planet 3,000 years ago the last time when the Zeon Empire has ever went in battle against him. After remembering what happened to Zika, his son, Magna Defender holds on to Zika’s prized-possessed dagger – which Zika used to try and attack Metarex for trying to hurt his father – in remembrance and in vengeance as he swears to make Lord Metarex and his army pay.  At the plaza, a Sunshine Statue is present, as Treacheron’s Shogun General, Fishface appears on scene with a group of Swabbies to find the Lights of Orion within the statue while attacking a group of terrified civilians.  FISHFACE:The Lights of Orion will be found and I will tear this city apart to find it!The Magna Defender throws his key dagger at Fishface. MAGNA DEFENDER:It seems you and I have unfinished business. FISHFACE:You again?! I thought I destroyed you 3,000 years ago. MAGNA DEFENDER (raising his sword):No. You helped Metarex and his army attack me, my son and my home planet. You will never get your hands on the Lights of Orion. FISHFACE:Give me a break!  Fishface pulls out his sword and ready to attack the Magna Defender. The Power Rangers show up a little late as they see the two fight while civilians are being in danger.  BROWNE:How many times he’s gonna come back?THORNE:He’s really going for it now. TONY:You guys help the Magna Defender, while I handle the monster.  Fishface sees the Rangers approach him as targeted. Magna Defender tells the Rangers he doesn’t need help. Fishface sword slashes Gwen and Thorne. The team regroups, pulls out the Quasar Launchers in energy blast. Fishface blocks the team’s Launcher blasts (like Samuron did earlier) with his fishsword and blasts the Rangers with his sandbag dust, knocking them down to the ground.  FISHFACE:All 5 of you are a waste of my time!  Magna Defender jumps out and prevail Fishface from destroying the Sun statue as he cocks his Defender Blaster and manage to shoot the monster but Fishface ducks. Magna Defender tries another shot at destroying Fishface, but little does he not know, there’s still feared individual civilians behind him. Tony shrubs Magna Defender off from trying to hurt the townspeople.  TONY:Wait a minute! There’s still innocent civilians over there! MAGNA DEFENDER:Out of my way!  Magna Defender emersively blasts Fishface with his Defender Blaster as pieces of buildings tumble down the civilians. Will and Browne manage to stop the Defender from hurting more people but shrugs both off his shoulders.  WILL:What are you thinking dude?! Stop at what you’re doing?MAGNA DEFENDER:Get off of me! FISHFACE:You’ll pay for that! Fishface proceeds the sandbag blast at the statue and comes to realization that the Lights of Orion are nowhere in it.  FISHFACE:That’s strange. I swore they would be in this statue. I’m outta here!  Fishface disappears from the area as the Magna Defender runs up to him but it’s too late. Will, Gwen, and Browne go help the civilians while Tony and Thorne talk some sense into Magna Defender’s anger.  TONY:What the hell is your problem?! You almost got those people over there killed! MAGNA DEFENDER:I don’t care for the sake of your own kind. THORNE:You’re being a complete dick! You know that? You must be out of your mind! GWEN:Do you care about how it feels to see your people from where you’re from get hurt because of your rash actions? You should think about it. MAGNA DEFENDER:They will be responsible for what they did to my son, my home, and more importantly me. The Lights of Orion is my responsibility. I was responsible for letting them go in the first place and its my mission to find them again before the Zeon Empire gets to them. TONY:Listen, we can help you. We need to work together. MAGNA DEFENDER:I don’t need to be on your side. I work alone. (walks away) Magna Defender walks off and at the park, he sees something comes down to the ground and head to it.   GWEN:He has really lost his edge. BROWNE:I honestly don’t get his background check and where is he is coming from. The Zeon Empire was responsible for attacking his home planet and this Lord Metarex guy responsible for killing the Magna Defender’s son? I’m kind of lost here on that part. GWEN:Ever since he saved Tony’s life, I can sense the pain he is feeling. When we fought that monster, he almost hurt those innocent people. THORNE:The dude just lost his cool Gwen. GWEN:I know that. TONY:I now understand Magna Defender’s feelings and know why he did that. If you guys remember back at the Mountain Dome, when we fought Samuron, he wasn’t like that when we introduced ourselves to him. Now today….He……GWEN:Became very rash. TONY:…….Yeah. That. GWEN:Now we know. The search for the Lights of Orion and his vendetta against the Zeon Empire caused the Magna Defender to go into a complete outrage.  Later that late afternoon to sundown at the Central Dome, The Rangers catch up to Magna Defender about his personal issues and aggressive vendetta against the Zeon Empire for what they did to him  3,000 years ago. TONY:Magna Defender! Wait! We need to talk to you. As far as you wanting to destroying the Zeon Empire, we need to work together as a team. It’s the only way to make strategies to defeat them for good. For one, you seriously need to straighten up. GWEN:Yeah, and for second, you are like completely obsessed of trying to find the Lights of Orion knowing you’ll never, ever gonna find them. It’s your fault you shouldn’t have let them go 3,000 years ago. And Tony’s right, if we’re going to defeat the Zeon Empire, we have to work together as a team. We’re the same. If we’re Rangers, then you are too. MAGNA DEFENDER:I am nothing compared to you. GWEN:What do you mean? MAGNA DEFENDER:Ever since I lost my homeworld, and my son, I been alone my life. I don’t need help from you and I don’t want to be part of your team. The 5 of you don’t mean anything to me. Torozord and I are one. You Rangers are strong enough as a team, You don’t need me. I don’t like how you fight, fighting so weak like this. You’ll never be able to defeat the Zeon Empire this way. GWEN:Choosing revenge against them will mean only one thing….And that’s….MAGNA DEFENDER:Finding the Lights of Orion and destroy Lord Metarex and his army. Once when I do, I will make him pay for everything that I have lost. Right now, my mission is FAR more important than what you want and what you need. (walks off)TONY:Come back!THORNE:You see we, lost a friend of ours! Tony’s brother has been killed! You need to be with us! Even if you don’t work with us, we refuse to do what you say! ==Act 3'==  On the Zeon Fortress... LORD METAREX:One of your monsters has failed me again, Treacheron! TREACHERON:I’m sorry my lord! It will not happen again! I promise I’ll send someone to get them next time. LORD METAREX:Try finding them now, don’t waste any time. We need the Lights of Orion to revive Serpenterra. It’s the only way for it to cause mass destruction. [Mortalia enters]MORTALIA:I think I have the perfect solution of searching for them. [Zeltrax enters]ZELTRAX:You do? And what would that be? MORTALIA:Send one of Treacheron’s shogun warriors to find the Lights. If the Magna Defender released them 3,000 years ago, then they must be on Terra Venture. LORD METAREX:The home colony of those wretched Power Rangers.MORTALIA:Exactly. ZELTRAX:How about I go down there and bring my army of Tyrannodrones to search for them?LORD METAREX:Your footsoldiers were destroyed years ago. How about bring half of my Chromite Vipers with you on your search for the Lights of Orion while Treacheron deals with the Magna Defender? ZELTRAX:That is said. TREACHERON:I remember 3,000 years ago, I once fought the Magna Defender alongside Villamax. LORD METAREX:That name disgraces me. Don’t you dare say his name in front of me in vain. TREACHERON:Why? Is it because he has failed you 3 times in a row? LORD METAREX:NO! Villamax has failed me far more times than that! If YOU fail, I will have you end up falling in the same fate as him. TREACHERON:I promise, Lord Metarex. MORTALIA:Don’t keep your promises up. What if your plan becomes a fake? TREACHERON:As a warrior, it’s my honor and duty to serve you. I don’t betray anyone. MORTALIA (sternly):Sure…….I get you.  At the Power Pad/Tony’s Apartment, Tony preps things to celebrate his older brother’s birthday.  GWEN:Why donuts? TONY:(sniffs) Jesse is not much of a birthday cake kind of person. So I thought if donuts and ice cream would make up for it. GWEN:But I bought cupcakes. TONY:How many? GWEN:……20. TONY:Are you gonna give out any cupcakes to the staff of the GMPD?GWEN:Of course. TONY:Let’s go get some plates and bowls. While Tony and Gwen go out to get party supplies, Thorne shows up to the pad, starving for something to eat. He knows the secondary pad doesn’t have food in the shelves. His stomach growls like mad (after he did something that isn’t part of the story that I left to be said offscreen) as he then discovers a box of Dunkin Donuts’ donuts (available in various sorts!) to eat. (It’s not like he’s gonna eat the whole box is he?) Thorne drops his bookbag and goes for the donuts. He sits on the couch eating all of them (with some red jelly all over his shirt and powder all over his mouth and hands) until Gwen shows up with Will and both sees Thorne eats all of the donuts. WILL (shocked):Dude! THORNE (with his mouth full):Hi guys! GWEN:You ate all of the d-? Who said you can eat these? THORNE:Nobody. I was really hungry, I haven’t anything to eat all day. WILL:But those were for Jesse’s birthday party. Why did you eat them? THORNE:You guys know me, I love donuts, all kinds, especially the powdered ones. GWEN (getting angry, now escalating a fight with Thorne):I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you would do something foolish and immature behind our backs! Were these donuts even reserved for you? THORNE:No. WILL:And it looks like Mr. Hungry-Man also ate up all of your cupcakes. GWEN:You ate my cupcakes?! THORNE:I have a sweet tooth. I can’t help it. GWEN (threatening):Well, I’m gonna have to yank that sweet tooth out of your mouth!WILL:Alright now. Let’s just pretend nothing happened. GWEN:Shut up. WILL:Why do you keep telling me to shut up for? Man?! Damn!THORNE:Oh come on Gwen! Why be so rash? GWEN:I wanted to go easy on you but no, thanks to you and your immature antics, I lost my temper because YOU shouldn’t eat these before the right time comes! THORNE(throws his bookbag at Gwen, almost):Go screw yourself bitch![Gwen falls to the floor]WILL:Dammmn! [Browne appears to cut the two off from fighting]BROWNE:Look…..You guys are friends. You two shouldn’t be arguing over something foolish and stupid. [Devin appears]DEVIN:What’s gotten in to Gwen and Thorne? TONY:I dunno, they sort of got into an argument about something and at least I wasn’t even involved. DEVIN:Knowing Thorne and his sweets. TONY:I know (chuckles). He sure loves donuts.  [Thorne and Gwen turn against each other and walk away from not seeing another] Thorne and Gwen continue their feud as both continue to not look back or talk to at each other. Both on separate sides walking with bags of groceries crossed to their arms and hands.  THORNE:Look, I told you I was hungry, but yet you can get on my ass about things I do wrong. GWEN:Thanks to you Thorne, your immaturity is what’s causes you things because of the stuff you do that is so foolish. Man! I wish you wasn’t part of the team. THORNE:Hmmp! Maybe I shouldn’t.  [Then sees  a flyer with Dunkin Donuts advertising displayed on the store window.] THORNE:Donuts! GWEN:Don’t even think about it. You act like such a child. Bad enough you’re such a hyper person. You SERIOUSLY need to lay off the sweets.  Thorne was about to head to the shop but, unfortunately bumps into what seems to be a force field blocking the everyone’s way, including where Gwen and Thorne. The two touch the force field and then try to throw an object toward it. Nothing. GWEN:That’s strange. A force field is blocking our way. What’s going on?  Not only they are involved in the field, but the civilians are stuck in it as well. THORNE:What the hell? GWEN:We have to call the others. THORNE:Can’t. GWEN:Why not? THORNE:Cause it’s jamming our morphers’ frequency system. GWEN:Damn it. I spoken too soon. THORNE:Now you’re starting to sound like Will. GWEN:Puh-leeze.  Destruxo & Stingwingers march through crowds of fleeing civilians, the monster's Orion compass locator pointing him to an area of lawn. He impales his staff into the ground, using it to bring forth the Lights Of Orion from deep underground. Thorne and Gwen morph as the two spot the group. Destruxo is stunned to see two Rangers have breached his force field. Gwen and Thorne face off Destruxo, pulling out their Quasar Sabers, charging them up and slicing them down on the monster! He grabs both blades, and laughs their power off before tossing them a few feet away. Ready to show them how it's done, he whips out his own saber. Tony, Browne, and Will catch up with the two but they are blocked from saving their friends, who both are trapped in the force-field alongside remaining civilians who are dying for air. None of the laser attacks do a bit of damage to the invisible wall, so the guys will have to think of another way in. Inside the field, Yellow & Pink get sliced & diced by Destruxo's saber, he powers his up and really sends Thorne and Gwen down in exhausted defeat. 'Destruxo starts to catch on about the two lacking air alongside the civilians. THORNE:I think I’m gonna die in here. GWEN:My asthma is acting up. (cough)DESTRUXO:You’re not the only ones dying here, see your fellow people over there. The force field covering this portion of the colony will uplift the atmosphere! Now it’s time for both of you to die. GWEN:Thorne, we need to leave this guy, we’ll deal with him later. There’s people’s lives at stake! THORNE:For what? I want to finish him off now! Thorne charges toward Destruxo but is struck back by him. Destruxo comes close to the two as Gwen retreats with Thorne by pulling out her Beta-Bow to blast smoke to the ground, evading from the Samurai. DESTRUXO:They’re gone! Find them and destroy them at once!  Hiding inside a stairwell, Gwen and Thorne have demorphed, still straining for air. Thorne has a scrape on his face from the fight.THORNE:Don’t even think about it! Why thought of bailing out of the fight?!GWEN:Destruxo also killed you when he had the chance. THORNE:Still, why run? GWEN:It’s because if we don’t destroy the force field’s source, people on Terra Venture will die. THORNE:And do you know how?GWEN:No. THORNE:Exactly! That’s why we need to go back and stop that guy! [Thorne runs off]GWEN:Thorne, wait! We can’t defeat the monster by ourselves. THORNE:(scoffs) Your loss.  Destruxo's staff begins to shake, and water gushes out of it into the air. The warrior knows the Lights Of Orion will be his soon, The other 3 Rangers race through the underground corridors trying to get through the force field. Red Ranger slams into the invisible wall, and falls to the ground. The field extends below the surface of the space station, so they need another plan and fast.TONY:Ow! (groans in pain)WILL:This invisible wall is tough. TONY:That’s why we need to find another way around. BROWNE:Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s go.  Thorne sneaks around inside the force field, with Chromites searching for him. Thorne spots a bakery, inside a birthday display with several cakes. Feeling like an idiot from another dimension, he understands finally what the cake was for, and why Gwen was so mad he ate the donuts and cupcakes earlier. Too busy looking at the cakes, Too busy looking at cakes throughout the store window, Thorne gets maulled by Chromites until Gwen swings in and comes to his rescue. The two forgive each other for their immature bickering and go after Destruxo afterwards. Outside the Force field area of the City, Tony, Browne and Will catches the Magna Defender (still bent on revenge) in the act, calling his Torozord to charge and attack the city.  TONY:Magna Defender? What are you doing out here?MAGNA DEFENDER:Can it Red Ranger, it's none of your concerns. TONY:Still got revenge in your system I see. MAGNA DEFENDER:Mind your damn business. BROWNE:Maybe we don't have to, thank you very much. MAGNA DEFENDER:Time to get back what was mine for 3,000 years. Torozord, charge!  Torozord arrives, Magna Defender forms in giant Ranger-zord size, enters Torozord and quickly formed away in Defender Torozord form. The guys remorph, with Tony again the only Ranger with a morph shot on screen, calls the Ape, Condor Dragon and Lion Galactabeasts to help them stop Magna Defender from destroying Terra Venture unwillingly while merged with his Megazord. Gwen and Thorne remorph and resume their fight with Destruxo from earlier (due to their guy-to-girl fuss, no offense). Back with the Zord fight, Gorilla punches the Defender Torozord multiple times. Condor swings by flying smacking Torozord away at ease. Tony readies the Lion to initiate its fire power blast attack on Torozord.  TONY:How is that possible?  Out of options, Torozord was about to attack again but comes to a halt as its weapon falls to the battleground. The guys sense something is wrong with the Magna Defender. Defender Torozord and Magna Defender demorph from one another, with the Defender falling to the ground in pain. This is a sign that the Magna Defender is dying from his agonizing anger he has kept for his dire revenge against Lord Metarex for 3,000 years. The guys jump off the heads of their G-Beasts and head for Magna Defender.  TONY:Magna Defender! Wait! We want to know what's wrong! MAGNA DEFENDER:Get away from me! Leave me alone! The Defender flees away in recovery, leaving Tony, Browne and Will wondering what has become of him.  TONY:What's his problem?  BROWNE:I dunno, but the guy has issues he needs to settle out. TONY:Never mind him. We got to go help Gwen and Thorne. Come on. Meanwhile, back at the plaza, Gwen and Thorne continue their all-ou fight with Destruxo. Destruxo counterattack the two, throwing them toward the force-field wall.  DESTRUXO:You two aren't worthy against me without your friends. THORNE:Gwen, whatever you do, don't say you should give up this time. We need to keep fighting him. GWEN:I promise I won't. DESTRUXO:Looks like the both of you are on your last breath. In mere minutes, the atmosphere on this colony will be collected inside my force field generator. THORNE:The only person losing his breath is you!GWEN:You should be the one who should fall. Not us. DESTRUXO:Oh, really?THORNE:Get behind me. I have an idea.  Gwen gets right behind Thorne as he and Gwen readies their sabers to attack Destruxo. Destruxo spouts fire blasts from his hand, but it seems to be known that our friends in Yellow and Pink are invincible from getting attacked this time. The two pull out their Transdaggers while wielding their Quasar Sabers to back Destruxo off. Thorne then manages to charge up his Quasar Saber's energy finisher to destroy the Force Field Generator. He succeeded. The Force Field is down, and everything is back to normal on the space colony.  THORNE:Great job. Thanks. GWEN:No, thank you. You did all of the work. DESTRUXO:Don't celebrate so easily. I'm not done with you two yet! [The team reunites.]DESTRUXO:Seems like I'll have to take you all down at once! As Destruxo charges, The Rangers pull out their Quasar Launchers to blast Destruxo in near defeat. DESTRUXO:You think your firepower can outmatch me? TONY:Sure it can. You think you're the one with ALL the power? Think again! DESTRUXO:This is just the beginning of our final battle for the Lights of Orion. TONY:So it seems to be a known fact that every single one of you Zeon bozos all want the Lights of Orion for yourselves. You'll never get a chance in a lifetime to find it until we do.  As Destruxo gets close to the Rangers, an earthquake disrupts the fight between our heroes and the Red Samurai monster of Treacheron's. They all come to wonder what is happening as Destruxo's staff finishes asorbing enough energy to trace the location of the Lights of Orion. The sky disappate into dark windstorm clouds, blowing around our heroes and Destruxo. After countless years (in the Zeon Empire's sake) of searching for centuries, the Lights of Orion finally appears for the first brief time in 3,000 years! The Power Rangers witness the Lights of Orion's appearence in awe, Destruxo is shocked to see that the Lights are there. Treacheron even comes aware to see they have been found. The Magna Defender reaches into the sky, as he wants to claim the Lights once again but not likely.  MAGNA DEFENDER:The Lights of Orion.....Are back.....For the first time in centuries. DESTRUXO:I must get them before it's too late! TONY:We have to stop Destruxo from getting the Lights before its way too late!  The other Rangers agree over Tony's command. Finally, since the Lights of Orion has revealed itself, anyone who would get their hands on this emersive legendary power, a final battle has begun.  'In the outskirts of Terra Venture's Mountain Dome, the Power Rangers continue their chase after Destruxo from claiming the Lights of Orion. The Lights stand in the middle of the center of the forest.  DESTRUXO:I'll do whatever it takes to reclaim the Lights for Lord Metarex!TONY:This is it! We can’t let Destruxo put his hands on the Lights, otherwise things will be catastrophic! We got to do something!  The Power Rangers continue chasing Destruxo, then initiates their continuing battle with the Samurai monster which we left previously from the Central Dome to the Forest valhalla of the space colony. The Magna Defender takes yet another glance at the Lights.  MAGNA DEFENDER:I won’t give up on the Lights of Orion. It’s my only hope to… Again, Magna Defender’s pain condures him for the worse. Something inside is wanting him to cease his revenge and end his raging anger. Magna Defender kneels in pain, clutching his chest once more.  MAGNA DEFENDER:I can’t die now. I must get the Lights before it’s too late.  Destruxo continues walloping the Rangers. Tony jumps into midair attacking Destruxo with his saber and Transdagger. The others ready their Daggers to fire at him but leaves then to no success at stopping Destruxo. Destruxo charges and sword slashes our heroes and makes a run for it to obtain the Lights of Orion in his snake urn. The Lights are sucked into his urn and the Rangers are too late.  DESTRUXO:Now, since I have the Lights of Orion, Lord Metarex can now revive Serpenterra! TONY:Oh man! We’re too late. THORNE:Don’t worry. He won’t be too far. GWEN:Let’s follow him.  Back on the Zeon Empire fortress, Lord Metarex and Mortalia subdue Treacheron about the Lights of Orion’s location, and if the Lights affect Metarex’s machine, how would it work out? For predicting starters, the Chromites would ready a sensor beam to aim and fire at Serpenterra in order for it to be revived.  LORD METAREX:It seems that your monster has finally obtained the Lights of Orion for me. TREACHERON:To be fair. We’ve spent 3,000 years looking for them. I knew sooner or later, due to Villamax’s dismay, that the Magna Defender had released the Lights of Orion so that way we could never find a trace on where they would be centuries later. LORD METAREX:And if it does revive Serpenterra and Triptriton, I will appoint you as second- in-command. You have really outdone yourself this time Treacheron, unlike a certain somebody who couldn’t even keep his promises up. I’m really impressed. TREACHERON:Don’t thank me. I know when the job gets done. (exits)MORTALIA:At this rate, my master, if Treacheron gets more credit, he’ll have more power far unequal to you. To be fair, the Lights of Orion will never reach a pinpoint location where Treacheron will be. LORD METAREX:What is your say into this, you hag? MORTALIA:I have recently sent a monster to disguise herself as Treacheron, to make Destruxo think he had the Lights of Orion and have plans for himself. LORD METAREX:And…Does your plan affects me how? MORTALIA:This would give us the opportunity to strip Treacheron from his everbearing title of being your second-hand general. LORD METAREX:And you mean to tell me one of your Aunt Hexuba’s monsters is out there framing Treacheron while disguising herself out there to make the REAL Treacheron look like a fool and you also mean to tell me that Treacheron has been betraying us the whole time while he was here while Villamax was gone?! MORTALIA:Exactly. LORD METAREX:I should’ve known. What was I thinking sending that fool to go out and find the Lights of Orion. Treacheron’s betrayal will cost me and my entire army regurtigation. For lying to us, and to think he was “pretending” to be loyal to us, I will have him destroyed. MORTALIA (suggesting):Or have Treacheron behind bars in our very own prison facility. LORD METAREX:No. I have a much coneiving idea. Have him fall to his deathbed. MORTALIA:How? LORD METAREX:Have him walk the plank. MORTALIA:That would be something a true pirate captain would do. LORD METAREX:Oh shut up! How do you know? [Mortalia keeps quiet]LORD METAREX:I rest my case. Send this “Impostra” monster of yours and have her bring the Lights of Orion to me. If all else she fails, I will make her die alongside with Treacheron, just like I did Villamax, which costed me most of his constant failures! MORTALIA:Consider it done, master. Somewhere in a dark corner of the Zeon Fortress ship, Impostra overheard every word from Mortalia and Lord Metarex’s conjuring argument about Treacheron’s lies to the intergalactic dark lord of evil himself, so Impostra goes all out morphing herself as Treacheron and heads to Terra Venture to finish the job. Back at the Forest dome, but near a lake, Destruxo runs as fast as he could so he can give the Lights of Orion to Lord Metarex but not for long, Magna Defender shows up out of nowhere to pursue the samurai but still in disgrunted pain. Destruxo tumbles the Defender away and the “fake” Treacheron meets up with Destruxo. DESTRUXO:Lord Treacheron? What are y-?TREACHERON:I have been giving a new order by Lord Metarex. Come with me.  Destruxo follows his master general. Magna Defender recovers.          


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