Kei Mizutani
Steerwoman Shelinda
(操舵士シェリンダ Sōdashi Sherinda?, 1-49, Gingaman vs. Megaranger[Note 2]) is the cruel and selfish second in command and the navigator of the Barban.

A warrior with a sword and shell-themed armor, Shelinda had romantic feelings for Budoh though never forgave him for saving her life sometime in the past. During the Sutoiji incident, Shelinda destroys Hayate 's flute before later attempting to stop him from making a new one. After finding him as Sutoiji is defeated, Shelinda duels Ginga Green with it ending with her forearm scarred as she vows a vendetta on him to the point of not allowing her own comrades to deny her killing Hayate. The most anxious to see Daitanix revived as her position of Steerwoman was pointless without Daitanix to steer often going to the aid of a Majin in order to speed along the revival. Shelinda is eventually killed in a final duel with Hayate in episode 49.

She is revived by Gregory, and is killed once again by the Gingaman in the Galaxy Lights armor in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Megaranger.

Actress Edit


  • Due to showing too much skin, Shelinda was not adapted for Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy , being replaced by the less conspicuous Trakeena .
    • Trakeena, however, is a more rather American-produced villain, exclusively for the American Power Rangers production.
  • Shelinda, Zahab and Budoh might have somewhat of a love triangle as according to an interview, Shelinda was once in romantic relationship with Budoh.
  • The costume was not repaired when it was used again in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger.
  • During the series, Shelinda's boots are switched back and forth between heeled one and no heel.

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