"The whole universe will soon tremble when I turn green again! (evil laugh)"

- Trakeena, in "Trakeena's Revenge" (Part 2).


Trakeena returned in Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, in the crossover between the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers. In the crossover, she was portrayed by Jennifer Burns.

In Lightspeed Rescue's Trakeena's Revenge, it was revealed that she had survived and managed to return to her human form, though now horribly scarred. While she appeared to have been purged of Deviot's influence, she desired to return to her insectoid form.

Trakeena escaped to Earth and began plotting its destruction as a fitting revenge on the Power Rangers who defeated her. She acquired the allegiance of the Demon Triskull and his army of Ghouls, but her ultimate goal was to regain her lost power from the cocoon. In order to transform again, she captured humans to drain their life force. However, Queen Bansheera ordered her son Olympius to prevent Trakeena from doing this. He tainted Trakeena's life force with a poison dagger, causing Trakeena to mutate into a giant purple monstrocity. The Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers teamed up to battle her. Despite the help of theGalactabeasts, the Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers were unable to stop her until the Omega Megazordbecame infused with the Lights of Orion. Trakeena was then permanently destroyed.

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Notes Edit

  • After her final battle with the Rangers, Trakeena lost her insect form and powers. While attempting to regain them, using a special machine and the life energy of several kidnapped people, Olympius used a poisoned dagger to corrupt the stored energy and instead she was transformed into a demon-like monster.
  • Trakeena does have a counterpart in GoGo-V, when Lost Galaxy was crossing over with Lightspeed Rescue, the Dark infernal Hellbeast, from GoGo-V vs. Gingaman.
  • Amy Miller-Rolle, Trakeena's original actress, was originally supposed to reprise the role in Lightspeed Rescue. She initially accepted, but was dissatisfied over the fact that the Lost Galaxy cast were receiving less screen-time than a child guest-actress. When Saban attempted to cut hers and Danny Slavin's salary, Miller walked off prior to shooting first unit work. Jennifer Burns replaced her, and the change explains why Trakeena has a armor plate covering most of her face.

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