This is an article about a/an villain in the Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (Fan-Film Series)existing in a different continuity than the TV series.
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"Who said anything about double crossing?"
--- Treacheron, when arguing with Lord Metarex about his incompetence. 
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 appeared in Anthony Marsh, Jr 's first Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan FIlm

Character History

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (Fan-Film) (2014)

Treacheron served Lord Metarex and his Zeon Empire army for a short temporary time. He was seen - in introduction in the film - watching Villamax (Marsh-Verse) and his next move in action to steal the Lights of Orion before the Rangers do. He had a general, Teska , to go out and follow Villamax and enact him to not lose sight of out. 

Very soonafter, following Villamax's demise, Treacheron is asked by Metarex in service to capture the Lights of Orion before the Rangers (and now the Magna Defender involved) get them so that way Metarex can take resourceful time to re-energize Serpentera. 

After the Rangers got the Lights of Orion and defeated Furio, Treacheron returned to the Zeon Fortress, seeing Metarex strongly displeased of the fact that the Power Rangers have retained the Lights of Orion and he has not. Metarex took the blame on Treacheron for not bringing the Lights back to him once he (and Furio) could've destroyed the Rangers. As a last resort, Metarex ordered Treacheron to send as many countless squads of Chromite Vipers as he can to go down to the Terra Venture colony to destroy the Power Rangers but Treacheron refused basking his leader and breaking out the truth stating that Metarex himself has not did nothing to destroy the Rangers and all he ever did was sit around the fortress watching the Rangers do his dirty work and revoking him from getting what he wanted and needed in order for Serpentera to be revived. As another last resort leading to this time in demise, Metarex "obliterates" Treacheron in spite of his failures. 


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Differences from the TV Version

Despite Anthony Marsh, Jr's Fan Film series of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy being of an amateur-type series of film projects to the franchise, the characters in the film compraise of puppets made out of thick mount board and pre-printed (sometimes drawn out) imagery for costumes/clothing and facial headshots of what TV/Film celebrities should be the characters in inspiration, rather than actually using real live actors (actually normal people) to do the roles since Marsh has difficulties gathering/asking those individuals who would like to get into acting but they were unable to in his request(s). 


Treacheron, as a puppet, still retains the same design as his original Power Rangers and Sentai counterparts but similarity wise, there are at least 2 or 3 things missing to his appearence. The color of blue is more neon-ish while the white to his costume is more brighter and vibrant. His chin/jawline is closed whereas in the original Power Rangers and Sentai versions Treacheron (also known as Budou in Gingaman)'s mouth can move. His jawline is slimmed down than his original costume counterpart. 

Powers and Abilities

Treacheron, like his two respective counterparts, does not have powers but is equipped with a sword. 

Personality and Portrayal


  • Treacheron's portrayal is vastly different from both his original counterparts from Sentai and Power Rangers.
    • Instead of being a rival to the Magna Defender, that rival plot was given to Villamax (Marsh-Verse) instead. 
    • He is more persistant and isolated from working with the head villain he is working for. 
    • He isn't as traitorous as he was in both his original counterparts. Instead he ends up in mere failure when he slips up from following what was instructed from his leader in order for him/her to get what he/she needs to conquer a universe and to destroy a Ranger team. 
  • In the 2014 fan film, Treacheron barely contributed to doing any battles and conquest to destroy the Rangers, following a demand made by Lord Metarex. 
  • In the 2014 fan film, Treacheron only had about 11-12 minutes of screen time. Which is likely due to the film having far too many characters to develop and it itself can care much less on the secondary villains more on the main villain. 

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