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This is an article about a soundtrack for a Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-film.

PRLG Fan-Film CEFFOST cover - DARK (small)
Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy [Fan-Film] - The Score
is an upcoming soundtrack album to Anthony Marsh, Jr 's Fan-Film adaptation of the Power Rangers TV series of the same name. The score is composed by Marsh himself along with composer Johnathan Flood and The Marsh Bros. Orchestra .  It comprises elements of electronic and ethnic precussions while combining with its traditional orchestra themes. 

The score to the fan-film is licensed by Marsh Bros. Records. 

Track ListingEdit

Disc 1Edit

Track and Duration Composer Notes of Scene Track # Duration

the Opening Narration/Main Title. Describing the premise of the Galaxy Rangers and their past conflict with villains like Scorpius and Furio in the TV series. 

This track is split into 2 parts in the Expanded Deluxe Score. 

The Quasar Legend Inon Zur 2
Terra Venture Heroic Tune Haim Saban From the TV series.  3 (0:05)
Terra Venture  Johnathan Flood Actually a track from the 2007 Transformers video game from the first Bumblebee level, composed by Flood along with Steve Jablonsky.  4 (1:50)
Boom Snare Random insert  5 0:13
Reflex Snare Random insert 6 0:26
Field Trip Random insert 7 0:41
" Heart of the Stars Anthony Marsh, Jr

When Tony first arrives on Terra Venture.

An arranged version is available in the Expanded Deluxe Score album. This song will soon appear in Marsh's first debut instrumental album. 

8 5:06
Combat Practice - Part 1 9 1:18
Combat Practice - Part 2 10 2:42
Re-Animation One of Lord Metarex's themes.  11 1:10
The Zeon Empire Rises  Lord Metarex's signature theme, but only played once in the film.  12 3:37
Villamax Villamax's Theme 13 1:04
Beginning a Fight Insert 14 0:15
Danger Race Tobias Enhus

This track has been used many times with the film, and is a unreleased track from the Spider-Man 3 video game (PS3/Xbox 360/PC) version. 

  • Danger Race is not the official track name of this from said game's VG score. 
Compromising Evil As the Rangers were about to pull the Quasar Sabers from the rock, Villamax interveins. Despite his failed attempt to steal the sabers, Villamax plants his sword to the ground swollowing Tony's brother, Jesse, into the earth's crest. Before Jesse would eventually fall to his doom, he gives Tony the Red Quasar Saber. After Jesse' fall, Tony seeks vengeance for his brother's death.  16 6:58
An Oath of the Sword Namco Sound Team From the video game, Soul Blade/Edge and its KHAN SUPER SESSION OST.  17 1:31
Becoming the Power Rangers Actually the track is P.N.K.N. from Soul Blade/Edge and its KHAN SUPER SESSION OST. 18 3:45
Galactic Throwback Anthony Marsh, Jr A remix of future tracks from the score, including the opening bit of the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy - Instrumental theme.  19 6:16
Dragon's Call From the video game, Soul Blade/Edge and its Original OST. 20
Enternal Memories From the video game, Soul Blade/Edge and its KHAN SUPER SESSION OST. 21
Responsibility 22
Journey to a New World 23
One's Power and Responsibility A primary theme for Tony Marshall. The name of the track is based on a qoute Tony actually says in the film while griping over the loss of his brother.  24 3:52
Something to Think About 25 1:30
Letting Go of the Past 26 1:06
Sadness 1 Track is later known as "Promises" in the Expanded Deluxe Score OST. 27
Sadness 2 28
One's Own Destiny 29
First Regret A sequel track, "Second Regret" is on Disc 2 and it continues to where this left off in between tracks.  30 2:44
Broken Disagreement 31 3:38
A Breach to be Broken 32 4:32
"Stopping the Presses" 33 8:03

Disc 2Edit

To be added

Disc 3Edit

to be added


  • 'Lead Composer: 'Anthony Marsh, Jr
  • 'Secondary Composer and arranger: 'Johnathan Flood
  • Recorded at: The Marsh Bros. Orchestra Stage. 
  • Conductor: Pete Anthony
  • Sythinsizer Supervisor: Blake Bahmik
  • Software Used for Score: Magix Music Maker. 

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