The Scorpion Stinger begins to be losing fuel quick, and Scorpius thinks that Terra Venture is the best place to sort out his problems. Leo and Maya run as they see the ship outside the colony and re-group with the other Rangers as they soon find out that Scorpius is trying to steal their energy. The Rangers also notice that The Magna Defender is trying to blow up the colony in an attempt to get his revenge on Scorpius. The Rangers try to stop him and so does Scorpius by sending down a monster called Freaky-Tiki. After his own zord denies him, The Magna Defender is then attacked by the Freaky-Tiki monster and Leo tries to help him. The other Rangers battle of the monster whilst Leo and
the The Magna Defender escape. The Magna Defender explains to Leo that his brother is alive, inside of him and the only way to save him is to destroy The Magna Defender himself. Leo refuses and goes to help the other Rangers fight Freak-Tikki. After being destroyed and growing to an enormous size, the Rangers call upon their zords and destroy him again. The volcano however, is still ready to erupt and the Rangers can't reach it because of the flames coming out of it and after hearing a message from his son, The Magna Defender sacrifices himself to save the colony, and brings Mike back to the Rangers.


  • May 22, 1999


  • This episode marks the Magna Defender's final full on-screen appearence in the series, though he does appear as a ghost in the episodes " Destined for Greatness " and " Escape the Lost Galaxy ".
  • This episode aired alongside the premiere of the unaired "Day of the Dumpster" pilot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers entitled, Power Rangers: The Lost Episode.
  • By the time Lost Galaxy went onto production hiatus during the Summer of '99 and when the series resumed in the fall, Saban had stopped promoting the series in favor of promoting Digimon: Digital Monsters, the studio's American-import dub of the Japanese Anime. Due to Saban promoting Digimon more rather likely, this caused Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy 's ratings in the second half to be deruptly declined, (before the wake of the following season, Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue. The reason is due to Saban choosing to promote their adaption of Digimon Adventure (Digimon: Digital Monsters) over Lost Galaxy, going as far as switching time-slots during Lost Galaxy's seasonal hiatus (which began May 22, 1999 and ended September 25, 1999). As a result, this decision caused problems between Fox and Saban.
  • Alpha 6 makes its next appearance in Loyax's Last Battle This marks the longest absence.