The Marsh Bros. Orchestra is an orchestra group formed and created by Anthony Marsh, Jr , in association with his non-commercial independent film studio, Marsh Bros. Pictures . The group began in small prominence in 2013 and is currently the group involved in doing scores for Marsh's planned non-commercial/non-profit-made Fan-Film trilogy of films based on one of Saban's older seasons of the Power Rangers franchise, Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy , with the First of the planned fan-film trilogy set for a release in 2014. 

Style and CompositionEdit

In comparison with most professional profolic film composers he was fond of growing up, Marsh cited his orchestra group as "The next music crossover group in a mixure of [some] film scores done from the likes of Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer , but" he said "when people will hear this type of music I've done on the computer, 10 years from now, I'll admit to myself that I'll never top the same level of music superiority as Hans Zimmer. There's no way. I'll just rather go on my own way of doing and creating music." 

Music SoftwareEdit

The music software Marsh uses to compose his music, as of the beginning of mid-2013, is MAGIX Music Maker.



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