The Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film series will consist a series of 3 films and 1 serial series for YouTube half-based on the Power Rangers season and Power Rangers team of the same name. The films are being made by Anthony Marsh, Jr with the fan-film reboot slated to be the first of a planned trilogy released in 2014. Two sequels have been confirmed. 


The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Fan-Film series, established by Anthony Marsh, Jr, a avid fan of the Power Rangers franchise, are set in a vast alternate continuity distinctively far away from the original series' connection within the main Power Rangers continuity, taking place in what is to be the Marsh-Verse (as dubbed by Marsh himself) of the Power Rangers universe. Starting with the first film, released in 2014, the Fan Films of Lost Galaxy do not take place in the same continuity as the actual Saban-produced series, rather, it takes place in its own alternate continuity and universe (while still set on the space colony of Terra Venture ) with its own set of Rangers and its different staff manning control of Terra Venture.

Starting with the 2014 reboot film, Leo and his friends and brother (Mike, Damon, Kendrix, Kai, and Maya) do not appear in any of the films nor the new series. This is Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy - reimagined, which means new Rangers, a new take on familar fan-favorite villains (such as Villamax and Treacheron), renewal of the Galaxy powers, zords and lore and, most ultimately, a new Villain. It was been confirmed that the original Magna Defender makes an appearence in this film starting in the middle of it all the way to the climax. 

Also starting with the 2014 fan-film, It is the first Power Rangers fan-film - for its production medium - to require both mounting board-made Paper Puppets (with faces of some of the following movie and TV celebrities featured as the characters' likenesses) and Action Figures to represent as the film's characters and it is be the first Power Rangers fan-film to be animated in posterized animation and the fan-film is being edited on Sony Vegas Pro 10 and to be finalized by Windows Live Movie Maker. The next two films will follow suit in this medium. 


Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (Fan-Film)  

Original release: 2014 / Extended Edition set for release: 2016. 

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (PRLG 2014)  fan-film serves as a Reboot to it but also encompasses to reboot Anthony Marsh, Jr's Fan-Fic series of it (Galactic Military Police Defenders) as well. 

As declared to be The Untold Story of the Lost Galaxy universe of Power Rangers,The story for the fan-film reboot revolves around  5 new adult individuals - consisting of Tony MarshallGwen McQueenWill James Browne Jones and Miranda Campbell - begin "their" journey as they retrieve the legendary 3,000+ year old Quasar Sabers to become to new Lost Galaxy Power Rangers while they also travel across the dark centers of space onboard the Terra Venture Mark II space colony. The main villain in this reboot film of the series is Lord Metarex the grand ruler of the Dark Galaxy and leader of the evil Zeon Empire, as he begins malicious conquest to destroy and conquer the entire galaxy. It was also confirmed by Marsh that Metarex has plans to resurrect the Machine Empire (originally by King Mondo in Power Rangers: Zeo) as he merges his empire with the late Mondo's. The only villains present from the actual series in this film are Villamax, Treacheron and Furio

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Wrath of Trakeena

Set for release: 2019

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Wrath of Trakeena is set 5-6 or so years after the 2014 film, as the Power Rangers have been out of commission from saving Terra Venture from the attacks of Lord Metarex and his false Zion Empire army. Tony Marshall (the new Red Galaxy Ranger) is beginning to find his responsibilities as a leader and his duties as a Power Ranger increasingly difficult, as he must reconnect himself with his team after his absence from off the face of Terra Venture for a couple of years. In the meantime, he will then ends up in a strained, but unneccessary and unwanted affair with one of Terra Venture's new female staff members, who would then later refuse to end their relationship resulting this female individual to then stalk, manipulate and blackmail Tony. Following Tony's many rejections to her, she then would assume herself as the Galaxy Rangers' enemy, Trakeena, the daugther of the deceased Scorpius and the Queen heir to her father's throne, in order to dominate and put an end to the Galaxy Power Rangers' legacy, with Tony as her prime target of ridding him from the existance of the colony as she also seeks much revenge against him for destroying Scorpius (much like what Leo did in the TV series). With Trakeena's plan coming in full motion, she will bring on a new world order to take over Terra Venture and to make its inhabitants her slaves. 

The film will mainly be based in portrayal from the different and alternate story perspective of Trakeena, as it will focus on how did she even got to know of the Power Rangers and which caused her to have a grudge against them and the film will secretly go deeper into what made Trakeena so evil and why is she that way. 

Before the first film would wrap production, Marsh had already had in mind to start early development on a sequel in late 2013. Marsh had announced early plans on a Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy 2 on his PRLostGalaxy2014 channel on YouTube [1[2] in February 2014. The debate of his was 1.) if the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-film succeeds to recieve and fare well with fans, there would be a sequel to continue the story of his planned trilogy and 2.) If the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-film bombs and meets a strong negative reaction, the sequels would then be scrapped and Marsh would have to move on to something else.  Both sequels have been slated for a 2017 (or at least 2018) and 2019 (or at least 2020) release respectively with the third Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy fan-film set for a 2019 release to also accomidate and commemorate Lost Galaxy's soon-to-be 20th Anniversary that future year. 

Cast of Characters

Main article: List of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film Series Cast of Characters

Arsenal Gallery


Weapons/Vehicles Note Ranger 
Quasar Sabers Primary weapons of the Galaxy Rangers All
Transdaggers Secondary weapons of the Galaxy Rangers All
Jet Speeders Exclusive to only the fan-series. The Jet Speeders are modeled after what were the Galaxy Rangers' Jet Jammers (in the TV series) now became what are based on hybrid Lambrogini Cars in real life but are color-coded after their respective Ranger. The Speeders were only used in the first film for at least 2 scenes.  All
Galactic Speeders Exclusive to only the male Rangers. None of the female Rangers have them. They are based on the Galactic Speeder vehicles from Lost Galaxy's toy line made by Bandai . Tony Marshall/Browne Jones/Will James
Quasar Launchers All
Lights of Orion Armor 

When the Rangers retrieve the Lights of Orion, it enhances them to even much greater power. When the Lights are summoned to activate, special golden armor appear as well as a power-up gauntlet claw and a specially enhanced version of each's Quasar Saber

Main Article: The Lights of Orion


Magna Defender

Weapons/Vehicles Note
Magna Blaster Magna Defender's Primary weapon that also becomes his standardized sword. 


The Zords present (from the TV series) are the same as the ones to be used in each of the film(s). The Rangers' Zords are primarily the Galactabeasts - which are the first set of Sentinent Zords in the franchise's history - to form the Galaxy Megazord. Unfortunately, in the 2014 film, the Galactazords are nowhere to be used and found with the current Galaxy Rangers. Instead the Gosei Ultimate Megazord (from Power Rangers: Megaforce) is used but only in its Skyship mode. The 5 main Galactazords will soon appear in the sequels of the Fan Film series but before that, they will make brief appearences in the Extended Edition of the first Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film, along with the reappearence of the Astro Megaship

Main Galactazords


Locations and Ships

Trivial Production Notes 

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (2014 Fan-Film)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena

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