"Red Ranger Who?"  is the 20th webisode serial in the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena fan-series, which preludes to the events of the fan-film Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Wrath of Trakeena (set for 2019).

​Serial Synopsis

To bring her hatred toward him to the next level, Trakeena develops a diversion to have everyone on Terra Venture turn against the Red Ranger. As it unravels, Trakeena then takes control of his mind and make him believe that the other Power Rangers are his enemies. With their leader stuck in mind control, it's up to the other Rangers to break him from Trakeena's latest spell.

Cast of Characters

​Actor/character likenesses


​Release Date

  • November 15, 2016 (Facebook)
  • November 18, 2016 (YouTube)



  • ​The episode was immediately to suppose to be released the week after " Mistress Material ". This was due to Anthony Marsh, Jr being busy with personal and family matters.
  • Fourth episode where the Rangers will not use their Megazord.
  • ​First and only time where Tony turns evil and the only episode where he is under mind control by a villain.
  • Due to the episode being released late; by production order it is marked as "Episode 16".
  • The episode during its editing on the Tony vs. his own team fight, BGMs for 2 video games were included via 2 different edits. The original episode cut included the "Shipyards of Lorient" track from Medal of Honor: Frontline and its OST. Due to copyright reasons by Electronic Arts, the publisher behind the bygone and disfunct series (1999-2012), it has been forbidden for Marsh and his PRLG fan film team to use the music or music from any of the games in the franchise on YouTube. The main cut later however plays the "Hollow Delusion" track from Soul Calibur III instead.
  • When Will tells Tony that he's under Trakeena's control, it's the same line Kai told Commander Stanton in " Blue to the Test "  of original Power Rangers Lost Galaxy canon.

Based On

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