Scorpion Stinger is the space-ship used for Scorpius , Trakeena  and their army to sail through the universe and destroy planets and civilizations. Its engine room appears to have an organic heart that runs the ship. The Scorpion Stinger can fire powerful green energy blasts from its tail. The Scorpion Stinger was a massive black spacecraft shaped like a giant robotic dragonfly with gold pincers, two stationary, shiny bluish-black "wing" structures on each side of its body just behind the head, and two large gold curving prongs shaped like a pincer affixed to the end of the tail which was capable of firing energy blasts.

The Scorpion Stinger was destroyed after crashing on a nearby moon during the final episodes of Lost Galaxy.

Interior ChangeEdit

During the first half of Lost Galaxy the inside of the Scorpion Stinger is seen in red lighting, while in the second half after Scorpius' death the Stinger became more dark and grainy.

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