Spectral Empress Iliess 
(妖帝イリエス Yōtei Iriesu?, 1-3, 13, 19 (flashback), 20, 22-34, Gingaman vs. Megaranger[Note 6]) is an Egyptian-themed, spiteful, and ambitious sorceress, motivated by her greed and demanding monetary compensation upon a successful plan. Iliess is also immortal as she can resurrect herself no matter the number of times she is killed as long as her Soul Gem is unharmed. Having become impatient with waiting, Iliess conspired with her uncle Bucrates to depose Budoh become the new active general. Having succeeded in becoming the acting general, she intended to revive Daitanix through various forms of sorcery and mass sacrifices so she can obtain the riches Zahab offered for the monster's resurrection. However, after losing the Koseijuu, Iliess is given addition incentive to revive Daitanix when Zaihab decides to reduce her earnings for reach day she fails her objective. After the death of her younger brother Desphias, Iliess is forced to take matters into her own hands. Erecting a tower in the city's plaza, Iliess conjures lizards to suck the blood of 9,999 people to revive Daitanix. When the Gingamen arrive, Iiless absorbs the souls of her fallen Majin to assume a powerful chimera-like fighting form called Evil Empress Iliess (邪帝イリエス Jatei Iriesu?, 34).

As the other Gingamen and Hyuga fight copies of Morgumorgu, Hielahiela, Garagara, Wangawanga, and Burakiburaki, Ryouma battles Iliess and destroys the tower. Defeated by the Supershine Gingamen and Black Knight, Iliess refuses to stand down and uses her magic to enlarge herself. Though she overpowers Super Armor Shine Gingaioh and Bulltaurus, the Kouseiju's interference leads to Iliess's death by the Seijuu. Though Bucrates attempts to revive her, Iliess's soul gem is shattered by Batobas and used to resurrect Daitanix.

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  • Illiess' costume and footage from this series in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy for the character of Hexuba was used late in the series.
    • Although Illiess was one of the major Barban members, She appeared in total of 20 episodes in the series. 
  • When adapted into Hexuba in Power Rangers, Illiess' counterpart in it had a Russian accent. 

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