(砂爆盗 Sunabakutō?, "Sand Explosion Thief") 19 is a scorpionfish-like Majin, utilizing "Explosive Sand" from his pouch onto objects.

He is one of the Majin who played a role in the death of Krantz . Sunabakutou is deployed by Budo to destroy any sun-shaped statue that would hold the Galaxy Lights. While attacking the Museum of Modern Sculpture, Sunabakuto engages Bull Black with civilian casualties.

When the statue fails to hold the Lights, he goes after another statue in the park. When Bull Black attacks, he holds the girl hostage to keep him and the Gingamen from attacking him. With the Gingamen managing to get the child from Sunabakuto, Bull Black defeats the Majin. After finding his target empty upon destroying it with his entire bag, Sunabakuto drinks Barban-X and overpowers Gingaioh.

However, the sudden appearance of GouTaurus turns the tables as Sunabakuto is destroyed by Bull Taurus.

Voice ActorEdit

  • Maroshi Tamura

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