Kubak and Teska were employed with the task of destroying Trakeena and making it look like Leo had done it. During the ensuing fight, Trakeena approached the downed Teska and charged her sword with green energy and struck through him, making him fall and vanish as yellow specks of energy.

He was later revived by Hexuba.

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Differences from "An Evil Game" to "Hexuba's Graveyard"Edit

  • In "An Evil Game", Trakeena destroyed Teska with her sword before finish dealing with Kubak. She initially destroyed Teska at ease.
  • In "Hexuba's Graveyard", while the Power Rangers and Terra Venture continue to drift into the dark voids of the Lost Galaxy, Teska is revived is destroyed by the Red Ranger with his Quasar Launcher. Though in prior episodes before it, the other Rangers didn't even know the monster when Terra Venture was still in the normal unvierse (however Damon exclaimed his name is a sudden reason, knowing he and the others never even met him. Only Leo has witnessed Teska and Kubak for trying to assassinate Trakeena while he fled away from his battle with her when Deviot used his blaster to destroy the force fields).


  • His Sentai counterpart appeared in 3 episodes of Gingaman including in Gingaman Vs. Megaranger.
  • Teska's Japanese name in Gingaman is roughly a homage to Bandai's Tamagachi brand name.

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