This is an article about the 9th episode of the series entitled "The Magna Defender". For an article about the character alone, see also: Magna Defender .

Thinking that he might be able to find a clue to his brother's whereabouts, Leo goes back to the caves where Furio lies, thinking that he has found the Lights Of Orion. As the battle commences, they realise they are equally matched, so Furio decided to self-destruct himself and Leo, just as the other Rangers turn up to help. Among the cloud we see the Magna Defender, holding Leo, who is unconscious. Leo, back on the ship, thinks about the person who rescued him and decides yet again to go back to the cave to see what Furio was looking for, he finds a stone with something inside of it which might of caught Furio's eye and takes it back to the ship to have Kendrix look at it. Unable to open the stone, she takes it to another lab on Terra Venture and is attacked by a
monster. The Magna Defender and the other Rangers join the battle but loose the stone to the monster. As Trakeena and co. try to open the stone, the Rangers and The Magna Defender appear. With an attack from the The Magna Defender's sword, he cracks the stone open and was surprised like everyone else that the stone was empty. He battled another one of Scorpio's monsters, who fled after a while, whilst the Rangers deal with another.


  • April 3, 1999


  • This episode marks the final full on-screen appearence of Furio . He is later sometimes mentioned in later episodes.
  • This episode introduces Treacheron , who stayed in later 1st half of the season all the way to his short ressurection in the episode " Hexuba's Graveyard " of the Lost Galaxy story arc.
  • Magna Defender is automaticly introduced.
  • Starcog , a monster not completely seen in the Power Rangers version, made a shaodwed cameo in the scene where Leo returned to the Cave of Orion to grab the rock that was presumed to have the Lights of Orion in it.