"Come dance with me Ranger!"  -Trakeena, in all 3 of the Lost Galaxy levels in the Super Legends game. 


Trakeena appeared in Power Rangers: Super Legends as one of the many antagonists, voiced by voice actress Kim Mai Guest .

She was in her green battle armor in the Playstation 2 and PC versions while in the Nintendo DS version she was in her original form, and sent her henchmen to fight against the Rangers. She attempted to destroy Terra Venture. After being defeated by Leo for the first time, she decided to destroy Terra Venture's power core. Leo managed to stop her, but Trakeena then grew bigger and challenged the Galaxy Megazord, but was defeated.

Notes Edit

  • Aside from Trakeena, Kim Mai Guest is also the voice of Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

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