Sword General Budoh 
(剣将ブドー Kenshō Budō?, 1-3, 12-24, Gingaman vs. Megaranger) is a calm swordsman who became the second Barban General-in-command chosen.

Character BackgroundEdit

Budoh has a mostly white and blue outfit with manta ray-like wings as a partial cape bearing his army's emblem. He possesses the Girasame sword, with which he can perform his "Girasame Cruel Sword" attack.

Budoh has a strong sense of honor and loyalty that even Zahab recognized despite being unpredictable. His Majin are traditional Japanese Samurai culture and sea creature based. Budoh was always well-mannered and thanked his fallen Majin, who called him "My Grand General". He takes over the search for the Galaxy Light to revive Daitanix after Sambash dies, using a scroll of potential hosts that might contain the Light. With only one entry left, with his life endanged, Budoh sends his most powerful servant, Dotoumusha, to retrieve the Galaxy Light with success.

However, Budoh is set up by Bucrates and Iliess to be made as a treasonous cur wanting the Light for himself. Placed in the brig, unable to perform Seppuku for an act he never even did, Budoh escapes to clear his name and kill the Gingamen to reclaim the Galaxy Light. But once learning the truth of Iliess framing him, seeing that nothing would ever clear his name, Budoh kills Medoumedou before arriving to his ninjas' aid to fight Juusoukou GingaRed to the death. After being mortally wounded by Juusoukou GingaRed's Juukasen, attempting to resist his injuries, Budoh meets his end and dies in a blaze of glory with Girasame landing near the riverbed. In Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Denji Sentai Megaranger, he is revived and killed once again by the Gingaman in the Galaxy Lights armor.

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Budoh Majin Mob Edit

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