was the original main villain in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.

Character Background HistoryEdit

Scorpius was an alien insectoid warlord and ruler of the inhabitants of The Scorpion Stinger . He resembled a large arachnid with tentacles instead of legs. He was an enemy of the Magna Defender , having attacked his planet 3,000 years ago and killed his only son, Zika.

Scorpius frequently attempted to gather powerful objects to himself, including the Quasar Sabers and The Lights of Orion . The result of these mad quests often left the objects in question in the hands of the Galaxy Power Rangers, and severely depleted Scorpius' army as they were either punished or destroyed by the Rangers.

Scorpius had a daughter, Trakeena , upon whom he doted. He refused to allow her to be involved in his evil deeds, and he would not allow her to engage the Rangers in battle despite her requests. Trakeena was the only person he had a soft spot for, even once sparing Furio's life upon Trakeena's request.

Eventually, Scorpius webbed a cocoon for Trakeena. He told her that it was her time to enter the cocoon, to shed her mortal beauty and become an insect with magnificent powers, like him (Scorpius is believed to have been born with some human features before entering another cocoon webbed by a parent in the past). Trakeena declined, and when Scorpius tried to force her, she ran away and teleported out into space.

Scorpius had later met Deviot and appointed him as his new general. Deviot plotted against Scorpius, to depose him and enter the cocoon so that he could gain great powers. Deviot tricked Scorpius into attacking the Galaxy Power Rangers, saying that Trakeena was their prisoner. Though Scorpius was mortally wounded, Trakeena returned to take his throne before Scorpius could pass it to Deviot. Before he died, Scorpius told Deviot to be as loyal to Trakeena as he had been to him.

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  • Scorpius is the first male American-produced Power Rangers villain, in the original Saban era, to get killed. Second being Master Org in Power Rangers: Wild Force.
  • Scorpius is done by animatronics, mainly to animate the character's puppet tentacles.
  • The slime to similate Scorpius' gruestuqe is varnishing cream.
  • Kim Strauss previously voiced Ninjor in the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, before voicing Scorpius in Lost Galaxy.
  • Scorpius' name is later used for Draco Malfoy's father in the Harry Potter series of books and films.

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