Screenshot from the episode.

A rescue team led by Mike follows a distress call to an abandoned space ship. There they find a spider monster who captures most of the crew. Mike and Leo free the team, and retrieve a mysterious book, just before the ship explodes.


  • October 9, 1999


  • This episode does not feature any of the central villains.
  • Most of the footage is 100% original. "The Rescue Mission" does not contain any footage from Gingaman.
  • Maya and Damon do not appear unmorphed in this episode. Leo, Mike, Kendrix and Kai do, with the exception of Kai and Kendrix making a minor appearence.
  • The episode introduces The Galaxy Book at the end.
  • This is the only episode of Power Rangers directed by Steve Wang.
  • The armor worn by the crew would later be repainted and added to the A-Squad Rangers in SPD.

Steve Wang StatementEdit

As such, fans have often held it in high regard, and director Steve Wang has jokingly dubbed the episode his "Alien Knockoff".


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