Flower Warrior Saya 
(サヤ Saya?) is 17 years old. She fights as Ginga Pink (ギンガピンク Ginga Pinku?).

Her admiration for Hyuuga has given her courage to fight. She is always playing and competing with Hikaru. She loves climbing trees. Saya is a strong but introverted girl. She can perform the Earth Elemental Technique Claws of Petals (花びらの爪 Hanabira no Tsume?) and the Starbeast Sword Technique: Flower Heart (花一心 Hana Isshin?). In civilian form, Saya can wield a slingshot. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Saya can become Super Armor Shine Ginga Pink (超装光ギンガピンク Chōsōkō Ginga Pinku?).



She was gentle, kind and very sensible. She held her own among the men in her team. She was deeply in love with Hyuuga, though she did not allow that to crush her when he died. 

As A Gingaman Edit

Full Name: Saya
Ranger Designation: Ginga Pink
Weapons: Starbeast Sword, Machine Blade, Attack Rod
Gear: Ginga Brace, Pink Flower, Ginga Cloth,, Lights of Ginga
Ginga Beast: Gingat


  • She was the same age as one of her teammates, Hikaru

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