The Chameliac Warrior

was a gladiator-like robotic warrior who scanned and cloned the Ranger's powers and abilities against them and guarded the construction of a laser dish designed by Keglar to destroy the Galactabeasts. He also duplicated the powers of the Megazords and when Stratoforce Megazord used the Cantaurus' cannon, it confused Chamelion, allowing him to be destroyed by the Galaxy megazord.

Voice ActorEdit

  • Tom Fahn (who previously voiced one of the Shark Brothers).

Abilities CopiedEdit

  • Red Ranger - Quasar Saber
  • Green Ranger - Transblaster
  • Yellow Ranger - Combat attack
  • Pink Ranger - Combat attack
  • Blue Ranger - Quasar Launcher
  • Magna Defender - Magna Blaster
  • All of the Rangers - Lights of Orion Armor/Finisher
  • Galaxy Megazord - Megazord Saber
  • Stratoforce Megazord - (but Stratoforce pulled out Centaurus' blaster in reversal)


  • Chameliac is the first monster in Power Rangers who can copy the Rangers' abilities and attributes.

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