After losing his brother, Hyuuga, to the initial attack from the space pirates and unleashing his true Earth power, Ryouma is chosen to become the leader of the new Gingaman. Meanwhile, the Barban realize that though they are revived, their Demon Bast Dytanix is still yet to awaken, with Sambash elected as the one to gather the needed energy from the city. The new team take part in a ceremony but are attacked in the process by Shelinda to siphon the forest's life energies to revive Dytanix. Elder Oogy turns the hidden world of the Ginga Forest to stone to ensure that doesn't happen, leaving the team no other option but escape as he threw to them an acorn. Once in the city, the Gingaman battle Sambash's minion Kolshizer and meet their Starbeasts, defeating Kolshizer before vowing to defeat the space pirates and return all their tribe to flesh and blood once again. 

Airdate Edit

  • March 1, 1998

Video Edit

Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Episode 224:22

Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Episode 2

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